Can YOU Predict the Future?

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Have you ever felt like you knew that something was going to happen and then it did? Find out if that was just luck or that you can predict the future in this quick, cool, and fun quiz!

  • 1
    Have you ever had a dream that came true soon after?
  • 2
    Do you ever get deja vu (French for I've seen this all before) and feel like you have seen or done that exact same thing before?
  • 3
    You have high levels of intuition? Ex: Knowing who is at the phone before you pick up, knowing that a text is about to come right before it does.
  • 4
    Do believe you have psychic abilities or can see the future?
  • 5
    Do believe in the gift of seeing the future?
  • 6
    Do you ever feel like you are sending messages to someones mind?
  • 7
    Have you ever felt like you are reading someone else's thought process?
  • 8
    Can you experience or sense someone's past by simply holding their hand?
  • 9
    Do you ever hear sounds that no one else can hear?
  • 10
    What color am I thinking of right now?

Comments (14)


Fire Demon Girl (04846)
17 days ago
I got the results and and there is about a 100% chance I can see the future!
Anonemous (14262)
27 days ago
I had 40% at profile a, but im still not sure if i can do something with the future. My experiences are normally that, i see something and i recognize that picture of what is happening right at this moment, and sometimes i see sort of aura’s around people.. does anyone recognize this?
landon (24049)
54 days ago
I like making a story for someone then it happens well like it connects to an event the happens.
Drake (17822)
63 days ago
For some reason this certain thing happens to me is I'm thinking of a movie and I come home it's on the TV or when I'm thinking of a song it comes on or when somebody like my friend is taking me somewhere I always think where that place could be then the movied pops into my head and what do u know I'm at the movies
Kate (23786)
119 days ago
I can hear sounds that nobody else can hear,sometimes see scenes in my head of something happening after some time it happens and kind of know what people are thinking about....
amy (20403)
146 days ago
I got 90%
People always thought I was crazy cuz I see things that they can't,I can hear things that are out of normal ear range. Is it strange that the other week I saw a car but my bff in my dream. I told him to stay away from that road and the dream changed but so did reality. 3 boys died that same night.
You will not know my name (86516)
183 days ago
Yay I got 50% this one time I heard this spud and I keep on asking people if they heard it but they say no like I'm crazy. But I'm not so I'm your face! Ha 😆
Lol (64151)
199 days ago
One time when my dad was on a business trip and I was walking past the bathroom and I heard his voice call out to me it’s said sophia do you miss me?I was so fracking scared I assumed it was just my mind playing trix on me can someone plz explain?
Lol (64151)
199 days ago
I put neon orange and it never said if I were right or not
CinderpawIsAWarrior (57286)
224 days ago
Uhhh yay somethin something macaroni yeah🍜
Person (77293)
243 days ago
"For 80 % you are: You have the psychic ability and/or the gift of seeing the future. Right now it may just be blurry, but become more clear over time. Or it may just be a passing phase and you don't have the ability at all."
Noice. I guess. I don't really think that I have phases, but k.
Camille (57199)
375 days ago
Technically you r thinking of all them colours cause you need to think before you do something
Lolocat1 (50763)
386 days ago
Yes now I'm able to porve mom that Ido have on o on help I'm turning evil falls a sleep Wake's up o no its to late I'm evil gets red eye's and red boby red hair o no turns all the way evil wa ha ha I'll kill you all wait grrr mom
Mom:how did you get evil?
The eveil me: because you where wrong about me
Mom: o I'm sorry
The evil me: I'll never for give you
Mom: noooo I lost my kid now
The evil me: help me mom
Mom: o the good you is in there?
The eveil me: no it's not its to late I'm to evil now
Mom: but how about your friends?
The evil me: I have no friends
Mom: but your bffs?
The eveil me: I have no bff its to late
Mom: but me your mom
The evil me: I have no mom I'll kill everyone
Mom: noo o I no what to do I have to get her to go to sleep
The eveil me: falls asleep
Mom: not to wake her up
Me: turns good eyes this good boby turns good hair turns good wakes up
Mom: are you OK lolocat1?
Me: yes what happened?
Mom: long story
Rab (54176)
638 days ago
Always for the benefit of others and never for yourself as it does not belong to you to own...a BIG pain in💗over all at times... but never get lost with ego ,