The Divergent Aptitude Test

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This test will prove what faction you belong in Divergent. Are you a Candor, a Dauntless, a Erudite, an Amity or an Abnegation. Take the test and find out for yourself.

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    What Colour Do You Normally Wear?
    What Colour Do You Normally Wear?

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Johnnie (08941)
86 days ago
Looks like I'm a Erudite. Okay. So, I'm evil and smart? Good to know.
Sienna (48175)
194 days ago
So I’m truss my results are abnegation erudite and dauntless
Sienna (48175)
194 days ago
Wow good test also love the books omg I want Tobias sorry tris
Sofia (28222)
204 days ago
Mhj (78103)
214 days ago
Please don't try to kill me cause you will get hurt
Mhj (25233)
214 days ago
Let's just face it. I am divergent! I got all five.
Amber (19225)
705 days ago
Certificate: Test results
The Divergent Aptitude Test
For 40 % you are: You Are Dauntless. You Are Brave, Fearless And Free.
41 % of 1924 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 20 % you are: You Are Erudite. You Are Really Smart And Always Looks For A Challenge. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: You Are Candor. You Are Honest And Truthful, you Never Lie. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You Are Abnegation. You Are Selfless And Always Think Of Others. You Like To Help The Factionless. Profile D

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You Are Amity. You Are Kind And Peaceful. Profile E

Take this quiz: The Divergent Aptitude Test

Exactly what my friends say
Jessi (35849)
760 days ago
I was divergent though and though
The Real Deal (76768)
764 days ago
I got 70% Dauntless,20% Abnegation,and 10% Amity.Im SO happy I got mostly Dauntless!I knew what all of the answers lead to though.:l
dauntless (25409)
785 days ago
i got 60% dauntless and 20% candor and 10 % abnegation and 10% erudite i guess iam more of divergent than i thought and i love it
True Divergence (65687)
850 days ago
I got 20% for everything
Ninja girl86 (39296)
901 days ago
I'm divergent. I don't comform. I will do whatever I need too.
books592 (37704)
902 days ago
I'm divergent, erudite and abnegation.. is everyone going to try to kill meh? D:
Your Face (17792)
986 days ago
I'm Erudite. I wanted to get Amity,but I guess I am just not that kind of person :(