Do your friends like you

My friends like me do they like you.... Let's find out

  • 1
    Do your friends think your crazy?
  • 2
    Do your friends laugh at your jokes?
  • 3
    Do your friends stick up for you?
  • 4
    Do you do crazy stuff with your friends such as get in trouble a lot, make fun of your teacher/ talk in class/ do stuff your not suppose to during school, and make fun of people
  • 5
    Have you been friends with the people for a long time.
  • 6
    Do you do stuff with friend like go places
  • 7
    Do your friends give you gifts for holidays
  • 8
    Do you guys rock out to music together
  • 9
    Do you like unicorns
  • 10
    Do you love your friends

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