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You've seen almost all the movies, can name all 7 dwarves and have been to a Disney park at least once. Well then you are a Disney fan. But are you a true one? If you are then you know all he insider secrets and have seen all the movies! Well you are about to find out how much of a Disney fan you really are!

  • 1
    What is Walt's full name?
  • 2
    What 2 franchises does the Walt Disney company own?
  • 3
    What are the 4 parks in Walt Disney World?
  • 4
    Which one of these is the correct spelling?
  • 5
    How many Disney Animated classics are there?
  • 6
    Who does a voice in every Pixar film?
  • 7
    What is Walt's brother's name?
  • 8
    What country does Frozen take place in?
  • 9
    What is Flynn's real name?
  • 10
    Who does the voice of Rapunzel?
  • 11
    What is the name of Jessie's kid...the one before Andy?
  • 12
    What is the scene in Lady in the Tramp when the present witg lady is opened based on?
  • 13
    Who does the voice of all the Disney princesses?
  • 14
    Who is the "badguy" in Beauty and the beast?
  • 15
    Who does the voice of Bolt's owner Penny?
  • 16
    About how much money does Hamm carry around?
  • 17
    What kind of fairy is Fawn?
  • 18
    What is the name if this character?
    What is the name if this character?
  • 19
    Who am I?
    I am in love.
    My heart breaks.
    I am a great singer.
    I know new things.
    I have a prince.
    I have a certain fondness for the colour blue.
  • 20
    Who am I?
    I once had a 2319
    I am orange
    I live in Montropolis
    I am a scarer..but not the best one
  • 21
    What is the name of the skunk in Bambi?
  • 22
    Who am I
    I am blue!
    I like Surfing but dislike water
    I like ducklings!
  • 23
    What is the name of Elsa's snow monster?
  • 24
    What animal is horace?
  • 25
    What is the name of the type of animal Kevin is from up?
  • 26
    3 characters who like chocolate are...
  • 27
    Who wears a Little Green Dress?
  • 28
    How hard is this quiz?
  • 29
    Wait a minute...
    Which of these are correct
  • 30
    Who is Jack in love with?
  • 31
    Pocahontas is based on a true story
  • 32
    The person who used to voice Mickey was
  • 33
    What day is Walt's birthday?
  • 34
    What was the first Mickey short?
  • 35
    Does "Oswald" exist?
  • 36
    Who am I?
    I like painting
    I have many hobbies
    I have beautiful hair.
  • 37
    Crush's sons name is
  • 38
    The restaurant Lady and Tramp go to is called
  • 39
    Finish the lyric...
    Sha la la la la la
    My oh my
    Look at the ----------
  • 40
    Who is Figaro?
  • 41
    Reindeer's are better than people...who sings this duet?
  • 42
    Epcot stands for
  • 43
    The fab five are
  • 44
    Who is the mistress of all evil?
  • 45
    Who is married to the queen of hearts?

Comments (22)


Vyann (98703)
12 days ago
I must Be STUPID lol
Mel (13082)
32 days ago
Check spelling when making a quiz !
Gloria (08759)
84 days ago
I got 💯 on the test
Amelia (00078)
84 days ago
# 45 out of 45 # YAY
LUKEDI1045 (65273)
110 days ago
is so hard
LiahLoveHelp (09317)
122 days ago
25/45. Thought o did better, but I'm probably just rusty. #ChildOfDisney!!!!!use that hashtag if you grew up on Disney!!!!
erin (94677)
153 days ago
your quiz is way to long
BRox (69908)
175 days ago
35/45 babay!!! Wooooo not to bad...:)
Sisi (67349)
180 days ago
Btw, I am really competitive about this stuff, so if anyone says, "I'm Oswalds ultimate fan" or "No one loves Stitch more than me" I will put my oppinion out there on how I love those characters the most. I have problems with competitiveness
Sisi (67349)
180 days ago
BTW!!! This will bug me if I don't say this, OSWALD IS NOT MICKEY'S BROTHER!! WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THIS?!? OSWALD WAS MADE BEFORE MICKEY WAS THOUGHT OF, AND HE WAS STOLEN BY UNIVERSAL BY MANIPULATING WALT AND TURNING ON HIM!! STOP CALLING OSWALD MICKEY'S BROTHER, BECAUSE ITS NOT TRUE! Sorry, I take this stuff super personally, and I got barely anything as a test result, but I am such a true fan.
Pooop (21030)
180 days ago
Nnnnnnnnnnnnn um what are you talking about
Pooop (21030)
180 days ago
Emily (27034)
191 days ago
I agree. Almost all of the questions had incorrect answers. And you misspelled a lot of things too, that you asked us how to spell.
Hi😢 (91329)
200 days ago
😢Hi (91329)
200 days ago
Amelia (59956)
453 days ago
On the question about Kevin name... isnt the answer Snipe?
Isabella (47724)
522 days ago
Too easy why did I do this I watched Disney forever
Kate (40682)
769 days ago
I am a little disney fan
Bryn (02298)
858 days ago
Question 35 was slightly offensive because Oswald is my fave Disney character. ;)
Dianna Monteith (17190)
913 days ago
It's true she was right next to me complaining about how Kevin was a snipe and how she would've gotten a 100 if that was right.I got 30 out of 45.