Does She Like You? Middle School Boys Only(Created by a girl)

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10 Questions - Developed by: Becca Adams - Developed on: - 80.829 taken - User Rating: 3.94 of 5.0 - 18 Votes - 6 people like it

  • 1
    Do you guys talk?
  • 2
    Does she stare at you?
  • 3
    Does she laugh easily at your jokes?
  • 4
    If you accidentally touch her in any way, what does she do?
  • 5
    Does she have a boyfriend?
  • 6
    Does she touch you?
  • 7
    Does she come up and talk to you?
  • 8
    Does she stare at her hands, yours, her feet, or your feet when conversation lulls?
  • 9
    Does she hang around you or sit next to you?
  • 10
    Do you think she likes you? Whatever the test results are, your opinion is probably the best. This is just a guide. You know her, I don't

Comments (52)


Phoenix (24893)
8 days ago
I'm glad she only likes me in a friend way. But it seems she doesn't, as she always puts her head on my shoulder.
Ty (32946)
14 days ago
Wow this kinda helped me but I'm nervous to ask her in middle school
Secret (79028)
29 days ago
I don't have time to make her like me since there's only two days for the school to end and close
Unknown (19645)
43 days ago
Well she cindidof likes me
Cindy (33872)
47 days ago
I'm a girl, and I did the test for me crush loloololololololololololololo when I finished the quiz it said that I don't quite like him. (which is good so that he will be clueless that I like him) :3
A.V.A Initials =) (44238)
52 days ago
Im a girl and i jest took the quiz. This quiz is very much wrong because i know for a fact dat i really love him and it says she does not like me. Such a liar >=(
Rose (68642)
56 days ago
Okay my name isn’t really Rose, but I don’t wanna say my name since I don’t want people to actually know my real name. But I really like this guy and he flirts with me too, but idk if he actually likes me. I’ve taken a bunch of quizzes that say he does but idk. Can anyone help??
someone (56994)
71 days ago
I'm not the kind of guy to date or like people, or at least my friends think that. I'm in a tough situation cuz i can't admit that I like her but really want to tell her i do. ); #agony
someone (56994)
71 days ago
This test is wrong because i know 95% that she likes me because she told my friend she might like me so that means yeah. Plus she acts weird around me.
Pika (62411)
72 days ago
Hehe I'm a girl and I just chose random answers😈
Ryan (79885)
93 days ago
Cool test
Jonah (62048)
103 days ago
Hey Kate, if you like the kid just ask.
I know that je would also be embarrased to ask. Theres a good chance he likes you too. So, good luck and again he probably will admit to liking you if you like him and you think he likes you. Rate non a scale of 0-10. Read after this AFTER you rate. If 7 and above ask him.
Aboy (22613)
104 days ago
She said that people where saying that i like her but i panicked and just shrugged ohno help
A girl (33083)
105 days ago
Ok guys me and this boy are good friends we like touch each other like on arms or hips we like each other as friends not bf or gf and everyone else is like why dont you to date or you to would make the cutest couple we both deny it all the time
Unknown (61613)
114 days ago
so I like someone at school and he jokes around all the time and we stared at each others eyes but it was awkward cuz both our siblings were staring at us like what the heck
Helpings Kate out ! (83023)
123 days ago
Kate we all get nervous at times, But in your situation I would get to know him a little more by just saying hey or just talking in class or something ( Ashuming you know him from school ).Anyway the boy you like might be shy, I'm friends with kids who have asked me for advice because they were a little shy and now they are strong enough to talk to the girls they like without hesitation.
I'm a boy and I know what the most of us are like so if he really does like you he will make the first move unless he is shy and needs you to kinda start off the relationship by talking to him more and droppings little hints that you like him and just in general smile and say hey more often.But my advice is start off the relationship because some boys don't know how to or they are just to shy to do so. Hope this helped Kate 🤞 And good luck 😁

If you need me to give you anymore information just ask it's as easy as that !
boy (81188)
124 days ago
and there is a name called just a guy can i know from where you are because maybe i know you
boy (81188)
124 days ago
her friend when and told me in a few couple months a go that she likes me but i think now i have a crush on her and i want to know if she still likes me or not can someine help me
Kate (72741)
125 days ago
I really like him I have liked him for years but I can be really shy 😥 And all my friends are like go for it girl! I'm like uh can't breathe..... Really need some advice from a guy!! maybe even some for if he doesn't like me to get him to like me? ❤️
Kate (72741)
125 days ago
Help me somebody please! ❤️ 😫