Do I Have a Brain Tumor?

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This is a test to check whether you MIGHT have a brain tumor. If you think you might be at risk, take the test. Please remember, only a medical professional can tell you for sure. And headaches can have many causes - including the stress we're ALL under.

  • 1
    Do you get regular intermittent migraines?
    Do you get regular intermittent migraines?
  • 2
    Do they press on the side of your head, or change position?
  • 3
    Do get dizzy spells?
  • 4
    Can you sometimes not walk completely upright?
  • 5
    Do you think you have a tumor?
  • 6
    Do you sometimes/often experience a lack of appetite?
  • 7
    Have you experienced a sudden change in interests/hobbies?
  • 8
    Do you have signs of ADHD but know it's not that?
  • 9
    Have you had either a scan, a head injury, or a close relative with a tumor?
  • 10
    Do you experience short-term memory loss, and/or perhaps forget small things like where you put your keys or a pen?

Comments (19)


Christy (06440)
11 days ago
I have 58%pure is that good or bad
kaleb (65269)
36 days ago
im at 10% pure thats not good
Lauren (38243)
39 days ago
I actually have a brain tumor... And i came up 90% good. Like your test says i dont have one lol. I do have ab odd case with not very many symptoms but this test is complete bogus 😂
Jord (33337)
43 days ago
Why would you even say there’s a small chance someone has a brain tumour via your tests? Your tests are not accurate and I’m sure many you will pretty much set off a whole new breed of hypochondriacs who now believe there dying all of a sudden. Only a doctor can diagnose you. Tests just feed into fear and obsession. Get real help. X
Jimothy (07490)
99 days ago
I think that all of you need to talk to someone who's actually been trained and taught how to treat you instead of complaining about headaches and nausea on a website. If you're serious about thinking you have a tumor then you need to GET REAL HELP.NOW
Nabanita Sengupta (12161)
115 days ago
I got no answer still....i am confused...
Ashley Dayan (05857)
117 days ago
It said I'm 0% pure what does that mean
Amanda (72065)
128 days ago
3 days ago i started feeling some sort of tightness on the back right of my head it doesn’t hurt but sometimes it does and it’s just for some seconds, I’m not that hungry lately but i still get hungry sometimes. I can hear, i can speak, i can see and i can walk perfectly, I get headaches sometimes but it’s on other parts of the brain, ive been feeling kind of dizzy but i never threw up, i have anxiety, I don’t drink enough water, I don’t eat healthy and I’ll get my period soon I’m 14. I’m 60% clean.
Rolanda (62941)
135 days ago
I have been having nausea, dizzy spells and constant headaches for 2 years now.
Rolanda (62941)
135 days ago
Im 10 % pure does that mean im clean?
Libby (58057)
179 days ago
I also forgot to mention that my mood changes rapidly and easily. One minute I will be fine and the next I will be getting angry about something not worth getting angry about, but I can’t help it.
Libby (58057)
179 days ago
I am 30 percent pure. I get headaches all the time and they do not occur in a pattern. I also get dizzy and I forget things all the time. I am not nauseous all the time, but it does happen usually at least once a day. And one last thing-my headaches hurt the most in the morning and when I lay down. Are these bad signs??!
Aira (36236)
190 days ago
Sometimes, I get experience of short memory loss, and forget lil stuff, like how i forget the name of "galone" or anything., even my own name.
Snowflake (66013)
227 days ago
I have been suffering dizziness for three days.But also have blurred vision.Also,I think my personality changes a little.At first,I get angry easily.But now,I don't get angry too easily.I also feel nausea.Someone please answer me.Do I have brain tumour?If I have it,can I survive?
sdf (07747)
238 days ago
perfect test results for me
bee (25547)
333 days ago
it said I didn't have a tumor, but it was WRONG. I have one and they found it after I had a heart attack. Dont rely on this test. The only signs I have is blurred vision sometime.
Misti (98027)
350 days ago
Took the test, it says I probably have a brain tumor. Turns out I do have a brain tumor. The test was accurate
rizwana (19172)
644 days ago
Tell me what happen to me mera bhot hair loss ho raha hai aur headache aur kuch bhi yaad nahi rehta hai
isabel.w.muraguri (54665)
782 days ago
I have a bone that has grown on my head and it is reoccuring after a head surgery.