Is she a fake friend?

Trying to figure out if you can trust her? Is she a good friend? Is she a true friend? This quiz will help you figure out if your bestfriend/friend is a fake friend. 100%

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    How many times do you see her a week?

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50 days ago
hi. i am currently in 8th grade having an identity crisis and at the same time putting up with life. there is this one girl named jada and she's been a moody 💗. she will be my friend one day and the next calling me names and throwing me under the bus. but she can be nice to me, but its rare. i went on vacation with her and told her a secret that i hope she would never tell anyone. the other day, she had a "tbh" yolo on snapchat and i put my name. AND GUESS WHAT SHE PUT FOR ME? "annoying asf. petty for "crying" over my crush. weird and youre not that cute" like what kind of friend would say that? i know its a tbh but you didnt have to be that rude. and i thought she was a friend. like she lowkey exposed me for something i wished she kept a sECRET. and i blocked her. but i am friends with her mom and so is mine. i hate her so much right now but lucky for her she barely has any friends due to the fact that she's rude and won't leave people alone. so thank god that 💗 moved schools. she can rot in hell for all i care. like i almost cried thinking about it. but i didnt. why you ask? she's not worth my time. she's too toxic. her mom is stil nice tho lmao
136 days ago
Just yesterday I went to my friends (let’s call her Janessa) house (bc I had no choice since I can’t drive and it was basically part of the day plan) and when I went upstairs she was there with her second and third youngest sister and their cousin. Most of the time she was on her phone, the other kids in the room were playing and watching each other play Roblox, and I was watching tv. There were moments where the younger girls would scream and yell from the excitement of the games they were playing and when they said that this person who they thought was Jojo Siwa and my Janessa said “What? Who’s the shark” then we said Jojo Siwa and she went oh and then turned back. I just thought she misheard or something like that. I know that Janessas not the biggest fan of Jojo but it was either that she misheard, she was surprised that Jojo Siwa had a Roblox account, or something else. But then her cousin said something about something in the game and Janessa said “Excuse me, what did you say. The cousin repeats what she said the first time, and then Janessa threats to slap her. and then Janessas first younger sister repeated what she said. I mean I knew they didn’t mean it, but I didn’t say anything about it because like the other times I told them about joking around like this, Janessa would probably say, “OMG it’s called joking around we do it all the time!” But then Janessa said “Hey (cousins name then cousin says what), ur adopted!” So ok I let the slap threat slide, but this... THIS is SERIOUS. Adoption is NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT. That can hurt someone just as much as it would if someone said something extremely offensive about you. So then, I said “Guys that’s not funny” and then Janessa said “OMG we’re just joking! we do it all the time and every time I say that to them they laugh!” And then she said it to her sister. The thing is that when she said that to the two younger girls left in the room since one of her sisters left before this happened when she told them they were adopted neither of them laughed and after I told her the second time and she said that they laugh the cousin laughed what actually sounded like a fake laugh. And then we kept on and she talked about how one of her friends is adopted and she jokes about it with her and the friend laughs along too. I really don’t think Janessa is truly a friend not only because this test says so, but because of this whole adopted joke that she tells her younger sisters and cousin and other things that she did to me and probably other people now that I know about the whole ur adopted joke to an adopted person. Just because she laughs on the outside doesn’t mean she’s not sad and insulted on the inside. This person that I’m talking about, her names not actually Janessa. But if any of this sounds familiar, and you figure out who I am, just know that I’m really disappointed in you for making that joke even though your cousin and sister aren’t adopted, and for doing that to your adopted friend who might laugh along with you, but you don’t know how she actually feels about it. And yea Ik ur cousin and sister were saying it to. When I said that the adoption thing isn’t to be joked about that went to all three of you. And now it goes to everyone reading this. Not all jokes are funny. When will we realize that😠😡
146 days ago
Hi I am suffering from fake friend Otis she’s a little b**** who tries taking her any of my friends and BF plus always a distaction I wanna just sccream
151 days ago
Buttz is now turning into my fave singers name, Katy
186 days ago
I had already face... Fake friends ....
And one fake childhood bestie.....😢😭 ....
187 days ago
wow i thought we were best friends but answering these questions has made me wake up and realise that she never makes an effort with me :/