Am I A Sadist, Or A Masochist?

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Are you a sadist who'd do the Marquis himself proud? Or are you a masochist who craves all the pain you can get? This is very important to know, especially when you're an otaku.

  • 1
    Do you cry when watching sad movies/anime/TV series or when reading a book?
  • 2
    Do you torture others?
    Do you torture others?
  • 3
    Do you cry a lot?
  • 4
    Do you have sadist friends?
  • 5
    What kind of story ending do you like?
  • 6
    Do you like seeing blood?
  • 7
    What type of person is your "type"?
  • 8
    What do you like to do on your own time?
  • 9
    What do you usually do to your friends?
  • 10
    Do you think being a sadist is right?

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Comments (84)


8 days ago
i took this test 10 times and hot 50 50 every one of them
11 days ago
I’m 90 •\• sadist it’s true I do like watching people suffer no idea why though 😐
61 days ago
It says 40 on both where’s the other 20%
87 days ago
Quiz doesn't seems right on evaluation, not properly designed to identify personalities.
101 days ago
Seeking a female play partner for 💗,crossdressing fun
107 days ago
Yuhuuuuuu i'm normal 50:50😂😂😂
159 days ago
This make Sadists seem really evil and masochists seem happy do lucky. Ok to put one thing straight I’m a Sadist and I have friends who are both sadists and masochists, I have a sweet sadistic friend who likes hitting ppl but nothing else and I have a seriously evil masochistic friend who happens to protect most of my friend group in cluedinf me cos I can’t handle pain like at all give me a weapon and I feel safer but I’m not Crazy like this quiz says Sadists are it’s wrong!!
169 days ago
omg don't glorify sadists like this seriously, it's a personality/behaviour disorder jfc it's not quirky or screaming YESSS when someone's dies.
176 days ago
Let's be real,
You find someone vulnerable enough→your the boss.
Someone insane enough (in the sense of speak)→they're the boss
But, either way it depends on which one drives you he'lla crazy~ to the point were eighter your being physically/mentally hurt
Or your the one doing the hurting
All in all~To fulfil the animalistic crave.... ( Important or not
Thethe info is that there's sane science behind us freakslol 🎀👔.
184 days ago
Like others have said I dont think the person who made this quiz fully understands 💗 or masochism cause they make sadists seem like evil freaks and masochists like happy nice people which being a masochist I know thats wrong. Also if you are a sadist there is nothing wrong with that that goes the same for you masochists. (That might also be because i like being tortured and torturing myself but I personally don’t think being a sadist nor being a masochist is wrong)
184 days ago
I got 70% masochist ummmm seems right not gunna lie (i need help)
185 days ago
Definitely a masochist, I would love to find a sadist.
199 days ago
i am 70% sadist which i think makes sense bc i rly do torture meh frends and the ppl i hate quite often. i dun rly feel bad, unless its actually smth. I do enjoy my own pain as well though...
213 days ago
I got both,I'd like to be a sadist though
215 days ago
This test makes sadists look like monster who like to torture others and make them bleed for pleasure and only care about themselves, it's all wrong.
230 days ago
i have 70% masochist but i feel that i shouldnt trust the test as much as i do now(efuchsia))
232 days ago
I don’t think this test is accurate 50% sadist I’m more of a masochist though I like my pain
235 days ago
I don't think this quiz is accurate. I don't find pleasure hurting myself, so why am I a little bit of masochist
240 days ago
50% Masochist... I'm really a vanilla person tho, I'm not really into any of this stuff and was just curious.
283 days ago
Lmao what- this is so unrealistic