What Faction Am I in Divergent?

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Do you love Divergent a LOT, and wonder what Divergent faction you would be in? Are you selfless (Abnegation), intelligent (Erudite), brave (Dauntless), honest (Candor) or peaceful (Amity)? Take this quiz now to find out! Please share with friends who also love this - thank you!

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    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?
    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?

Comments (314)


13 days ago
I got 80% Erudite..I always have the same results...
24 days ago
Yo! Got completely divergent, 30% Erudite, 30% Amity and 30% Abnegation! I don’t know what I’m supposed to choose tho, Amity’s cool, but I hate farming...
25 days ago
What does it mean by this is not a dating site?
25 days ago
I also had my mom take this quiz, she is definetly amity and that is what she got. She loves farming, is ALWAYS happy, obsessed with world peace (by that i mean she goes to all the protests in seattle, and she always donates to charites, and volenteries and stuff) but i also think she is abnegation
25 days ago
IDK why, but this test is seriously wrong, I got 40% amity, and there is no way that is posiible because half of the people i meet say i am the bravest person they know, and the other half say i am the smartest. The weirdest thing is that i feel like Tris, expept with amity instead of abnegation (i am WAY to obsessed w/ the mirror, lol).
35 days ago
I got 40% amity but idk what the other 60% is and I don’t really consider myself always happy.
38 days ago
I just wanted to point out that a lot of people are saying that they're "Divergent", but actually everyone is technically "Divergent" in this test unless you got 100% something. Even if you got 90%, there's still the other 10% which makes you Divergent. (And yes, I got Erudite, thank you for not asking. I questioned its accuracy until I saw the last line, lol)
39 days ago
I got 30% Abnegation, 30% Erudite and 30% Amity. Guess I'm Divergent then!
41 days ago
omg i had my mom take the test and i guess she's divergent!! she got Erudite AND Amity wow
41 days ago
I got Amity!! That's good because I just bought a necklace that basically has the Amity tree on it :) Everything is true except for the lot of friends one lol, probably because I'm too shy but haha yayy!!!
43 days ago
Yay! 70% Erudite! Also I always get Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter quizzes. I guess I’m smart?
48 days ago
I got 80% dauntless lol all of my friends think I would be dauntless.
50 days ago
30% Abnegation
30% Erudite
30% Candor

What about the last 10%?
53 days ago
I got 50% Erudite. I feel like this represents me sort of. I do love to read and I am very curious. I have ruled out candor amity and abnegation because I lie every day, I am not always happy. I am only happy when I am with my friends. And I am way to selfish to abnegation. I like to show my beauty and not hide it.
53 days ago
um, i got candor 30%, but what about the other 70%?
55 days ago
30% Abnegation
30% Dauntless
But what’s the other 30%?
55 days ago
Abnegation.... I didn’t expect that, I expected dauntless. I hoped dauntless but Abnegation is my second choice so not to bad
57 days ago
I got 80% dauntless which means I am so much cooler and braver than you stiffs(
66 days ago
i got 30% Abnegation and 30% Dauntless but it said your score wasnt clear. So what am i?
71 days ago
I got 40% dauntless n 40%erudite but what about the other 20%