Does He Like You (Accurate!)

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You really like him... Like "more than a friend" like him. But... DOES HE LIKE YOU BACK?

This quiz will answer that question...

  • 1
    Is he your friend?
  • 2
    How much do you know about him?
  • 3
    How much does HE know about YOU?

  • 4
    When and why does he talk to you?
  • 5
    Who starts the conversation?
  • 6

    He walks up to you after school. What do you say?

  • 7
    He starts talking about his crush, and it sounds vaguely like you... Then he asks for advice! What do you do?
  • 8
    He offers to buy you an ice cream after school. How do you react?
  • 9
    One of his friends comes up to you and says, "____ just told me he likes you a lot!"

    How do you react?
  • 10
    He is sick and misses a day of school! What do you do?

  • 11
    He shows interest in another girl. What do you do?
  • 12
    (Role Play OVER)

    Why do YOU like HIM?
  • 13
    Why would he like you (if he did)?
  • 14
    Why do you think he likes you (like what are some signs you notice?)
  • 15
    Do YOU think he likes you?

Comments (13)


539 days ago
@ConfusedGirl Go girl! Send him more stuff. Valentines day - tell him in a note. Ask him on a date.
539 days ago
Wow. Am I jealous or what? He really, really likes you! Make a move! Don't worry, he really does like you and won't decline if you ask him out.! That is awesome! I sure hope this is true! The only thing wrong here is that I would never ask anyone out. There is this one time I'll never forget about the two of us though.....

He was sitting in a chair (not in class time) and all of of my friends walked over and sat nexted to him. When he realized this, he moved over to me! I'll never forget that moment. He sat pretty close to me too. I was nervous for a little bit but then I noticed that, that incident probably wouldn't happen very often. My friends didn't really care. He looked at me, and I looked at him, at the exact same time. So romantic isn't it?! 😍
540 days ago
I’m a grade above him and I think I like him. So uhm, I sent an anonymous candy cane and he READ MY HANDWRITING! And now the WHOLE GRADE thinks it’s from me! But my friend from that grade convinced them that it can also be someone else besides me. But my crush wasn’t convinced and my friend said that he thinks it’s from ME!
(I like him because people gave me the idea that he likes me soooooo…. Idk… kids have asked us if we like each other and my friends think that he likes me…)
570 days ago
Ok so here’s what. He did

So he said *hey Luca I really love you but if you say these words again I’ll hate you 4ever*

So then I said sorry AND THEN IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! He sent me a pictrue from google! It says I love you I was so happy and day dreaming I was like *WHAT THIS HAS TO BE A PRANK* I was literally the happiest person in the world!
885 days ago
I think he likes me, wow am I obsessed with him, I've taken like 20 quizzes in the last 48 hours
1139 days ago
WOW I am so happy for you !! 😁😁😁
1139 days ago
Ok so here is what I did !!!!!

So I called him then of course he answered so I said so you know how this who coronavirus thing is going on he said yeah then I said would you want to go out with me cuz u know you like me then he said how do you know and then I said I took a quiz on all the and so he’s like ok later I am gonna see if you like me !!!!!!! And I am like OMG 😆
1139 days ago
Omg omg omg omg guys here is what myn said !!!

He really, really likes you! Make a move! Don't worry, he really does like you and won't decline if you ask him out.

I think I’m gonna ask him out after this coronavirus thing is over
1474 days ago
Me and my BFF ( who is his sister ) notice he's ALWAYS spying on us when I'm at my BFF's house. And oneday she was walking down her hallway and she found a piece of paper that said tell C******** my feeling for her. I was SO HAPPY!!!
1506 days ago
I don't really know what to do I don't like the kid but I want to. Ugh what should I do! I think he likes me because he told me that he cares about me and really only me he dowabt care about pretty much anyone else not even girls that he's liked in the past.
1524 days ago
the quiz said he liked me. him and I have been talking and it came up. NOW WE ARE DATING
1873 days ago
I got rected thnks
1963 days ago
Cool quiz! I loved the role play part! You're not gonna find that anywhere else!