Am I In Love With My Female Best Friend? (Girls Only)

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So lately you have feelings for your female best friend that are kind of confusing to you. It's more common than you might think. This is a test to tell you if you're in love with her.

  • 1
    How do you feel when you make eye contact?
    How do you feel when you make eye contact?
  • 2
    How long have you known each other?
  • 3
    How often do you have thoughts about kissing or hugging her?
  • 4
    Have you ever hugged her? If so, how often?
  • 5
    You are having a sleepover together. While watching TV, she puts her arm around you. What do you do?
  • 6
    While at the sleepover, you have to sleep in the same bed. She has to borrow some pajamas. You need to get changed. You:
  • 7
    You are now lying in bed. You:
  • 8
    Do you ever think about going out with her?
  • 9
    Does she ever seem like she likes you more than a friend?
  • 10
    Why did you take this quiz?

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45 days ago
Uhm I've liked her since the pass 2-3 years, but like i know she likes me but i have a girlfriend so i cant do anything because i don't want to break my girlfriend's heart
61 days ago
I have loved my friend for the past 2-3 years. It started when we became neighbors and we finally started talking to each other. Before, we would just say hi to one another but it was forced. I have known her my entire life because I go to a school that has pre-k all the way through 12th grade. Being neighbors has been weird because we live on a hill where if I look down the hill I can see into her room. I promise I don’t do anything dirty minded and respect her privacy but it’s awkward because she knows I can see her. Also, we have only 2 classes together and I’m not sure if she is flirting with me because she is kinda a flirty person in general. She will stare at me and occasionally winks to my surprise. Her and I do not hug much but they are passionate hugs when we do. It is weird because her and I have a very love filled relationship in comparison to my friends but I’m not sure if it’s just loving one another or being in love.
79 days ago
I like this person and I have known her for over a year and I think of her as one of my greatest friends but for some reason last month something clicked in me I started to get to know her because I don’t really have classes with her but only in one class and I got to know her and I thought she had a great personality and well on that week I started noticing how whenever I see her my heart starts pounding and when she touches my hand I start to blush when I’m in class I just ignore everyone and I feel like it’s just me and her and I just wish she knew how I feel because I know I have a crush on her!!!
84 days ago
I really love her and want to test the waters. What should I do?
97 days ago
So I've known my best friend for like two years and a half. Last year in 2018 (eighth grade), I started to like her and everyday what makes me happy was her smiles. Each day I want to sit next to her and hold her hands, but there were other student as while so I was a bit embarrassed and nervous. Sometime in my mind I want to go up to her and kiss her on the cheek. I swear I never in my life I like a girl, but as she enter in my life I can feel something really special about her. I am straight and I have dated one guy before and I have crush on guys. One day I was thinking that for her birthday, I want to kiss her on the cheek as one of my present to her. On her birthday, it took me a loooooot of courage to seek behind her and surprises her with a kiss on the cheek. After that my heart start to fluttered and my heart was beating very fast, too. When she had a boyfriend, I felt jealousy through my heart but I didn't want it to affect and so I told myself that I shouldn't be like this. Everyday in the summer, I keep thinking about her because when school start, she won't be in the same high school as me. I keep missing her and I told her that I want to see her. I finally confess to her that I like her, and tell her how I felt everyday with her. I have one question is that, "am I gay since I like her even though I'm straight?"
158 days ago
So I literally just got into high school and already on the first day this girl walks into my class looking super pretty I literally couldn’t stop staring at her and I tried to get her to stare at me too. at that point I was determined to make her my friend, at least, and then the next week i got the courage to sit next to her and we got partnered up and so we talked. She’s so much like me and we really get each other and we snap a LOT, also thru snapchat she told me she’s bi and I told her I’m pan and ever since that we got this sensual energy I guess. She stares at me and smiles at me A LOT, she says mean stuff to tease me and then takes them back to compliment me, we have a lot of skinship not to forget that we’ve known each other for like, a week and a half. She also takes every opportunity to touch me and so do I. I get this urge to just hug her or peck her cheek, but the only thing that’s weird is that she points out a. lot of guys to me that she thinks are hot and the first time I got a little jealous I was just like “ oh, that guy..?” and now I’M DOING IT TOO even tho I might like HER... so idk if we’re both tryna get us jealous or if she really just wants to be friends with me.
