What's Your Gender Identity?

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Gender can be a really confusing thing to try to figure out. Of the possibilities cisgender, transgender, genderfluid and agender, which are ypu? This quiz can help you figure it out. Try it out right now! And remember, there is no right or wrong result - whatever you get is great and perfect, just like you.:-)

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    What's your ideal hair length?

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18 hours ago
I think im trans but im not sure if it's a phase or not
20 hours ago
My stepdad almost killed me when my mom told him i like girls, if I tell him I'm Genderfluid, I'm scared what he'll do, one day om the tv there was a man who abused his trans-son and he said he understands that guy and he would maybe do the same, my mom laughted, but I know it wasn't a joke...
3 days ago
I’m confused on what I am i think I’m pansexual but idrk
3 days ago
I am happy (I think) Right now I identify as a girl but I don't think I am a girl. I got 60% agender, which is what I am trying to decide if I'm agender or if this is just a phase. I really like the idea of they/them/their pronouns but I don't know if that makes me non-binary?!! someone please help me, I feel I'm gonna burst!
6 days ago
Well, i was born a female, but i always tended to the masculine side, i gave myself a new name that i felt comfortable with “shane”, and i identified as non-binary, but i was always confused, what if i am a guy? How could i be sure? I mean i always pictured myself as a father and not as a mother, in my dreams i was always a guy. I’m very confused, and i know that if i’m a guy, i could never be one, because it’s just so hard to be trans in my very homophobic country, and my family would never understand. Idk what to do and who to be...
6 days ago
So, I got male/agender first time I took this and female/agender the second time. I wouldn’t call this the most helpful quiz in my experience.
6 days ago
i'm taking quizzes like this because im super confused about my gender identity, but i got a completely even split between cis female, genderfluid, and agender, and it's not helping me figure any of this out ://
8 days ago
Im a Demi girl And a lesbian And i know it i just Took this test for Fun lol
8 days ago
-hid (sorry , pressed theme wrong button) and to confusion. It's nosurprise to me that I end up Agender. A problem with having a supportive , transphobic mum :) . Listen, don't let your mother get in the way of anything (or your father) you are who you are and we support that 💕💕💕💕💕pridee
8 days ago
I've always been a part of LGBTQ for as long as I remember . I've changed sexuality from, bi, les, bi, les and now Pan. (Minus the male part, I don't even know why) . My gender has always kept changing. From female, to male, toGenderfl
8 days ago
I literally got 100% male and my dysphoria went out the door
9 days ago
i have always identified as agender and i have always know that is who i was. but i have been having a lot of doubts and i took this test along with several others and i keep getting agender. i think quarantine is getting to my head...
9 days ago
I think I'm genderfluid but im not 100% sure, I got genderfluid on this test and i keep getting genderfluid on every test I take. I feel like I shift between female and no gender, but I don't know if that counts as genderfluid or not (but I think it does though) . I keep thinking though maybe I'm nonbinary and honestly I'm so confused about what I feel. Sometimes I feel like a boy but that's only very rarely and sometimes I feel like I'm just a girl, but other times I feel like I dont fit either and its really confusing me . I think I'm genderfluid but i still dont know,please help meee lol
Sorry if this was long btw
9 days ago
I just took the quiz out of boredom but I never rlly understood that importance of gender lol I got agender and it makes sense to me. I didn't even know that this was a thing
9 days ago
I got 60% genderfluid which is cool because I am :p
11 days ago
I'm genderfluidddddddd - I already knew I was bisexual after figuring out that a year ago however I wanted to find out my gender as that has always been a question due to me dressing girly one day and tomboy the next. I know tests are not always right and you do need to find out on your own however this has helped me find out what gender I am.
12 days ago
Can't everyone have no gender and it's as simple as💗vegan or nah (I hate genders, problely because I'm non-binary)
13 days ago
My name is gender neutral. And I feel like both male and female. What should I do?😵
14 days ago
Ur genders are all nerd.
15 days ago
i got 50% agender.. its kind of true cuase im a demigirl