True or... False!

Developed by: Sarah

Do you really know whats true of False... Let's See!

  • 1
    Sponge bob lives in a pineapple
  • 2
    You are able to start a fire with 2 cool ranch doritos by rubbing them together for a long period of time
  • 3
    The polar bears is going extinct
  • 4
    Walrus use there tusk to chew there food
  • 5
    Does Jim Carrey star in Bruise All Mighty
  • 6
    Adam Sandler has only stared in 5 movies
  • 7
    There is 5 books and movies in Harry Potter
  • 8
    Chickens can eat anything
  • 9
    Soon there will be no more trees in the world
  • 10
    During birth can the baby come out 5 weeks early

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