Am I Lesbian

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This is for tweens and teens that are uncertain

  • 1
    You walk into Math class and the hottest guy and girl are both asking you to sit with them, who do you sit with?
  • 2
    My whole life I have felt
  • 3
    A boy asks you to blow him at 8:00 and a girl asks you to eat her out at 8:15, who do you do

  • 4
    You're in your room with your best friend for as long as you can remember. she takes off her shirt and acts like you can't see but you know she knows you can, what do you do
  • 5
    A guy asks you out what do you say
  • 6
    You're coming out to your friends and family about your sexuality, you would say you are...

  • 7
    I was looking something up on google and a naked lady showed up what do you do
  • 8
    Throughout school your crush was on...
  • 9
    I think Ive been straight my whole life but from taking this quiz my perspective is changing, I think Im
  • 10
    If a random stranger asked me I would say I am

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