What's Your Gender Identity?

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Gender can be a really confusing thing to figure out. Are you cisgender, transgender, genderfluid or agender? This quiz can help you discover your true gender identity. Try it out right now!

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I'm still figuring out my gender (Biologically female) I got the results bona-fide boy this actually put a smile on my face which "confuses" me even more I feel comfortable with the result although the quiz isn't accurate ( I also got agender I don't particularly relate ) 40%-40%
Agender. I’ve been really confused about my gender tbh
3 days ago
huh idk I took this test twice and the first time it told me 40% girl (which I currently identify as) and 40% gender fluid (which maybe makes sense I'm still figuring it out sknskm) and the second time I got 50% gender fluid now I'm questioning even more oh god and I think I answered the same things both times? Idk man
3 days ago
It says 40% agender for me..
4 days ago
I got 40% girl (what I identify as now) and 40% gender fluid

I think that's pretty accurate sometimes I feel like a they them sometimes she her
5 days ago
Agender, currently pretty confused about my gender identity
5 days ago
Sup, I got 40% male, 40% agender. My💗is female.
7 days ago
Agender, makes sense i don‘t give a 💗 about my gender but i don‘t care if i‘m in a boy or girl body either
8 days ago
i got a boy..IM A FEMALE! but i am a tomboy
8 days ago
I got a boy! Fits!!! I'd recommend this quiz!:-D :-D :-D :-D
9 days ago
Pure evil.
11 days ago
Agender makes sense I think, since I'm fine with being called whatever (he, she, them) tho I don't know much about gender identities so I may be understanding it wrong
14 days ago
Well then, guess that settles it. I've heard a lot of people say this quiz was super accurate, and a lot of my life would make sense being a trans girl. fuc
16 days ago
Genderfluid. Huh, that makes sense. This does seems like a fairly accurate quiz, as I currently identify as a(closeted) genderfluid.
17 days ago
Agender, makes a lot of sense for me. You should love who you are because it's your decision and no one else's on who you love or what you identify as. I know it can be difficult and confusing but don't worry,you'll find yourself eventually. If your family and friends truly love and care for you, they'll support you even if they don't understand it.
17 days ago
Hiiiii. I have no idea. I don’t feel safe being a female, and hate all my health classes because I’m ashamed to be there. I rather just stay by myself. I don’t want to be a guy though. I feel like I want something to do with them but I don’t want something to do with them. AHHH. I don’t know anymore honestly....
20 days ago
HELP!! IM SO CONFUSED, I NEED MAJOR HELLP, Im 14....should I have this figured out by now???
I am soooo lost
20 days ago
Genderfluid :p yup! Makes sense
22 days ago
I got a gender! Correct I’m a closested non-binary
24 days ago
80% boy,