Does My Crush Like Me Back?

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Crushing on someone is almost never easy or straightforward. There's SO much ambiguity and guessing! Do you want to know if your crush likes you back? I want to help! Take my quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Are the two of you friends?
    Are the two of you friends?
  • 2
    How often do the two of you talk?
  • 3
    What do you talk about?
  • 4
    Does (s)he stare at you? How much?
  • 5
    Where does (s)he look while you're talking?
  • 6
    Does (s)he try to look good around you?
  • 7
    How do her/his friends act around you?
  • 8
    How do your crush's friends act in front of you?
  • 9
    Is (s)he single?
  • 10
    Do you think (s)he likes you?
  • 11
    Do you like this person?
  • 12
    Does (s)he act different only to you?
  • 13
    How does your crush act?
  • 14
    How much do you know about each other?
  • 15
    Who starts the conversation?

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None (07543)
19 hours ago
Say iPhone 3 times and repost this on another quiz
Look under your pillow
Whether it works or not you'll be the one to figure it out
Miko (03602)
4 days ago
Oki Soo my crush we use to talk on COC and we would talk for hours but at school we can't talk I mean we can but likes we can't you know what I mean? And on Valentine's day my teacher can us a word search that we could do with a partner and no we didn't do it together 😐 buut him and his friend being to smartest and most popular they beat everyone and the my crush saw my partner laugh at me for spelling something wrong and he came over and helped me and that was the one time we talked and now our parents like to go so they might hang out so we have to hang out so I'm FREAKING OUT
LoVe (51416)
6 days ago
So.. I like this guy, and I’m like almost 100% sure he likes me back.. he stares at me, laughs at all my stupid jokes, acts sweet around me, and never insults me, unlike his other friends (except for 2 cuz I’m pretty sure they like me too.) His friends are like the popular guys, but he’s not like them.. he’s more like me; shy, quiet, hangs out with the average kids.. we both love singing and we are both in choir so we share an interest.. we are also both in the same religion (which is good cuz I’m not allowed to date guys that are not in my religion) anyway.., I can tell he wants to talk to me when I’m near him because he always walks around me and looks as though he’s trying to come in directions.. however, if he admits he likes me, his friends would make fun of him because I’m not exactly the prettiest.. should I make a move instead? Or should I wait until he finally does? Someone plz help!!!
Deeply in love (99520)
10 days ago
My crush always stares at me and one time he did something funny and looked at me to see if I was looking and I tried hard not to laugh... but ever since I changed after schools he started talking to me less.. but he looks at me shyly and nervous and looks like he is blushing nervously!!!😄😄 His friend says he likes another girl but if he did he wouldn't look at me as if he were madly in love!
Lilly Massey (53471)
11 days ago
I don't think he likes me
blob (48867)
12 days ago
I know a good way to ask out your crush. You ask them out and if they say yes then good for you and if they say no then say good cos it was a dare.
blob (48867)
12 days ago
this was so helpful
Winter (48984)
12 days ago
I’ve hinted at me liking him a few times, and even confessed the other day. He stoped texting me for a while, then the next day he asked me about our school band concert. I don’t know if he likes me, but he makes an effort to talk to me. Might be pity.
ell rin (90082)
13 days ago
this helps alot thank youuu
Silver (67520)
13 days ago
I always thought she did, once my best friend said (this was before i had a crush on her and she had a boyfriend) "Hey! Silver likes you!" I was like OH DAYUMMMMM!!!! But she said "stop being an 💗!" to my friend. After her boyfriend left I sort of just kind of... fell for her...
jane (58132)
15 days ago
imm finding out tomorow if she wabts to go out with me
wish me look
CHARM%uD83D%uDC96 (41928)
15 days ago
It says there that my crush is interested in me☺️
Za-ze (94145)
17 days ago
I might ask her
sophiya (66598)
17 days ago
all of the quizzes i take say he might like you or he likes you a little bit but idk if he does or doesn't
Eliza (06030)
18 days ago
My class mate told him I liked him I got super flushed and told him no and he asked another girl )She said no tho! Ha 💗( I plan to ask him if he's going to the year end dance and ask him there.
or get my friend to ask him - /////-
Emily (07870)
18 days ago
my crush doesn't know me and he never will, I still have a crush on him though, he is adorable
brianna (49530)
19 days ago
We kiss it was realy good he likes me
Girl on Fire (39020)
21 days ago
He wasn’t lying...he likes me...
Boy (71044)
21 days ago
For number 9 it would help to have an option thats just they aren't single. Obviously they aren't all cheaters or want to break up
To Maya (54951)
29 days ago
Hi Maya. Don't worry! I have a huge crush on a boy in middle school and believe me, I have the same problem and the same thing! He sometimes stares at me and we talk a lot. I feel like I catch him then he looks away. Anyways, embarrassment today. I was reaching for my locker and didn't look behind me because I was too busy talking to my friend (who always teases me on the bus, but honestly it's fine by me), and then I reach and then he walks by at that second. Of course, he does. My friend gasps and I catch a glance of a turquoise athletic shirt and at first, I'm like "what, (I'm not putting her name)?" then my mind worked its gears and I swear I turned bright red. Like a lobster sunken in margarita and tomato sauce then painted bright red. In other words, I was so red. I couldn't believe that I had accidentally grasped his shirt. And yesterday, when I passed him, he was calling my name (teasingly) but I, feeling under the weather and being just hit in the eye with a plushie ball really hard stormed right past him. However, he kept on calling my name, and he seemed a bit panicked. He (I believe) said wait, but I had already run into the girl's bathroom and was gaspings and panting. Dammit, ruined my chance. So does he like me? I dunno, but I was super scared. Boys are like that sometimes, but when he's surrounded by girls, he only talks to me. But I don't understand why he would like me! After all, I am an extroverted introvert Chinese girl who is not that popular... AND HE IS PRETTY POPULAR, I think. I dunno how this boy popularity thing works. My friend tried to explain it to me, but I still don't get it... Can someone help me and my situation?!