Is My Boyfriend Still Into Me?

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Recently, I've been noticing my boyfriend acting rather strangely (more so than usual, lol). If you can relate, you might wonder, is it time to ditch him? Or should I stay with him? Take this quiz and find out now!

  • 1
    First of all, how long have you two been dating?
  • 2
    Do you ever see him flirting with other girls?
    Do you ever see him flirting with other girls?
  • 3
    When you guys talk, who normally starts the conversation?
  • 4
    Do you think he's still interested in you?
  • 5
    Does he ever call you?
  • 6
    Similar to the previous question, I know - does he ever text you?
  • 7
    If you either text or call him, how long does it usually take before he answers?
  • 8
    Almost done! Does he ever kiss, hug or make any other physical contact with you?
  • 9
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 10
    Just a few more questions! Does he ever tell you he loves you?
  • 11
    Do his friends like you?
  • 12
    Does he tell people he's with you, that he's proud to be with you, or does he hide it?
  • 13
    Last question, and a EXTREMELY important one: Does he ever ignore you?

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27 days ago
Ever since he came to see me unexpected n he couldn't find me he's been acting strange when I start talking to him he will be answering with one or two words if I try talk to him about what I feel n that I don't like it when he's ignoring me he will just say I must also ignore him even if I try talking to him he will answer with one or two words.what can I do ?
61 days ago
does he still llove me because we dont like to phiysically contact we rarly talk and i get a little jeolose when he talks with other girls.
75 days ago
well this is a bunch of lies as I asked my bf if he still wanted to be with me and he said yeah just had things going on so this is 💗
94 days ago
I'm scared of losing him. but we don't really talk as much as we used hurts me so bad.i kinda always have to make the first move to talk to him or ask him out. I feel like im losing him
104 days ago
I dont want to loss him...what do i do...😔🖤😫
128 days ago
@Elisa sAME
128 days ago
he’s super bipolar honestly. one day he’ll ignore me for a few hours then when i text he’s all loveable. but sometimes he just responds with “ok” “no” “yes” and “same”. it kind of annoys me because I go out of my way to make sure he wakes up to a text from me, goes to sleep with a text from me and through out the day he knows I’m thinking about him. he NEVER has texted me before. he texted me one time about saying he loved me and so on but a few minutes later he was complaining about how he didn’t know why he liked me and I didn’t treat him right. what should I do?
180 days ago
He just seems indifferent about me we been dating for months now but I just want even the smallest bit of attention from him. Though he deserves someone who can manage to make him smile cause I never could
186 days ago
The test said i should dump shatterd bt i need to talk to him 1 last time and make my feelings clear...we use to be best friend before bt now its over😭😭😭😭😭
189 days ago
46%......he kinda likes😔 oh no what am I gonna I gonna lose him!😢🥺what do I do now?!?
196 days ago
Am lucky 100% into me still. Phew.😊
221 days ago
Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 months, he tells me he loves me and we rarely talk or hug at school almost like he doesn’t want to be seen with me, but out of school he’s fine around me!! What should I do?
258 days ago
Idk if my boyfriend likes me because he hardly ever texts/calls me. I feel like I'm really clingy and putting more effort into this relationship than he is. Also, one of my friends told me that my boyfriend is constantly messaging her. I don't want to listen to rumours but what if it's true? On the other hand though, when I play with his friends, he takes wayy more interest in me so I'm not sure if I should start doing that more often. In class, he speaks to me but his learning partner is the same girl I was on about earlier. I feel like she is trying to sabotage my relationship with him and I'm pretty sure she has a crush on him. I want this relationship to continue but I'm too scared to talk to him about it although if I do, the situation will probably get better. What do I do? 🙁🙁
283 days ago
I love my boyfriend... we are 15 but sometimes i feel he doesn't like me I mean we have known eachother for almost 3 years and stuff but and I'm like Hella clingy... and sorta needy which I told him when we started dating.... and we still hold hands and hug all the time. but we have been dating since june. and we still haven't kissed im just worried I'm to ugly or clingy or something what do i do?
338 days ago
My boyfriend told me that if a guy have💗with another girl and he has💗with you your 💗 burns so if he is using a condom is because he doesn't want your private part to burn.
358 days ago
I have dated this guy for 7 years and in that 7 years we never used condoms so this year may he said we should use condoms and I'm like 💗 why this year all of a sudden he says i like complaining n his word is final. Then 5 days ago i found his picture with some girl and they looked close, more than friend. What to do i hv a 6 year old baby with him
367 days ago
I am being so paranoid but I’m just scared I’m too clingy and he is getting annoyed by it tbh
375 days ago
I've liked him for years (about 5) and he kept insulting me and calling me dumb. So now I have no feelings for him. And it says he's so into me, if he asks me to date him, how do I let him down easy? I've waited 5 years for him to just tell me he loves me!! We have never dated btw
382 days ago
so I’ve been dating a guy and we haven’t spoken in 2 weeks and he keeps making up excuses for not answering or being there for me but when he needs me I’m always there for him I feel like I’m the only one committing to this relationship 🖤💔🖤🤦‍♀️🤔😭😢🤬
466 days ago
to confused girlfriend are we the same person that happened to me aswell...