Should I Come Out To My Parents?

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This test is to help people decide whether it's the right time to come out as gay, lesbian, bi, pan, trans, etc., to their parents. If you've been wondering if you should, take the quiz now and find out!

  • 1
    When gay marriage was legalized in the U.S., your parent(s):
  • 2
    Is your parents' religion against homosexuality, transgenders, etc?
  • 3
    Let's say you have a friend named Sam who is queer/trans. You're going to go to a party where Sam will also be and need your parent(s) permission to go. When you ask them, they say:
    Let's say you have a friend named Sam who is queer/trans. You're going to go to a party where Sam will also be and need your parent(s) permi
  • 4
    A same-sex couple are kissing on TV. Your parent(s):
  • 5
    Do your parent(s) have queer, homosexual, trans, etc., friends?
  • 6
    Do your parent(s) support Westboro Baptist Church?
  • 7
    How old are you?
  • 8
    How long have you known you're queer/trans/bisexual, etc?
  • 9
    Why did you take this test?
  • 10
    Are your parent(s) in a same-sex relationship or transgender/queer/agender, etc?

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13 days ago
9 yr old bi here. My parents know i'm bi. My sister's bi too, but honestly i'm leaning more towards straight...?
19 days ago
'or wait until you are 18'' ...... That was my plan since day 1.......Like no duh
62 days ago
Heads up: My parents love me very much! Do not take this the wrong way! So, um, I'm bi. My parents are VERY homophobic as homosexuality goes against our religion. I'm not against it too much (though I want to be faithful to my religion). About six months ago I had an extreme crush on a girl (I am female). For a month or two I completely denied it since I know that my family and religion are against such things. I know that I can never satisfy my desire for a relationship with a girl without turning away from my family and what I believe in. I love my family very, very much and I don't think I can come out to them right now. I have told my best friends, Josh and Aubrey. Aubrey is supportive and Josh is accepting. Love them! I may tell my Aunt, since I know that she is extremely accepting of me and all that I am. Have to say, SO MANY GIRLS ARE CUTE AF! ...Haha sorry I never get to say that 😜 Anyway, I'm just going to remain closeted to my family until I'm eighteen, just in case they react more harshly than I currently expect. Oh, how could I forget? Fyi I'm nearly fifteen. So, not as young as some still trying to come to terms with their sexuality. Thanks for reading! I mainly wrote this out to get my thoughts in order 💗💜💙 P.S. For those of you who know that I'm probably hinting at my sexuality, yes, I dress like I'm bi 😂I'm also constantly wearing a rainbow loom bi flag colored bracelet (sometimes as an anklet lol)
66 days ago
I am not even a teenager yet but I’ve been in my first relationship for a couple of months now. I
Btw I am gay, so my relationship is with a girl. I’m worried though, because my mum might get angry if she misses out on my first ever relationship, but I’m not sure if she would understand, because I think being twelve and lesbian to her would seen as, ‘ just a phase ‘. So, please, I really need some advice, what should I do?
104 days ago
If i do it when im like,15 they would get upset but wouldn't yell,but im 10 -.- and i kno my crush is a girl,she isn't a boi
108 days ago
Idk, what does it mean to be bi-curious? I can't tell my parents, because, they're not going to hat me and abuse me or disown me, but I would have a lot of "heart to hearts" about it. They're christian, but my close friend is christian an bi, and when I told them they said that's a shame. idk.
116 days ago
i support everyone just do you
119 days ago
I have been hiding it for about 4 years. Idgaf what they say. I am who i am and thats all that matters. BE YOURSELF
127 days ago
I’m so scared to come out to my parents because they are Christian and homophobic and all of my friends don’t support lgbtq+ either .I had this crush on a girl and I told her that I liked her but she was kind of liking another girl at the same time, but she said she would date me, but I moved on and now I just really want a gf cause I didn’t want to wait for her.
131 days ago
I'm just scared af to come out
134 days ago
13 in 8th grade and i am pan

At first i thought i was bi but when i got a better understanding about pan sexuality i was like that is who i amuwu
137 days ago
I'm still scared AF to come out😬
150 days ago
Im still scared as 💗 tho and cant change that
156 days ago
my parents are cool with lgbtq+ stuff but i feel like they’ll just see me as a whole different person and refer to me as their “lesbian daughter” if i tell them that i’m lesbian. they have a few friends who are gay and we took them on our boat one day and she called it the “big gay cruise”. i want to come out but i’m afraid that it will damage our relationship and they will see me as just a lesbian and not actually for who i am and my personality.
163 days ago
I kinda want to wait until

A) I get a gf and can tell my parents that I'm dating someone and then tell them or

B) maybe after I move out in like 5 years. It seems like a long time but I dont want to risk it
163 days ago
I'm 13 going into 8th grade bit I realised I wasnt just bi this summer so im counting that as 8th grade year
163 days ago
Ok so I'm lesbian and I told my friends that I was bi cuz one of my friends is religious so I didnt want her to feel extremely uncomfortable. She kinda told me it's ok as long as I COULD posskbly be with a guy but I'm gay and I'm going to tell my parents soon. I go to a Christian school my parents r ok with it however my mom is catholic and her parents don't approve. My aunt is lesbian as well so I have a good family. I recently told my crush i liked her but she didnt like me back but were still friends. Just wanted to share my experience.

Me back when I was figuring myself out

Me in 6th grade: I guess I'm straight I haven't really liked any guys tho (because I told people i did cuz they thought we would "look good" together spoiler alert i lied)

Me 7th grade: *gets crush on girl* I guess I'm bi (still hasn't had a crush on a guy)

Me on 8th grade: ha who am I kidding I'm gay af and i got the buzzfeed tests to prove it (i had had like 4 more girl crushes and no guy lol)
177 days ago
One problem I have is that my friends all have come out and there parents are learning to or already supporting them but my parents are different my mom said that if I turned out to not be heterosexual or have a different gender she would just be scared on how the world would treat me...but my dad is very homophobic and it’s very hard cause of that (but when is it ever easy like that) so I’m the odd one out in my friends and sometimes they forget that I’m closeted and tell their friends about me being trans which can cause some issues and lots of problems which puts me under a lot of stress causing me to become more sad and mad that some time I would cry silently at night or go to sleep at 5:00 am then wake up only two hours later but I couldn’t sleep cause of anxiety filling my mind and even consider suicide and I hate it all I can hope is that is will be better soon but writing this made me feel better
184 days ago
I told my mom that im gay but I'm not sure about my dad ?
213 days ago
Ok so I'm scared because I know my mom will except it but my dad I'm not so sure so what do I do?