What Faction Am I in Divergent?

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Do you love Divergent a LOT, and wonder what Divergent faction you would be in? Are you selfless (Abnegation), intelligent (Erudite), brave (Dauntless), honest (Candor) or peaceful (Amity)? Take this quiz now to find out! Please share with friends who also love this - thank you!

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    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?
    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?

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231 days ago
I am divergent!! Amity, candor, and abnegation! I kind wish I got amity, erudite, and dauntless but oh well!!✌️
232 days ago
I got divergent I am part amity erudite and dauntless
233 days ago
YES DAUNTLESS! I go 70% Dauntless! Way to go me
233 days ago
I got 80% dauntless, that’s what I wanted. Taking a stand sounds fun, I want to be out there taking in things being active instead of sitting around
235 days ago
I got dauntless, I didn't think I was that brave but oh well I guess that's pretty cool. I was 50% dauntless though I wanted to be amity 😢
237 days ago
Wow! I got 70% Dauntless. I guess I'm pretty brave
239 days ago
What if none of your options are the same as mine? What if I'm thinking of something else rather than your answers that I am forced to pick one!!
60% Erudite or 0% is based on your convergent thinking...
239 days ago
This quiz could not have been procreated by the"True Divergents" contrarily it would have been formulated otherwise!!!

If we transpire to employ "Optional/Mandatory Questions" as a base assessment of our own uncommon norm for the further explanation of the suspicion of "Divergence" in others, thus one should snooze the founders of this so-called Quiz since they don't come across as those who possess any level-headedness to discern the major flaw of this quiz......


On Sat, Dec 14, 2019, 3:52 PM Daryo K
243 days ago
AMITY. Oh, YEs! Very much
249 days ago
mine said: 30% Amity and 30% Abnegation
258 days ago
Mine said: your test results are unclear; you are 40% erudite,40% candor, 10% Dauntless, and 10% Abnegation
I’m sad I’m not amity
259 days ago
i got 50 percent Erudite.i know that i'm smart but i dont think smart enough...i didnt even get a little dauntless or abengatrion which i think is weird because i am always thinking of others and can and will put myself into a reckless situantion,oh well.
263 days ago
266 days ago
My test results say that I am 80% Erudite which is absolutely true!
267 days ago
40% abnegation which is weird because I am selfish and 40% candour
268 days ago
Im 50% abnagation. Cool
268 days ago
60% Erudite and 40% Candor
270 days ago
30% Candor. Dunno how thats possible cuz i lie a lot . 30% Amity. 40% Divergent
277 days ago
50% Abnegation and 50% dauntless get on my level
280 days ago
90% Dauntless 10% erudite I’m quite stupid so I don’t know if that’s right