Should I Try Swinging

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Are you interested in being a your partner?

  • 1
    Does the thought of another sexual participant excite you?
  • 2
    I could have another lover without it affecting my feelings for my current lover.
  • 3
    My current partner would be open to pursuing additional lovers.

  • 4
    I would enjoy seeing my partner have sex with other people.
  • 5
    I am smart and always use safe sexual practices.
  • 6
    My relationship is strong and cannot be broken by jealousy.

  • 7
    I feel that sex and love are two completely different things.
  • 8
    I want to use swinging as away to get out of my current relationship.
  • 9
    I am turned on by many different types of attributes in sexual partners.
  • 10
    We are confident and polite and have good people skills and enjoy others.

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