What's Your Gender Identity?

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Gender can be a really confusing thing to figure out. Are you cisgender, transgender, genderfluid or agender? This quiz can help you discover your true gender identity. Try it out right now!

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    What's your ideal hair length?
    What's your ideal hair length?

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6 hours ago
I'm 50/50. I feel so weird!😣
3 days ago
This quiz is the dumbest thing I-
7 days ago
Idk why I took this quiz but yeah I'm 70% female..
9 days ago
I am a TOMBOY, not a frekin boy!!!! 💗????
15 days ago
This quiz didn't make sense to me and asked questions that made me uncomfortable.
17 days ago
This quiz is so bad, I got 40% gender fluid when I'm femmy enby. What's the other 60%???
17 days ago
Not that being AFAB mattered in this context. My b.
17 days ago
I'm AFAB and I got 40% a boy. What is the other 60%? Lol.
18 days ago
well i am biologically a girl and most of my life i was well not really girls and not really boyish ether now I'm 13 and throughout the past 2 years i hace been dressing us boys close and girls close but not in a masculine or feminine wat but more like nether and both at the same time but the problem is i tried so so so hard to label myself At one (short) point in time i came out as trans boy as previously xame out as lesbian and well saying i alwas a boy just did not feel right at all so then i triedgenderf-fluid but once again it just was not me so now I'm stuck my mom says "it's ok to just be a girl" but I'm not, it doesn't feel right to just be a
girl this test said i was 50% Agender and that doesn't feel wrong but i really need a friend to help me through this all of this is just so new to me i wish i had a friend to help me.
19 days ago
I’m biologically a female, and I have always felt really feminine until maybe a year/a year and a half ago. Since then, I have been dressing in more clothing that fits in the “masculine” group of clothes. I’m thirteen now, and in the middle of puberty, and I don’t know if I’m just a girl, I guess? I am pretty sure that I’m not trans, as I have spurts where I do feel really fem and like a girl, but I don’t feel completely like a guy either. Maybe I’m gender fluid? I really don’t know.
23 days ago
*response to "help please"*
Hello, I too am biologically a female and I grew up feeling uncomfortable with my long hair and womanly body. I felt uncomfortable in most feminine clothes, and the clothes that I do choose are pretty neutral. I am very picky with my clothing, but as time went on, I started choosing clothes that I felt comfortable in and good in, but once I stepped outside the door I would feel uncomfortable because I don't look like any of the other girls or boys!! One day I decided enough was enough, and I cut my hair super short, it's been like this for over 5 years now. I don't think hair or clothing necessarily define masculinity or femininity, but it can define how you feel walking out the door. I've received very positive and negative feedback from many people, but I feel good about MYSELF and that's what matters. Don't be afraid to go against the status quo, or feel the need to put yourself in a box. If you feel like wearing a dress one day and then a baggy shirt the next day, that is okay. There are no rules when it comes to gender, I would suggest exploring the different "male " and "female" traits that you hold and bringing each to the surface as situations arise. If you feel more masculine than go for it, you are not losing any of your identity by changing up your style. Hope this helps!
25 days ago
thank you for anyone who wants to help me. I'm biologically a female but I've been feeling uncomfortable being a girl in general and I feel insecure about my long hair, voice, breast, hips, and my height (very short for my age). I love the idea of being a boy and I've been feeling like this for about 2-3 years now. I think it's just a phase that's bothering me but i don't know what to do, I keep having mental breakdowns because of my hair and voice mainly and I long to cut my hair off. I love the idea of being a male but I still have some form of feminine side to me. the quiz says that my answers weren't clear so they were tied on being a guy or genderfluid. Should I give it more time to figure myself out, is it just a phase, what do I do? Sorry-
26 days ago
Agender, I agree with that wholeheartedly. I recently had a revelation over the span of 3 years (hecc I wish I had known I wasn’t cis from the start ack) where I thought I was transgender, ftm. (I’m physically female, but....) But I realized I had been suppressing my feminine side (if ur questioning ur gender u should def let both sides (or none all all) shine through! Will be much clearer lol) I finally realized that I was Agender/Non-binary. I’m just m e! And that's cool. :)
26 days ago
I'm sure I'm non-binary it said I'm gender fluid but I don't feel like I even have a gender.
27 days ago
I got 50% Agender
I think it is correct but I am not sure
30 days ago
I'm a girl...I don't know what I should do =[ I feel like I can't tell anyone.
31 days ago
i got 60% gender fluid, i knew i was. but like what where's the other 40% my dude?
32 days ago
So it says 40% bona-fide boy and 40% bona-fide girl, what happened to my other 20%?
33 days ago
I got agender. I'm nonbinary, so it's basically correct. I'm currently in the process of changing my name.
35 days ago
Yeah, this is right
I am (from birth) a girl
It said I am a bona-fide girl
I am a Tomboy
I don't really have a favorite color
I don't mind dresses but I do mind skirts
It said I'm not really feminine so proof i'm a tomboy
and I am proud to be me