The ULTIMATE Love Test! (Pretty Accurate, GIRLS ONLY)

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The title says it all! Take this pretty accurate quiz to find out if your fantasies will become your reality or simply stay a dream that's just out of your reach.

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    How long have you known him?

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Lovebird💘🐦 (45915)
27 days ago
25% OOH GIRL HE DANG LOVES YOU AND YOUR PREETEH FACE! You got your self a soulmate-- though you probably knew it already!Congratulations! I hope your happy with your choice cause it doesnt look like hes leaviing anytime soon!!
Rabbit (01135)
52 days ago
So we make eye contact quite often and he looks at me a lot and I look at him a lot he may like me and I really like him. We also joke around quite a lot but we don't talk that often. I think we are both too shy/embarrassed.
Israt jahan moni (95594)
60 days ago
I want to know about my love
MadHatter (60274)
73 days ago
I like my first cousin and it's too much skinship between us. Most of the time he tries to make me comfortable. Sometimes it totally seems like he's into me. He hangs around wherever I am (not in a creepy but the casual way like "I just got here for no reason") Almost always holding my shoulder with his one arm while walking also being bumpy. Always walking alongside me even if we're with many people and when we are about to lose them he says "Let's go slowly, what's the rush?" Almost always leans on my shoulder. When I have my head on his shoulder, he hesitated to put his on mine. Keeps it there for a good few moments and then removes it. Plays with my cheeks all the time. When sitting in a cramped car he pulls me by my waist then rests his head on the crook of my neck. And the night before he leaves, he doesn't even sit beside me for dinner and seems pretty distant. Doesn't walk with me either. He acts so differently that I am confused if he likes me or not.
#hathan (36332)
122 days ago
so i LUVVVVVV him but he just broke up with his ex and has a crush on my freaking ENEMY
The love princess (57588)
146 days ago
The potato fam Also talk to him more get to know him more and make him feel special around you also boys like compliments and maybe a month or two after you continue do these stuff ask your friends or best friend if you should tell him you like him if they say yes well AMAZING work up some confidence and go spill your heart out if they say no continue to do what I said and wait 2 or 3 weeks and ask them again when your doing the stuff make sure you don’t act too weird (I learned that the hard way) and don’t ask too much personal information also smile at him and make eye contact with him 💑🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
The love princess (57588)
146 days ago
The potato fam yes I feel like he’s into you boys can sometimes seem complicated he probably has mixed feelings about you show him that you care about him and show him that you have feelings about him Young boys can sometimes act aggressive because their probably nervous and confused
ThePotatoFam (01168)
147 days ago
So once he told me he put me on his yearbook page (he's graduating this year) and then he said "If I could, I'd give you a deadly disease. I don't like you." and I'm like "Yah okie." and then he said, "No, I like you."
Next day: he got a hair cut and I want going to tell him I liked his hair cut, but then he pushes me. So I said "I was going to give you a compliment. But I guess not..." and he's like, "What if I give you a compliment? I like youuuuuuuu...r glasses." And I'm like, "Thanks, I like your hair cut."

He teases me all the time, pulls my hair, once said he likes me, and puts his elbow on my shoulder. His friends are like "I can see how you'd be good for each other." or something like that.

If you read that, does he like me? Should I tell him how I feel? And how??
Helpless (20760)
147 days ago
He is two years older than me, Next year he’ll be in a totally difrent school, my sister told me to bewheare of him because he is into younger girls and he is soooooooo out of my league. Boy he got me helpless, I can’t look into eyes the sky’s(I’d turn red) I love it when he comes behind me puts his hand out for me to high five it or just hold it there nobody except my bff and I know.😘😍what should I do😣😍😖
Advice please (81043)
155 days ago
So there's this guy at my tennis and he teases me and compares with me all the time and I flirt back because I really really like him and we are the best in our class and almost all my friends ship us together but I always tell them we are only "fierce competitors" because I don't know how he feels. Then one of my other best friends also really likes him not as much as I do but she likes him but he doesn't even talk to her and she's getting jealous of him and I and there's so much drama what should I do? Does he actually like me?
Maddie 05 (38880)
170 days ago
bro I got, For 55 % you are: OOH GIRL, HE DANG LOVES YOU AND YOUR PRETTEH FACE! You got yourself a soulmate -- though you probably knew that already. Congratulations! I hope you're happy with your choice, because it doesn't sound like he's leaving anytime soon!
Alli134 (75895)
184 days ago
He certainly has feelings for you. He's a bit shy, like he's scared of rejection from you. Open up a bit, maybe. See what happens -- who knows, he may end up asking you out!
I hope this is right 🙏
Bunnywabbit (07920)
230 days ago
For 30 % you are: He maaaaaay like you, but I'm sorry to say that he probably doesn't. He may just happy with your friendship. One day, maybe, though. Don't lose hope.

I won't. :'(
A random gal (10078)
260 days ago
really cool and it is a great idea and concept
Isabelle (04330)
275 days ago
i like him but i dont know if he likes me
#TheREAL (09419)
605 days ago
Yeahhhh!!! the ultimate quiz but sadly only for girls!!! (boys are not worth yet)