When will MRS.Period come?

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This is a highly recommended quiz by the NHS but it is only for girls unfortunately as males may not experience these changes from a girl to a woman...

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    When did you start puberty?
  • 3
    How big are your boobies?
  • 4
    Do you have any hair down their?
  • 5
    Do you have any hair on your legs/armpits?
  • 6
    Have you had any discharge? White gooey stuff?
  • 7
    Have you had a growth spurt?
  • 8
    Has this quiz helped you!
  • 9
    What weight are you?
  • 10
    What is your bra size? If you don't mind me asking?
  • 11
    When did your sibling/mum start?

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135 days ago
omg i got 36% for 1 year and 36% saying that i should have already started
320 days ago
This is very inacctet I got mine 5 months ago and it said one year
641 days ago
Hi! Can someone help me? It said I have 5-9 months (55%)
I'm almost 14
I am 96lb & 5"1
I wear mainly sports bras (aaa-aa)
I rarely ever have cramps
My breasts are super sore 24/7
I don't have bad acne, just an oily/combination skin type
I have headaches and I'm nauseous a lot
I'm super moody a lot and have had a lot more cravings recently
Most of the other quizzes I've taken have ranged from anyday now to 2 months
703 days ago
Omg I get any minute now on every quiz I take 😨
830 days ago
Mine said 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and
I should have already had it. What is right?
978 days ago
Idk why i took this quiz (i already have my period) but it was really funny! probs not accurate but oh well Aunt Flo comes and goes as she wishes
1050 days ago
My grandma buyed some pads because she just feels it's coming reaaally soon, haha. I already had spotting 3 timed before.
1060 days ago
It said I should have gotten it already... Not really surprised most of these test said that is was close. I really want it! But everyone says no you don't want it
1075 days ago
What if we wear an A size bra? That isnt on there only about being flat very small training bra and big chested
1083 days ago
It said mine will come in 1 and a half year or so ?...
1090 days ago
Also, if it bleeds through your pants, wear a jacket over your waist.
1090 days ago
Kate, just in case, be sure to wear a pantiliner, and bring a purse with pads in it. And if you forget those things, just....ask! Don't be afraid. Remember, your nurse went through it too, and she can offer you some pads! If "it" happens during class, just kindly ask to go to the bathroom, or if you don't have supplies, ask to see the nurse. If your teacher asks you why, just say something clever, like 'girl stuff' or if you're super brave 'EMERGENCY PERIOD!!!!'. Just remember, your first period should be a fun time, so if you're prepared, you'll be calling your mom, friends,aunt,grandma, sister and every female you know telling them how excited you are!
1091 days ago
I'm super scared what if I get it at school and if it's really heavy and I don't have anything I'm too scared to tell my teachers or friends and I get blood everywhere PLEASE HELP!!!!
1106 days ago
Emma, be prepared! Wear pantyliners, bring a bag with pads, extra pantyliners, and maybe body spray with you, and visit beinggirl.com. SOOO helpful. ;)Hope this helped!
1113 days ago
All of the quizzes I've took have said 1-4/5/6 months! I'm kinda happy/sad/scared all at once. ;) thanks for helping me!!!