Am I in love with my female best friend? (girls only)

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This is a test to tell you if you're in love with your best friend if you're both female

  • 1
    How do you feel when you make eye contact?
  • 2
    How long have you known each other?
  • 3
    How often do you have thoughts about kissing or hugging her?
  • 4
    Have you ever hugged her? If so how often?
  • 5
    You are having a sleepover together. While watching TV she puts her arm around you. What do you do?
  • 6
    While at the sleepover you have to sleep in the same bed. She has to borrow some pajamas. You need to get changed. Do you?:
  • 7
    You are now lying in bed. Do you?:
  • 8
    Do you ever think about going out with her?
  • 9
    Does she ever seem like she loves you more than a friend?
  • 10
    Why did you take this quiz?

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Mabel (79642)
4 days ago
im pretty sure she likes me back. i just wanted to know if i really love her or not. i do.
Leilani (08208)
8 days ago
So I have known my bestie for a long time and every time I see her my mind says I love her. She was excited for me when I finally told her I might kinda like girls too not just boys but I know she’s straight. If I tell her I like her, and she says she only likes guys I dont want her to feel uncomfortable around me. But I am so in love with her more than any guy I have ever been with.
Kasey (10252)
15 days ago
Great im in love with my best friend who has a boyfriend
Kat (74362)
19 days ago
Welp.. I'm probably in love with a probably straight girl...yaaayyyy...
Leslie (91967)
19 days ago
well, great! I am in love with a straight girl.
Dunno (14580)
29 days ago
Do I like my bff and I know it but I don't want to tell her mainly bc I don't want to say I'm a lesbian she is straight and if I tell her I know she will freak out and it will be awkward although it's kinda nice without her knowing bc one thing if we're having a sleepover when she falls asleep I like to snuggle her and kiss her and she doesn't know I'm doing it bc she's asleep and it feels rly nice and know it's a bit weird but I just love her so much and I just want to skip all the talk and kiss her
13 yo lesbian (15089)
31 days ago
ok so my situations a little weird, but I'm hopingss someone can help me. So basically, I realized I had a slight crush on her in late September. Then on New Years Eve, me her and another friend were having a party. My parents weren't home and I decided to tell her. She told me she didn't like girls, and our friendship went on as normal. I got another small crush on a girl on my softball team and thought I was finally over my friend. I told her about the new crush. Now, last night, we went to a Harry Potter Trivia night. We sat on a couch and I was practically sitting on top of her. She had her arm around me most of the time, and was holding my hand. She was also playing with my necklace and hair. She has been slightly doing this more often recently. I have no idea what to do. Tomorrow I am telling the other friend (The one who was there when I told her the first time) and I'm hopingss she can help me. I'm really lost and have no idea what to do, but if anyone could give me advice that would be great. I am literally crying right now thinking that she will never return the feelings and I will just stay sad like this forever knowing she doesn't feel the same way. Thanks for listening (reading) to my rant.
Crapola (67782)
34 days ago
So I’m in love with my best friend and I can’t do anything about it because I am way too scared to ruin our friendship. But in addition to wanting to confess my love to her, there’s also the added pressure of then coming out and honestly I’m not ready... At the end of the day Ik I’m supposed to “follow my heart” and “be true to myself” but I really wish I didn’t have to deal with this junk and I could just kiss her and hold her in my arms forever.
oops im bi (13951)
40 days ago
Oh my god i've never had a quiz that actually helped me but this one did
And it's so cute ahhhh
idk (59988)
41 days ago
We already know each other when we were in elementary but we're just friends. We only began to be very close when we were in ninth grade. I always hang around at her place after school and watch anime. She's so much fun to be with and I don't want to leave her side. She helped me at times where I was miserable. Whenever I come around at her place, I always want to hug her and I always put my head on her shoulder. Sometimes I hold her hand and sh holds it back. I'm so happy when I'm around her , despite of not doing anything. She kissed me on the cheek when she was drunk and sometimes when she was affectionate. I am not usually a love-y dove-y person and I want to kiss her and hug her tightly. Even if I deny it, I know that I love her so much but I couldn't say it to her. She has a boyfriend and I have to respect that. I'm not really sure if my feelings are real or not. I don't know what to do anymore. My mind's going crazy.
11 (19843)
44 days ago
Ik I’m in love with my best friend we are both female and I always wanna kiss her yea she kisses me sum times on the forehead or on the nose I love when she does that we say I love u all the time she always cuddles me and I cuddle her back and when we walk together she makes my arm go around her then I just put my arm where I want it but I think im bisexual cause I like both sex’s but every time she talks bout her crush I get really Jealous I always get Jealous real fast when her ex flirts with her cause they dated at least 20 times and every time she got her heart broken so I get really mad bout that but I always get Jealous every time she gets a new crush or a new boyfriend idky but I love her so much she jumps on my back and her and her friend fights on whoever gets on my back it’s really funny cause onetime one got on my back and the other one pushed me and we fell it was so funny the part that got to me is when the day she told me she thinks she’s bisexual then my stomach dropped we had a sleepover that night and everything changed she hugged me all night and had her head on my shoulder so I have a feeling she likes me but idk cause she acts like it she even said she likes some one she does have a boy crush and a girl crush ik her boy crush but not the girl and soooo. Curious on who it is it’s killing me still ughhh
Nick (57331)
52 days ago
I’m so very in love but she’s straight(?i think..) and its killing me and i just.. ugh… I want her to be happy.
54 days ago
Not sure why I even took this considering I’ve been well aware of how much I like my best friend for almost a year now :,) I really don’t know what to do about it though- I’ve liked her since I met her but I wasn’t able to put my feelings into words until last summer. Up until then I had only really heard about 2 sexualities (gay and straight), and I had liked boys before so I thought “well I must be straight... but I’ve liked girls too? Then I guess I’m neither” and didn’t put much more thought into it. This summer however, I was on a 2 day trip to this island with my best friend, and I had just gotten Instagram. I was scrolling through posts and stumbled across an lgbtq+ account, where I was introduced to sexualities. I realized that I was either pansexual or bisexual, which surprised me. I spent the rest of the day thinking about it, but I was too nervous and unsure to tell my best friend. Towards the end of the day, as we were walking through the water, she grabbed my hand. This might sound weird, but in that moment I was just overwhelmed but my emotions. I wanted to hug her, to kiss her. I wanted her to never let go of my hand. Which is probably why I realized “💗. I’m in love with this girl”. Throught the rest of the trip, I was confused and distraught, and frankly I didn’t want to come to terms with my feelings for her. I felt like it was wrong. Over time though, I realized that even if I tried to convince myself otherwise, my feelings would still be there. It’s been almost 8 months now, and even though I’ve tried just about everything I still end up thinking about her every day. I’m a fairly anti social person, and I’ve got a whole lot of social anxiety so we don’t go out much, but we text a lot, and we see each other at school often since we typically hang out at lunch and have the same first and 6th period class. I ended up coming out to her as pansexual/bisexual while we were having a conversation about lgbtq+ rights, and she was cool with it. She told me She was “probably straight”. Before this, she had never dropped any serious signs, but sometimes I’d catch her looking at me or blushing while talking to me. She also often calls me her “most precious friend”. Occasionally I find myself thinking “what if she does like me? She did say she was probably straight, but what if she added the probably because she likes me or another girl?”, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t.
She also recently got a boyfriend, and as far as I know they’ve been together for over a month and talk a lot. She only told me about two weeks ago, to be honest, I was really upset. I hid it, of course, but every time I thought about it, I would feel this overwhelming sense of jealousy towards her boyfriend, and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. Obviously I’ve come to terms with it now, but I’m also a little confused about their realationship. I haven’t seen them talk at school even once, and even though she does talk about him sometimes, she never really blushes or acts happy to have him.
Either way, even though I’m 99% sure she doesn’t like me, I still have this little tiny bit of hope, that maybe she just hasn’t realized yet....
Ahh I really hate being in unrequited love :/ I wish I could just throw away my feelings sometimes, because I want to be a good friend. Someone she can trust with everything and come to when she really needs it. But instead I’m over here hiding my feelings for her and thinking about her late at night..