159 days ago
My best friend just left for uni and I don't know if I just miss her or if I really do like her. Last week we both came out as bi to eachother but she said she stated that she wouldn't be interested in dating girls just guys. Idkkk what to do
160 days ago
This was unexpected... I only took this test because i could imagine a future with her, turns out i found out my sexuality! Im scared to tell anyone...
186 days ago
Help! I have a boyfriend, But i am getting a crush on my female friend, I'm scared and don't know what to do!
211 days ago
Lmao all the lesbian panic in the comments. Give her a shot boo, worst comes to worst you're just friends or she isn't a good enough friend to understand you can still be friends if she rejects you and ain't worth your time
211 days ago
She's an internet friend and I just feel so happy with her but I don't know if she feels the same way back. I feel a little jealous when she's in a relationship but I don't know if it's my need for attention or if I have feelings for her...I feel like if I made any advances I might be rejected
211 days ago
I've been close friends with her for a couple years, and before I was friends with her I used to have a crush on her. Once we became friends I felt like my feelings had gone away, but after like 2 1/2 years of being friends I'm questioning if they came back or sort of never went away. I'm not as close with her now, but I've always felt fond towards her but reexamining those feelings idk if they're all platonic. I'm hanging out with her soon so I'll see if I'm just psyching myself out or if I actually have feelings for her. I hope I don't because I'm like 90% sure she's straight.
216 days ago
I am in love with my bff. The problem is that she's changing schools after summer. And I don't know how to tell her I like her. We have this inside joke that some day I'll marry a rich person (sounds stupid I know) but then some day she messaged me: one quiz said I'm going to become rich when I grow up.... Maybe I could be your soulmate. I Instantly panicked because that sounded kind of flirty (to me at least) and responded something like: haha I'll always find some one richest when I could have flirted back
230 days ago
There is this girl and she has been hanging out with my other friend a lot. And for some reason, I am really jealous! That is why I took this quiz.
232 days ago
i met this girl a few months ago and we got crazy close really really fast. i have a feeling she likes me but she's straight according to her friend who i asked. whenever i have a feeling someone likes me i take a bunch of these quizzes to see, and all of my results with her have predominantly been that she likes me. but i don't really know since she's supposedly straight?? i haven't asked her directly about her sexuality but she implies that she's straight. i have caught this girl staring at me multiple times, we've held hands (although not purposely lol), we touch all the time, we talk all the time. all those are telltale signs that someone likes you but i just don't know! when we first met she used to tell me about this boy all the time that she liked but as our friendship has progressed over the past couple months, she has stopped mentioning him almost entirely. i don't know if that means anything
if anyone has advice i would greatly appreciate it!!!!
237 days ago
So yeah I’m pretty sure I have a crush on my best friend and I’m panicking because I’m pretty sure she likes guys so she’d probably be really weirded out if i said anything or confessed anything, our other friends’ll probably feel uncomfortable as well because even though they say they have no problem with gay people they still don’t seem very comfortable with the idea yknow??? So i have no idea what to do and will probably end up just bottling these feelings up until I can force them to go away but yeah
If anyone has any advice then I’d be really happy to hear it, and I’m sorry if this wasn’t coherent at all, I just needed to let it out oof
243 days ago
I've got the biggest crush on one of my best friends, Carly. Recently, I've learned she *used* to like me too. Now, however, she has a significant other, whom she's happy with, and I can't confess for risk of messing up her relationship and, for that matter, our friendship. I wish I had known how she felt before, then this would have never been a problem, and I sort of hate myself for not asking when I had the chance,
245 days ago
im dating my best friend who is girl we happy when stat over she loved cuddle me in bed be with me all time we know each others forever im 32 she is 34 we in love with others
255 days ago
She's seriously my best friend. And we know everything about each other. We do hold hands occasionally, cuddle when we fall asleep on the same bed after a drunken night, almost always cuddle and have our legs intertwined when we're watching a movie on the couch, have our arms wrapped around each other in concerts. It can feel a bit confusing for me sometimes. Some things are not meant to be said and hopefully I'll move on.
260 days ago
I developed a crush on her about a month ago after a year of knowing her and I fell hard. She's stated many times that she doesn't like me because one friend I told tolf her and now I'm pretty sad (she can't take hintssss)