Does he like me back? ACCURATE

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Take this quiz to figure out if the guy you like, likes you back! If he doesn't, so what? Go out there and be confident!

  • 1
    Have you ever talked to him?
  • 2
    Do you think he likes you?
  • 3
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 4
    Do you have mutual friends?
  • 5
    How does he act around you?
  • 6
    How do you communicate?
  • 7
    What is the extent of your physical contact?
  • 8
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?
  • 9
    Do you ever joke around with each other?
  • 10
    How does he act with other people?
  • 11
    Does he follow you on social media?
  • 12
    Has he ever complimented you?

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Amy the bright (81780)
4 days ago
My name: You should go tell him in person it is the best way and probably the most successful. I can’t really interpret if he likes you or not . Has he given any more signs? And all the best and just no this much that everyone goes through these things (even I do, ), and you seem to be very courageous to confess because even I can’t work up the nerve to confess to my crush! If he rejects you then tell me his adress and I will personally go and beat him up for rejecting an amazing girl(from what I know I think you have an amazing personality) like you! Good luck

Best wishes,
Amy the bright
My name (58740)
10 days ago
I have a crush on a boy who is about 1 year and 6 months older than me, and I guess were friends? His mom and my mom are friends so I go over to his house a lot. But when I go over, he like doesn’t really talk to me, but he starts to act weird towers to end of the night. Usually, the kids go out side and play for a bit (when it gets dark) and we usually play tag, and he goes for me and only me. I think he already knows that I like him (from just guessing and from a friend telling him) but I don’t know how to confirm / tell him that I like him! Do I write a note, do I tell him in person? I am so confused!
Momo (96138)
81 days ago
It says he likes me and a lot of the stuff he does says so too but I'm still not sure / not convinced , I think he might have a teeny crush on me but I also think he treats everyone the same way as he does to me :(
Hopeless romantic (60375)
84 days ago
So there's this guy and he is so cute and talented!! I don't have any classes with him except for lunch but we don't sit at the same table because we have assigned tables. We are both in band but not the same class because there is a band class for woodwinds percussion and brass and he's in percussion and I am in brass. The only thing he has said to me was "can I have a stand" and "thanks". I just want to get to know him better but I have no classes with him so what do I do?? Any advice??
Hellr (50739)
92 days ago
Hey this dude in my class kids say he likes me and i can tell and i like him a bit to and we shook hands or slapped hands for like a while and idk
GN (96774)
102 days ago
is this quiz actually accurate? cuz i just wanna know lol
Eliza (27700)
119 days ago
The guy i'm with right now got me a really great gift on September 3rd of 2017. Two days after the day he got me the ring i'm wearing right now he gave the ring to me. We've been together for 8 months and 13 days
Crazy girl'n love (71489)
150 days ago
I like this guy and we have a 4years age difference. It says he might like me but then there's this other guy who I'm a year older who I think I like .The results were more positive. Who do I choose
Unknown (41180)
165 days ago
Help me please!! I have this friend, lets call him 1. And he is practicaly in love with me. And now theres another boy. Lets call him 2. Hes taken but I really like him. 1 and 2 are best friends as well!! My test results for 2 is he mosy likely likes me but something is stoppings him, if he actually does like me I could make a whole list on things stoppings him.
Whocaresreally (46882)
170 days ago
Help Please!!

I have a crush on this guy who lives far away from me, we have apparently known each other for years(he is about 3-4 years older than me). I don't want to like him because of the age difference and the distance but somehow I do...(it takes about 9 hours driving in a car to get where he is) If you have any advice please share it. I took this test and it says he likes me but then again I'm not sure if it is totally accurate.

Try to answer nicely thanks!!!
justaperson (86827)
173 days ago
I knew it one of my guy friend thts his friend asked if he liked me and the guy tht i like told him that he liked me and i heard cuz we sit very close in class im so happy
XxxblexchXxx (13251)
175 days ago
Well 50/50 I'm a little bit popular he is really popular like really but he is always staring then today I looked at him and he started acting weird like making weird noises and weird faces along with it
gfd (07949)
179 days ago
Lola (01015)
181 days ago
he likes me yay,I am so happy :)
Tania 🙈♥️🌼 (13655)
185 days ago
Well I like this guy and he goes to my school we don’t talk at all cause he is really shy and so quiet but sometimes he smiles at me and once I texted him saying if he liked me and he said yes but I dont know because he’s dating this girl soooo... do you think he likes me secretly? Comment down below!!!! Be honest :) x
help T^T (28774)
237 days ago
so i like this guy and i almost have all my classes with him and we have the same initials so we have to sit next to eachother alot. I've known him for over 2 years now he"s usually mean to girls (in like a playful way) and was kinda to me to but, lately after i started liking him i started noticing that he has been looking at me alot and also talking to me more than usual after he found out i had a crush on someone he started being nice to all of a sudden. so does he like me?

btw he he was begging me to tell him my crush.
Frozen pixel (11947)
263 days ago
Hooray 50/50..........................
Darla (19603)
941 days ago
It says yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!