I just read over this and it ended up being really long :,) to anyone else who’s in an unrequited love with their best friend, or anyone for that matter- I feel you my dude.
Claog (64400)
58 days ago
I love my best friend so much I want a propper serious relationship with her I wish I could kiss her every time I saw that sexy 💗
JustMe (39467)
60 days ago
So back in first grade she was chasing me , in grade three we were close friends, in grade six our classes mixed and that year we haven't made contact or smth. Now in seventh grade she hugged me a lot and told me a few times that I 'm soooo cute :1 And now I'm like her dog or smth and I'm always with her . Last week we had a thing with one of our teachers and we had to sleep in the same bed but idk this time she kinda ignored me for some reason and now I'm pretty confused and I know that there's a thing with her but I don't really like gay people and she kinda said somstimes weird thing like " What would you do if a girl tells you that she likes you ? " SO TF I'M DOING WITH MY LIFE I JUST WANT TO TELL HER THAT I REALLY LOVE HER AS A BFF BUT I'M TOO 💗 SCARED
NoodleBro (85761)
67 days ago
Also, I'm not out!!!!!! D:
NoodleBro (85761)
67 days ago
I Don't know. I'm having the same issue. Except, a bit more complicated. She's got a boyfriend. But she invited me over last weekend rather than him like she usually does we went hiking, but it was cold and we had been in a waterfall so we cuddled and watched a movie after. I'm not sure if she likes me back. Help???PLEASE!!!FR!!
Bellaire (85409)
67 days ago
I think I am in love with my best friend. I think about her whenever there is nothing else on my mind. She is just always there for me and I feel so close to her and she never pulls away and never offers an unkind word. She had really been there for me the past few months and I picture us as a couple. I don't know whether to tell her or not ;(. I really want to know how she feels but it makes me really scared that it could ruin our friendship ;(. What do I do?
Blue (02315)
70 days ago
We've always gone to school together, but we've only been best friends for about 1.5 years, idk. She has brown-green eyes and perfect straight brown hair, and she's so elegant.

Idk how she swings because 3 boys have asked her out and it's only like half way through our first year in this school, but she's either said no or broken up with them after a few days.

We've never really talked about serious stuff like that, but I've definitely dropped hints that I might be gay (I don't even know myself). Thinks like knowing all the sexuality flags, telling her "boys would stop asking you out if you said you were gay lol" and played it off as a joke (she laughed (I really like her laugh)).

If anyone ever asked me if I'm gay I'll probably be like: I cannot confirm nor deny. Cause like I don't even know.

Just my experiences

I'm very tired
81 days ago
Haha I knew I wasn't gonna get "You're In love with your friend" because we even fight sometimes LOL