Which TNS Character girl are you? Quiz

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Have you ever wondered which girl from Canadian hit series The Next Step you are most like? Well here's your chance to find out!

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    What is your favourite colour?

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411 days ago
I got 50% Amanda, 40% Michelle, 10% Riley, 0% Emily, 0% Beth

I am happy with my score
698 days ago
I got 50% Michelle
699 days ago
Why did I get miss national soloist again
701 days ago
I got the worst person possible michelle
789 days ago
I got Riley Emilys sister
789 days ago
I got Emily the head e girl
792 days ago
I got the best dance captain of the next step Emily
1061 days ago
i got Michelle not a surprise i get her every time and i am a big fan of Michelle.
1112 days ago
i am michelle! *exactly the one i though i was lol*
1156 days ago
I have ginger hair so what do I put for the hair option
1193 days ago
I got beth i already new the ansers
1205 days ago
I am Amanda but I really wanted to be richelle she is my absolute fav
1505 days ago
This is an awesome quiz, well done!
2373 days ago
it was ok but with the hair question what if you had long brown-blonde hair long