Is your warrior cat a Mary Sue?

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Here you can see if your cat is a Mary-Sue or not.

  • 1
    What is your cat?
  • 2
    If your cat is a clan-cat, what is his/her rank? (If your cat is a kit/apprentice, choose what they will be when they are older. If your cat is an elder, choose what he was when he was younger.)
  • 3
    If your cat is a tribe cat, what is his/her rank? (If your cat is a kit/to-be, choose what they will be when they are older. If your cat is an elder, choose what he was when he was younger.)
  • 4
    What personality is your cat?
  • 5
    What type is your cat?
  • 6
    What is your cat's main trait?
  • 7
    What is your cat's history?
  • 8
    What things are unusual in your cat?
  • 9
    What is the same/similar between you and your cat?
  • 10
    Rate this quiz 1-5.

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Battered Pelt (85846)
25 days ago
Battered pelt is a good oc ( i got a anti- sue in the last test and a good oc in all my others )

Names:Bat-kit,Battered, Battered Pelt.
Good personality traits:Kind,Gental,smart
Bad personalit traits:Weak,breaks rules to follow her instinct,Clumsy
Fur:Torn Brown cout with light brown underbelly and dark brown stripes
Eyes: Hazy green eyes
Age:120 Moons
Death ( has not died yet ):Drowned saving kits in a flood
Clan:River clan
Close Friends:Chester (death by Sickness) ,Nutmeg (Death by badger), Misty sky ( will die of old age), Silver Petal (Killed by Lizard Star)
Backstory: When Battered pelt was a kit (bat-kit) she was swept far away from the clans in a flood.Chester, who was a tom who lived near the river discovered her swept onto the shore- fur torn and battered.Chester took care of her until he died from green cough when Bat-kit ( who had changed her name to battered) was 20 moons old.She wandered around until coming apon an abandonded barn filled with mice,and decided to live there.The barn was a good home for battered beacause she was not the best hunter. At the barn she met her closest friend,Nutmeg.Nutmeg was a kittypet who lived in a house near the barn,which towered above a few pine tree's in the house's lawn.Battered grew older living peacfully in the barn, visiting Nutmeg happily listing to the rumors of cats in the forest.One day nutmeg woke Battered frantically, yowling that their was a fire in the forest, and that we had to see if the 'wild cats' were ok.Battered yawned and sighed, nothing could stop nutmeg from going to the forest - and battered new that and decided to follow her. To battered's suprise their actually were 'wild cats' in the forest- Thunderclan to be precise.Thunderclan was struggling to get everyone out of their burning camp, and without saying a word battered and nutmeg helped them - carrying mewling - ash covered kits and supporting hacking elders.Once everyone reached the river, the thunderclan leader Morning star thanked them and started to help her clanmates cross the river.Some time passes and Nutmeg had found a mate and was staying with battered at the barn because her twolegs had moved off without her.Mice were short that year and the know 60 moon old battered pelt had to go out onto clan territor to find enough food for the two of them.after many cold days of hunting, once day she went out and hunted a large- snow white rabbit.however, when she returned she saw a horrible sight.Blood stains covered the barn and a large badger heaved over the body of Nutmeg.Insticts took over and battered lundged at the beast.she yowled and scratched it - fury and sadness controlling her body. soon the badger shook battered off and charged at her , this time battered ran for the forest - hopings that she would never have to smell the scent of badger again.After a while living in thunderclan's territory - hiding in the trees , hiding her scent by roling in the mud , Battered was found on sunning rocks by Silver petal, a river clan medicene cat.Kindly, silver petal offered for battered to stay with riverclan as an elder.Battered pelt nodded and the two lived in riverclan as friends for a long while.One year dogs were Plentiful, and everyone was on edge for an attack. then the attack came at the worst possible time, the gathering.Elders and apps, leaders and deputies, medicene cats and warriors all fought off the dogs.The leader of riverclan, lizard star saw a oppertunity.Lizard star had a grudge against Silver petal for not being able to save his mother when she devoloped Green cough, and he wanted revenge.While everyone was fighting off dogs lizard star killed silver petal in the chaos.the only person to witness it was battered pelt.Not wanting to be discovered lizard star lundged at battered pelt his claws sinking into her left eye- blurring her vision.Battered pelt clumsely kicked him off.she may have been a elder, but she still knew how to fight. as battered pelt got ready for the next attack, a dog lundged at her. she clawed the dogs belly and it lept off her. after the dogs were deafeated, she was exiled from river clan by lizard star- everyone was curios to why- but liard star would not tell.Many more moons battered lived as a rouge- Until finnaly lizard star died, and the new leader Carp star invited battered back in.Battered shared the elders den with Misty sky- one of the few cats who was alive when silver petal was.Many more moons would pass with them being freind.
good girl (05139)
31 days ago
im so bored this is a waist of time
Whitefeather (71207)
43 days ago
Yay! Whitestar's a good OC!

