The Vampire Diaries quiz

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A quiz to test your' fan knowledge on The Vampire Diaries seasons 1-4

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    Who is Elena and Jeremy's first guardian after her parents died?
    Who is Elena and Jeremy's first guardian after her parents died?

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Sofia (24702)
48 days ago
I mean stefan knew that Elena was Elena
Sofia (24702)
48 days ago
Who was end game? Elena and Damon...como que stefan and Elena
Stefan had two doppelgängers Tom and Silas
Stefy? Seriously?
Damon already knew who Elena was because he saved her from the car crash and he’s been watching her
Abby (72987)
68 days ago
I bet whoever did this test hasn’t even seen the show😒😒😒
Kai (08344)
68 days ago
This quiz is so wrong i can’t even begin to explain
Vronica (29428)
69 days ago
😒 Elena's one true love was Damon.. Also, Stefan didn't really have a nickname is was just a word for vampires who couldn't control their blood lust and ripped people's heads off. And, Stefan had two dopplegangers. Stefan never thought Elena was Katherine, he saved her and stayed in Mystic Falls to get to know her. Finnaly, Damon never completely broke it off with Elena, when she tried to kiss him at Jeremy's cabin he said no and told her to get in the car and leave. At the high school prom he tells Elena that he's her boyfriend when her humanity was off.
Shaonika (09609)
77 days ago
Damon was Elena's one true love . And what the heck is Stefy !?? It's The Ripper . And Stefan did have one other doppleganger coz Silas was not a doppleganger
Elena (92133)
83 days ago
Hi hola no Jude loooool
Stacey (92133)
83 days ago
Stacey (92133)
83 days ago
I love Vampire Diaries it’s my fav on Netflix!
Florence (40809)
90 days ago
Stefan has 2 doppelgängers Tom and Silas
Damon is Elena true love, she always knew that
Stefan nickname is the ripper, I mean, Stefy? Really?
Stefan knew that Elena was Elena, Damon thought Elena was Katherine, and then he erase her memory
Marlee (13331)
93 days ago
Okay hold up. Stefan has 2 doppelgängers, Silas and Tom Avery and then Stefan has been called stefy like 2 times in the whole show by Damon he’s more formally known by the nickname The Ripper
Emily (35907)
96 days ago
It said how many doppelganger if so how many I picked 2 because he has solid and tom Avery
Maddie (03197)
101 days ago
This test is all wrong with all there questions it is not even close to being accurate
olivia (06322)
104 days ago
For the question Who is elena and jeremy's first guardian after her parents dided? it doesn't have Liz Forbes because the episode that liz dies in it says that liz took care of them and then jenna.
Amanda (19115)
107 days ago
Actually Stefan's nickname was the ripper,nobody ever called her stefy.
someone’s who’s actually watched (15703)
108 days ago
First of all stefan had two doppelgängers Silas and Tom
Second of all Damon technically was elena she one true love as uno they got married instead of her and Stefan, you do remember he married Caroline right?
Third of all please quote when anyone ever called Stefan ‘stefy’. Klaus continuously called Stefan ‘The ripper’
So the person making this rly doesn’t know their stuff🙄
A.B (45648)
111 days ago
Stefan has 2 dopplegangers the guy they killed and silas but when i answered 2 i got it wrong
TVD ADDICT (24108)
128 days ago
Comments got me dying 😂😂 but they are true my G
Who the hell calls Stefan 'stefy' and Damon is elanas one true love and Stefan has two doppelgängers shown in the show
Tvd fn (08059)
137 days ago
Abbey (73897)
138 days ago
Also there was 2 doppelgängers of Stephan Salvatore