What's Your Gender Identity?

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Gender can be a really confusing thing to figure out. Are you cisgender, transgender, genderfluid or agender? This quiz can help you discover your true gender identity. Try it out right now!

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    What's your ideal hair length?

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2 hours ago
I got agender and i think that i am agender but im not really sure yet i have been thinking about this for a while now and i still dont know.
2 days ago
2 days ago
For 50%, I got male. Awesome, though I still don't know my identity. Still questioning at the moment.
2 days ago
80% genderfluid... so that's fun
7 days ago
I got 50% gender fluid.... huh....better pack my bags my parents are so kicking me out for this :’D
8 days ago
So I got 40% gender fluid... no I am questioning everything. Sometimes I feel like I’m a boy and want a flat chest but then other times I feel ok with my chest and lime to wear makeup. Then other times I don’t like being either... so I guess I just figured it out😊
9 days ago
well i got genderfluid or agender, i also took another test and i got cis male, i was born a girl. i dont know how my family is gonna feel about this but i know they probably dont like a lot of things about me, im also pansexual. im only 13 so my parents are calling it a faze which i really hate that they say that. i have only came out to close friends and my younger sister. my parents always ask me if im gay and why i dress like a guy. my moms more supportive of it, but my dad is another story. im going through a lot at the moment and it hurts me that i dont even feel welcomed in my dads house im already being replaced by his "new" family. they all act like everything is okay. i have a lot of mental problems like adhd, anxiety, depression, and i have really bad anger issues, it doesnt help when your whole life is a living hell. started off as a living hell and it still is one. you probably didnt wanna here me complain, but you read this so thats your fault.
10 days ago
This thing doesn’t give me an option to like my name
15 days ago
Well it says im %40 trans %40 genderfluid but im AFAB ehmm its ok tho i go with genderfluid
17 days ago
This is so true.I knowed from first time.XD
17 days ago
I hate this last questions. Like obviously I’m gonna answer that I’m figuring it out (if that was the option I can’t remember exactly) that’s why I taking this fricking quiz in the first place goddammit
18 days ago
says i think i should be a boy but i-
19 days ago
30% male, 30% Genderfluid, and 30% agender. Yup lol, I’m Genderfluid, and go by he/him so... hey!
20 days ago
I just got 50% agender. I think I'm somtimes agender and sometimes a girl.
20 days ago
I got 40% agender, but I feel that nonbinary is a better fit
Agender: you don't identify as a gender
NonBinary: you are neither and/or in the middle between male and female
similar..but not the same
22 days ago
30% bona-fide boy, 30% genderfluid, 30% agender. Honestly sounds about right.
23 days ago
I got 60% genderfluid. I identify as genderfluid, but I’m never sure. Atm I’m struggling cuz I feel like a boy more than a girl and I’m a curvy female who has a big chest and I HATE IT! I feel like I’m the only female who wants to be skinny and flat and not curvy.
25 days ago
I'm not sure. Sometimes I want to have boy parts and be a boy and think of what it's like, but I'm like a feminine tomboy?? Like I love makeup and looking nice. Like I'm a futch. I'm 14 female btw.
25 days ago
I’ve been taking a lot of websites different test and one gave me girl, one gave me boy and one gave me bi gendered! I just want to know what I am!
27 days ago
it said i was a bona-fide boy yet i dont want male bits but i feel male so it got half right!!