Name: Whitefeather (Star)
Gender: She-cat
Personality (Good traits): Calm, understanding, gentle, smart, courageous.
Personality (Bad traits): Self-conscious, nervous, over-emotional.
Fur: Bright, pure-white, thick coat.
Eyes: Bright green eyes.
Death: Killed by Ratfang (Dark Forest cat)
Clan: ThunderClan
Lord Frieza (33296)
64 days ago
This was I nice quiz!
My oc:
DewStar- A white she cat with Green-Gray eyes she has light gray dapples and long fur. She has a 1 sister, and 2 brothers
Sister: Fireleap (Orange and white)
Brother #1: NightPool (Black Cat and white)
Brother #2: DarkStep (Dark Brown and black)
Cometsoul (88314)
73 days ago
borderline mary-sue? this was a great quiz, but i disagree. I rechecked my answers and after years of character creating, most of my answers don't really apply to the definition f a mary sue,
Either way, this was a fun quiz! thank you!

Cometsoul feels offended being called a mary sue, he punches asteroidfur

Morningpath (44164)
74 days ago
Yay! Morningpath isn't a marysue! Sometimes I feel like she is so it's good to take some tests like this to make sure!
Morningpath is an orange tabby with Amber eyes. She's an elder now, but was a warrior/queen. Some say she's kind, though a lot of times she'd rather be alone.
Night'star (15346)
92 days ago
Wow. I guess Night'star is a border Mary Sue? I don't see anything wrong with her. She's like a normal everyday leader...
Hollywhisker (23025)
93 days ago
Yeet! Not a Mary-Sue.
Here's a description of Hollywhisker. If any of you think that she is a Mary-Sue, feel free to tell me.
Hollywhisker is a medium-sized black sleek-furred she-cat with slightly lighter grey-ish black tabby markings. She has very long whiskers and red-ish orange eyes.
She is very calm and quiet but a fierce fighter. Although she doesn't talk much, when she does she always states her opinion no matter how mean it is, which has gotten her into trouble a lot of times. Her clan, GorgeClan falsly accused her of killing her apprentice Lakepaw and got her exiled. Her brother Maplestrike chose to go with her so she would be safer. After about a moon of wandering around the forest as rogues, they met a loner, Talonwind. His mother was an exiled GorgeClan cat too so she gave him a Warrior name, but he was still a loner. Hollywhisker and Talonwind soon became close friends, and later inseperable mates.
Stormblaze (95332)
110 days ago
Ummm, Fernshine is that a joke?
Fernshine (57914)
115 days ago
Fernshine,my oc,Is not a Mary sue!!!
She is leader of Starclan and hates this quiz!!!
Ripplecry121 (57914)
121 days ago
Also Wolfstar,Can you give me a bio for Wolfstar so I can see if she is?
Ripplecry121 (57914)
121 days ago

I did my OC Ripplecry and got perfect results
Wolfstar (25688)
122 days ago
I am Wolfstar of clawclan a non mary sue
Wolf star (41011)
132 days ago
WHAT?! Wolf star isn't a Mary Sue!
Snow (60773)
247 days ago
Hey!! This said my cat was a "Mary-Sue". Though there is no single Mary-Sueish thing about her. Maybe it's her history, but it's sort of the same I've been through myself. Please clear this out.