Walking Dead Quiz All Seasons

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30 Questions - Developed by: Isaiah Wolf - Developed on: - 15.487 taken - User Rating: 1 of 5.0 - 6 Votes

  • 1
    Who does Rick first meet?
  • 2
    Who helps Rick get out of the tank?
  • 3
    How does Andrea's sister die?
  • 4
    Where did Rick get all his guns?
  • 5
    Why does Rick want to go to the CDC?
  • 6
    Who shoots Carl?
  • 7
    Where does all of season 2 take place?
  • 8
    What happened to Sophia?
  • 9
    Who kills Shane?
  • 10
    How do they get the disease?
  • 11
    What does the group find at the beginning of season 3?
  • 12
    How does Lori Die?
  • 13
    Who gets married?
  • 14
    Who attacks the prison?
  • 15
    How does the Governor take over the prison?
  • 16
    Who does Rick meet on a run?
  • 17
    What happened to the Governor?
  • 18
    How does the Governor try to take over the prison?
  • 19
    Who eats the pudding?
  • 20
    Where is everybody going?
  • 21
    What happens to people at Terminus?
  • 22
    Who sets Terminus on fire?
  • 23
    Where is Beth?
  • 24
    What happens to people at the hospital?
  • 25
    Who kills Beth?
  • 26
    How does Tyreese die?
  • 27
    Who finds the group?
  • 28
    What town is the group staying at?
  • 29
    What does Rick do to Pete?
  • 30
    What does W mean?

Comments (6)


jordyn (03004)
749 days ago
im a walking dead super fan and i found a couple of mistakes
please fix #7 the begging of season 2 there on the highway not on the farm
the governer does try to take over the prison and lori died becuase of maggie then carl had to shot lori
#10 its not inside of them if they get bitten then there infected but its not already inside the. PLEASE FIX THESE THINGS
Susan (81428)
863 days ago
Bad quiz, the spelling is so atrocious (is "Erin" the Alexandria recruiter that found the group - if so, his name is "Aaron" - Erin is a girl's name). Too many questions with more than one correct answer. # 28 is ridiculous.
Gillian (34020)
868 days ago
The town in which the group stay at in Washington is called "Alexandria" not Andrea.
Taylor (01492)
894 days ago
I got only 1 question wrong but it said that I got 5 questions wrong
geez Luis
Jo (82694)
922 days ago
Q28 What town is the group staying at?

In a barn
Washington D.C.

erm, one is a building, one is a person
Carlie (67628)
928 days ago
You should make sure to spell all the names correctly