Does our Crush Like You? (For Girls Ages 10-12)

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Do you keep looking at that boy across the room, hoping against hope that he might like you? This test will give you mostly accurate results, but nothing is ever certain.

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    If you catch your crush looking at you, what does he do?

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Maddie (15179)
7 minutes ago
I love my crush so much and i think he loves me to! Im gonna go for it ask him out!
Maya (05830)
5 days ago
I ask my crush out and he said I would love to go out with you so when we get older we are going to do a YouTube channel and I hope you see the video
anna (12208)
8 days ago
i tried a lot of tests and they kept saying my crush likes me but i dont know if he actually likes me
anonomous (37565)
42 days ago
i friggin looove him
Reiiii (57713)
46 days ago
It says that he likes me but if I ask him I will get R E J E C T E D. I'm too shy to ask anyways...
Anna (31347)
67 days ago
What if he dosent like me ??
K.s (26303)
68 days ago
Yes but his best friend says that he likes a other girl in my class😭
\(-_-)/ (21320)
70 days ago
Well I know he likes me bc the other day we were watching the racing together and he said in a very quiet voice 'I love you ' I just pretended I couldn't hear it bc I'm not ready for relashionship and I'm not sure if I like him or not
\(-_-)/ (21320)
70 days ago
This test was bad bc it says I need to get to know him more he has been my friend for nearly 7 years now but it said that he might like me soooo yh
Ebelin 10 year old (12450)
85 days ago
I tried to find one but nothing.I have ever dated someone.I hope someone comes my way.😢😦😟
Lauryn/ 10 year old (62590)
87 days ago
I love this dude and he’s like my world, he stares at me and makes me laugh & smile and when I’m sad all I have to do is think about him and it dries up my tears. And from the movie Princess in the frog he’s my Prince Neveen 😘😍green
11yr old (22784)
97 days ago
I have a huge crush on this guy and I don't know I he likes me he makes me laugh
Not gonna say my name because my crush might (86498)
105 days ago
I just have to say, MY CRUSH IS AMAZING!!!!! he ia everything any one would ever want! I love him so much
Luv corgis (63483)
107 days ago
i like this boy he is 12 and im 11 he has started to notice me more . i once saw him staring at me i looked at him and he smiled
Danielle (52924)
108 days ago
Like we have nicknames for each other and he put me on his shoulders the other day when I scored a goal in basketball. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Halppppp
Danielle (52924)
108 days ago
Omg i actual like him so much. I get the feeling he likes me back coz he always tries to make me laugh. People ship us together coz we have the same personality and we’re both Sporty and popular. The test said he definitely likes me but idk🤷🏻‍♀️
12 year old (90364)
119 days ago
Basically the test does not make sense because I have known my crush for 4 years now. He has had 3 girlfriends since he has met me and he is a year older than me. One of his girlfriends was my bestfriends and he even came to me about it before he asked her out and asked if it was ok. The test said he might like me back but I don't know
BadCaseOfLove (39126)
122 days ago
Ok, so here's the deal. When I first met him we were just classmates, never even talked. Then, when our class switched seats and he was assigned to sit next to me, it felt weird. It was as if I developed a crush out of nowhere. Now I find out(by this quiz) that he might like me back! I'm too young to date(11 years old) and I'm also too scared to tell him my feelings. If I end up telling him my feelings and he feels the same way, what do I do?! It's not like I can date or anything, and I'm freaking out right now!
Big (66025)
126 days ago
OMG hé probably like me!! Im so happy we sit like across eachother :))
Vehna (84811)
132 days ago
Ok so the results make. No sense I liked him since second grade and I am In 6th now and I talk to him every single day I am not shy around him cause we are like kinda friends and we laugh together all the time probably everyday and he used to like me and he told me that and at the time I didn’t like him but then a little later he started dating another girl and I got interested but then I found myself talking about him and thinking about him everyday and I started to love him so what

ahhhhh I hate this web