Am I A Sadist, Or A Masochist?

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Are you a sadist who'd do the Marquis de Sade himself proud? Or are you a masochist who craves all the pain the person of your choosing can inflict upon you with your consent? This is very important to know, especially when you're an otaku. Try the test now and see!

  • 1
    Do you cry when watching sad movies/anime/TV series or when reading a book?
  • 2
    Do you torture others?
    Do you torture others?
  • 3
    Do you cry a lot?
  • 4
    Do you have sadist friends?
  • 5
    What kind of story ending do you like?
  • 6
    Do you like seeing blood?
  • 7
    What type of person is your "type"?
  • 8
    What do you like to do on your own time?
  • 9
    What do you usually do to your friends?
  • 10
    Do you think being a sadist is right?

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8 days ago
half and half- explains why i kinda like getting hurt lol
9 days ago
mine said: For 70% you are: Ready to find out whether you're a sadist or a masochist? You're a masochist. You are very soft-hearted and sensitive. I think it would be best for you not to get close to a sadist since you might get tortured by them. You also have masochists as friends, so you most likely are influenced by them. Repeat after me: "I do not deserve to be abused."

i mean, are they wrong?-
12 days ago
Mine said 70%You're most likely a sadist. You like to torture others and you love sadistic things.
Accurate af
13 days ago
I got 80% Masochist, I know it advised me to stay clear of sadists and thank you but I’m pretty sure not all sadists are bad, it’s probably just a fetishise. I am slightly Masochisy though... and I’m kind of used to pain from life now. After getting used to pain, you can hypnotise it into pleasure. Instead of a hurting heart wouldn’t a twisted smile be better. I think trying to protect my family from sadness and taking in all the pain secretly kinda took a toll on me lol, now I’m used to being a secret shield and kinda fine with it.
15 days ago
Repeat after me: "I do not deserve to be abused." 

That's what it said at the end of mine lmao
16 days ago
I'm a masochist, 80% masochist... I don't know why, I just like the feeling of being tortured and the sensation of shivers down my spine makes me amused.
21 days ago
Welp.. I'm neither lol.. But i think I'm more to sadist side.. Cause I hate feeling pain but i do enjoy someone else in pain.. And i think i was crazy to feel so.. Lol.. As long as they do not pissed me off, i will just be a kind and calm girl that public sees... But Its a great feeling tho.. ☺😅
28 days ago
Masochist. Uh. Not to sure how I feel about that. At the end of the masochist one, it says “Repeat after me: I do not deserve to be abused” and I misread it and thought it said, “I deserve to be abused”
35 days ago
I knew it I am a sadist-I can’t help it if I like seeing others in pain!
35 days ago
Sorry for scaring you/giving you nightmares lol sorry🥳(I am Not an adult just saying)bye for reals
35 days ago
I also enjoy Other people’s pain, more in humans not in animals,I often want them to die-last comment(maybe) bye
35 days ago
I got 50 50,Although I don’t think I enjoy pain but I can deal with it I kind of of enjoy it slightly,I also think I’m a little sick in the head,I think I had it at a young age🤷🏽‍♀️Of its late at night bye.
38 days ago
So... Masochist = 😍💗💞💓🥧🥰☺️🤗🤪😇
Sadist: 🖕😡😠🤬😈👿☠️💩😾

I know it's a stupid test, but please, at least make an accurate test not this 💗 l
52 days ago
I'm a sadist meh (ered))
62 days ago
I got sadomasochist it fits.
67 days ago
I'm a sadist, but I don't hurt others. It amuses me to see people get hurt but I don't hurt them myself.
72 days ago
Sadists do NOT find pleasure in the non-consensual pain of others. What is being represented as a 'sadist' in this quiz is an abusive person. Healthy minded sadists find pleasure in giving pain to a masochist who wants it, not in abusing others. Consent is key.
76 days ago
I'm sadomasochistic
116 days ago
i took this test 10 times and hot 50 50 every one of them
120 days ago
I’m 90 •\• sadist it’s true I do like watching people suffer no idea why though 😐