Are you two meant to be together?

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This quiz will help you get an idea about your relationship with your bf/gf.

  • 1/25
    When you two are out on a date, how does he/she look at you?

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1671 days ago
i thought this was for if you liked him but you two arent in a relationship. You guys should make one for that if you havent already! :)
1687 days ago
seriously?! isnt there a one where it is based off on you crushing amd liking him? NOT in a relationship NOW?!?!
1698 days ago
1698 days ago
It said we would be a good couple but I don't know how he feels about me so yeah
1708 days ago
Gah this hurts because the boy I love isn't in my life anymore and we have been broken up for a year now but I still hope that he will come back. This quiz made me cry because I am lost, and heart broken and I am just his past now, but little does he know that I think about him everyday and every night. geez life sucks.
1732 days ago
1733 days ago
@Alex girl you might need some Jerry Springer
1789 days ago
Lol did everyone get the same result saying you're such a cute couple but you need to keep things going. I answered so many questions negatively and still 😂
1794 days ago
@Zoey YES GIRL! I love young relationships, I’m 11 and I love my bf Rocky, to all you haters out there who say we’re to young, all you are is jealous people didn’t like you when you were young 😉
1806 days ago
I am not dating him but i really like them, but this girl named Danica just grabs his attention to him. Danica’s my bff Idk what to do in this situation!🤔
1825 days ago
I am 10 and I now have a boyfriend i took this quiz today but I've had a boyfriend since I was 9 years oldmy boyfriend is so cute
1825 days ago
This is an amazing test and I am now married with 7 beautiful children
1881 days ago
((fuchsia)we have know each other for more than 3 years and he keeps staring at me now I don't know what to do I act to cringy around him now cause we don't speak anymore
1978 days ago
I have been with boys alot and they dont go well. But now im with some one. Because i took the quiz and wanted to know if we were ment to be and it was right! I still love him no matter what. Thx for the person that made this quiz!
1983 days ago
Blah blah blah I hate him why we are a cute couple ???!
1995 days ago
Apparently we are a cute couple ,we need to try and keep things going. Yay!!!
2068 days ago
2079 days ago
Good I'm not with him yet though
2087 days ago
Yess, I do love him so much! ❤
2093 days ago
OMG im legit so happy rn i saved a girl from suicide because my bf has just put me in such a good mood lately now i kno for sure hes the one, ILY bby