What's Your Gender Identity?

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Gender can be a really confusing thing to try to figure out. Of the possibilities cisgender, transgender, genderfluid and agender, which are ypu? This quiz can help you figure it out. Try it out right now! And remember, there is no right or wrong result - whatever you get is great and perfect, just like you.:-)

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    What's your ideal hair length?
    What's your ideal hair length?

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2 days ago
my preferred name is Jay and my mom says she’s gonna call me jayjay
4 days ago
another thing to complain about, i like my name and none of the options on question 9 are "i like my name"
4 days ago
stuck on question 8, i never celebrated halloween
think of the people who don't have certain traditions smh
4 days ago
for 50% i'm agender
what about the other 50 💗 percent?
4 days ago
i got agender but honestly i feel different
5 days ago
I got gender-fluid well technically they’re not wrong but I’m demiandrogyn(demigender)so I’m fine with my results
6 days ago
I got agender, but I just don't care about gender, so I guess that's right?? Like, whatever people refer to me as, I don't get any dsyphoria or anything... but this quiz was based off of gender norms, and just "ugh" stuff, and I don't know how much that is gender, actually.
8 days ago
I have recently been thinking about my gender identity. For most of my life I sometimes feel like a boy and sometimes feel like a girl. It fluctuates and now I’m getting to the stage where I actually feel neither female or male. I don’t exactly have support if I am Agender because “it’s not a gender” according to my family. This quiz gave me Agender and I think that’s what I want to be.
9 days ago
I got 50% female, what happened to the other 50%? This just made me even more confusede 😑
9 days ago
I got 50% genderfluid.....wheres the other 50%?
10 days ago
it said i was 100% agender which I was debating if i was a nonbinary or agender and I feel better about being agender YEEET
12 days ago
Hi, just a quick reminder you’re a boy
12 days ago
I'm a demigirl so it was a bit tricky to answer some questions. the percentages fluctuate a lot but I'm always a girl, agender and a demigirl in short. but I got genderfluid and being even partly boy is my biggest nightmare lol.
12 days ago
Hi I'm Crazymadison and I care a lot about everyone on this website! So I would like to share this with you: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1596006915/Helplines-and-links-to-help-you

It's something that I wrote. It's got links to helplines and websites to raise awareness and to help you. It includes helplines for lots of things including suicide, abuse, PTSD, and racism. I would be very happy if you could take some time to copy and paste the link and read through. It won't take too long! And please comment on it, it will mean so much to me!

Also please could you share the links to anyone who needs them. I know that there are lots of people struggling so I want to help as much as I can!
13 days ago
It said I'm 40% genderfluid. What about the other 60%?
13 days ago
Im transgender I just took this test for fun, even tho I don't have the surgery I still identify with He/Him prounouns or They/them. This test was fun to take even tho I already knew so, great job to whoever made this! I may show this to my friend who's confused😊
Again great job 👍
13 days ago
I'm bigender not genderfluid ._.

My pronouns change a lot, I go between femenine and masculine BUT my gender always stays bigender. My genderfluid friend goes between male and female and non binary genders and identifies as them for that short while, and identifies as genderfluid. FACTS.
14 days ago
I'm confused now because I got "bona-fide boy" and I took another one of these quizzes exactly like this one saying I'm non-binary and I identify with both but I don't know a word for that I like non-binary and transman but no other words feel like they fit and also I found out I'm demisexual and I also feel grey ace I guess but I'm not sure if I can be both
15 days ago
My dad calls me son. My sister calls me brother. My oldest cousin says my socks stand up on their own? Im a girl not a boy im not a mix and this test needs to be better.
15 days ago
Well duh im myself. Who else would i be? Ik im a girl that does alot of things like a boy.