What Survivors Dog Are You?

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Ever wondered what Survivors dog you are? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You are alpha and omega eats out of line. You..
  • 2
    Coyotes Attack! You..
  • 3
    You return from a successful hunt and wolves attack! You..
  • 4
    You catch a buck and your hunting team makes you drag it back to camp yourself. You..
  • 5
    You're a half wolf half dog raised in a wolf pack. You are teased all your life. They finally go too far. You..
  • 6
    You are in the middle of a great howl and a dog pushes you and says you are not worthy of being in a great howl. You..
  • 7
    Fierce dogs take your pup! You..
  • 8
    You are captured by longpaws! You..
  • 9
    The big growl hits! Your longpaws leave you! You..
  • 10
    You are in the storm of dogs! You..

Comments (41)


Blucky (98790)
11 days ago
Sheesh, I got 50% Blade who killed his pups and everyone around but I also got 50% Lucky who is caring? xD
DOGS! (43291)
47 days ago
I know how u feel dude. I got 2% Alpha and 98% Lucky. Also, these are "Great Questions" they are asking. Y not a type in answer. I't would b so much easier.

Bella (43291)
47 days ago
I should of got BELLA, but I am Lucky. Looks like everyone got plain o'll Lucky. Life isn't fair sometimes. But hey, only 90% Lucky. :/
Lucky (29750)
55 days ago
Not suprised, they were the only logical answers, it was either KILL! Run! or Do the logical thing...No hate on the others! I love all of them, I kinda wanted a different one but I always get Lucky so I guess thats who I am, and it's pretty freaking cool!
Sweet (58643)
66 days ago
I relly wanted to be Sweet but I am Whine
Sweet (58643)
66 days ago
I got Blade and Lucky but I do not want to kill my pups
blade (01839)
105 days ago
i got blade i am ok with that
Abby (01839)
112 days ago
i got lucky whine and blade
Wafflez (33515)
132 days ago
I got Lucky. OK, I'm cool with dat I guess.
Harmony (24709)
136 days ago
I'm lucky
Lucky (08878)
137 days ago
i got Lucky who knew
Sunshine (09504)
143 days ago
this was a little tuff but a little fun at the same time because i am new.
Lucky (09504)
143 days ago
This test is so fun, I have done it like 5 times. Almost every time I got Alpha!
ALPHA (24561)
149 days ago
dove (62844)
154 days ago
\i got lucky
Lucky (29153)
170 days ago
I got 70% lucky :D
Kylee (58407)
192 days ago
I'm lucky yay
Alpha (00210)
192 days ago
I got 100 o/o ALPHA YAY and i got 80 o/o Blade!
Wish I was sweet (62186)
203 days ago
I think I’m like sweet but it said Lucky it looks like everyone got lucky though lol rigged
Lucky (51964)
205 days ago
60% Lucky! But there is no way I could be a lone dog. I was not expecting this.