How well do you know Liv and Maddie? Quiz

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53 days ago
liv has amazing shoes
53 days ago
liv and Maddie is the best show ever
53 days ago
liv and Maddie is the best tv shoe ever
313 days ago
Ummm Actually Liv and Maddie aren’t twins they show in the birthday celeb in season 1 that Liv was actually born one day earlier I think and u should also put a question on who maddie ended up with yea it would be interesting
728 days ago
I love liv and Maddie
782 days ago
Hey this was really fun but guys even tho they were born on different days doesn't mean that they aren't still twins. That doesn't change anything. Thanks for making this anyway though!!
828 days ago
Hey, the quiz was really fun, thanks a lot for making it. But actually, 2 of the questions were wrong. Joey is actually the oldest child, and that is mentioned in a few episodes. The 2nd thing is, the question about them being twin sisters is actually a trick question, since technically they weren't really born on the same day. But I'm not trying to criticize or anything because it was a fun quiz, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into making it.
887 days ago
This is the best show ever!!
960 days ago
I love liv and maddie.The show is so........... awesome.You rock dove cameron
969 days ago
LIV AND MADDIE ARE THE OLDEST. In the Cali edition Liv and Maddie were in college but Joey was still in high school with Parker.
1344 days ago
Joey is the third oldest .
1344 days ago
Liv is acullly the oldest .
1344 days ago
Ps. Liv and Madde is my favourite show .
1344 days ago
This quiz is awesome. Exept two snobs though they knew better than the quiz .
1359 days ago
1379 days ago
What the frickin heck/hell!!!!😡🤬🤯 Joey is the the oldest what r u saying ??!!😡😳
1497 days ago
I picked Joey as the oldest and he is!!In one of the episodes Caren says”I can’t believe Joey is going off to college in a few years!”So basically Joey is the oldest that’s either a glitch or y’all did something wrong,because I have watched the episodes over 5 times!!I disagree with that answer so I give the quiz a rate of 7,so sorry
1545 days ago
love u dove.......
1578 days ago
I play basketball everyday it’s fun but all I know is how to shoot but I am good at keep away I need Maddie’s help so I am a big fan
1588 days ago