What's Your Gender Identity?

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Gender can be a really confusing thing to figure out. Are you cisgender, transgender, genderfluid or agender? This quiz can help you discover your true gender identity. Try it out right now!

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7 hours ago
Not really helpful lol, I came to see if I was Nb or a guy, and I'm both??? Wat.,
8 hours ago
I got 60% gender fluid I don't really like being called they them. I prefer being either called he or she it doesn't really matter to me. It's whatever people see me as.
21 hours ago
What? 30% 30% and 30%? I’m still confused...
3 days ago
Ready for your result? You are a bona-fide boy! Whether you were born with a 💗 or not, you definitely think you should have one. You might not be the most manly male, but you're a male, nonetheless.
Well my family is very against the lgbt community so frick.
3 days ago
I got 80% gender fluid I mean i geuss I am I don’t really care what people call me🤨🤷🏽‍♀️
3 days ago
60% male. Not the manliest man lol well yeah that makes sense. I had a feeling I already knew but thanks for the confirmation!! 😆😆Yeet
3 days ago
40% agender tHaTs A tHiNg?!? Also I was stressing over I don’t want to be a guy or girl before I got my results I thought why can’t I be my own gender?? Idk I’m still young and stuff but yeah...
4 days ago
I feel like you should have a disclaimer on this somewhere, because a simple ten question quiz shouldn’t really be saying SO MUCH about someone. A do feel gender-fluid, as my result stated, but that doesn’t %100 of the people taking this test will as well. Enter here your text you want to format
5 days ago
I got 60% agender! That feels very fitting to be honest as i don't feel female but don't feel male either.
7 days ago
I got agender am I a boy or not I’m confused now I want to tell my friends if I’m a boy or agender pls helps
7 days ago
So I got 50% genderfluid and I think it's true but i also might be agender but idk I'm still trying to figure this out
7 days ago
i got 40% but i didnt get told what the other 60% is plese help and they didnt have yellow as an option for fave colour:((((((((
8 days ago
40% agender, 40% gender fluid. Cool, that seems fitting. I gotta comment on one of the questions though. The question asks how you feel about your name, and all of the options suggest that you want it to be something else in one way or another (more masculine, more feminine, etc.). Why isn’t there an answer for just liking your own name?
8 days ago
So I got gender-fluid and agender which is nice because I feel like it's true.
10 days ago
I got agender and that kinda makes me happy but I know people are always going to use my birth name even if I change it and I dont know exactly what my real gender is because I dont want to be a boy or a girl but also dont wanna be labeled a special snowflake for changing my gender sorry but AAAAAAAAAA
10 days ago
I got agender. Well I expected that lmao ^^
11 days ago
So, I got %50 boy but i'm genderfluid and more girly (because i'm biologicaly female) so i'm kinda confused. But whatever.
11 days ago
i took this test a while ago and got agender which made me smile and i re did it again today and i’m confused i’m i agender i’m confused
12 days ago
I was born a boy, and i feel comfortable being a boy, and i feel uncomfortable with feminine expression, and i'm questioning being a demiboy. The 50% boy would make sense, but i don't know what the rest would be.
13 days ago
So, for 50% I am agender, which I agree with as I am neutral most of the time, but I sometimes feel more feminine or masculine. I also feel very uncomfortable with myself biologically (female). Does this make me fluid, agender or trans..? I have spoken to someone and they say I just want to put myself in a box, and to let myself have some freedom, but honestly I just want to know, to identify as something.