Are you Lesbian, Bisexual or Straight?

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I have been in the questioning stage before and now I'm starting to accept the fact that I am lesbian. I hope that you will find out more of yourself through this simple quiz!

  • 1
    What do you want to be?
  • 2
    Is this woman good looking and attractive to you?
    Is this woman good looking and attractive to you?
  • 3
    A girl that is very good looking walks up to you and starts flirting, what do you do?
  • 4
    A guy that is very good looking walks up to you and starts flirting, what do you do?
  • 5
    What the first body part you notice?
  • 6
    A lesbian friend asks you to come over for a sleepover, you know she likes you, what do you do?
  • 7
    Why do you like girls?
  • 8
    Why do you like guys?
  • 9
    What do you think you are?
  • 10
    Lastly, a girl and a guy walk up to you and start flirting, who do you give your attention to?

Comments (32)


Lisa22 (32946)
8 days ago
80% lesbian, not bad.
Paola (65239)
10 days ago
I know Im defenitly not straight. But i dont know if im bi or a lesbian. PLEASE HELP.
12 and maybe a lesbian (22717)
149 days ago
@ams Even if you're a lesbian your family wont disown you but if they do then they arent proud of you so they arent worth hanging around. Sorry if this offends people i dont mean to.
Evangeline (24196)
158 days ago
And I'm proud I'm bi and bi-curious and lesbian and don't tell me I'm weird or crazy ๐Ÿ˜œ cause I've always wanted to know if I am or not
Evangeline (24196)
158 days ago
I'm also scared to tell my family and idk (beside my sister) if they know that I know what it means so I might tell'em that when I'm sixteen so yeah
Evangeline (24196)
158 days ago
So I wanna tell my friends I'm bi-curious but I got that on another quiz also my test answers here were the I'm reallyyyyy lesbian and bi but idk ๐Ÿ˜ how to tell'em plz help me and tell me what I can do:/
ams (65901)
169 days ago
I want to be straight but I dont know. If I wasn't straight my family would disown me.
DD (30320)
216 days ago
Iโ€™m still donโ€™t know what I am
Erica (64832)
232 days ago
I think I am lez but I might be straight and if I am lez or bi how am I supposed to come out my mom has lez friends so she might be accepting and she probablly will be but I really don't know please help!!!
Katie (77206)
238 days ago
Sorry I've just realised how long my last one was๐Ÿ˜
Katie (77206)
238 days ago
I'm a bit like odd one as I count myself as a lesbian but I very rarely like a boy but it does happen. I think I would class as a lesbian as I don't know wether my liking for boys is love or just an occasional 'oh he looks nice' then walk on my way. I don't know. I'm so confused!
Please help
Questioning2017 (77074)
240 days ago
To odd one I think (this is just my opinion) that you are bi-curious but if you identify as bisexual or what ever you want I don't my really mind as long as you are happy
odd one (30405)
445 days ago
i currently identify as bisexual but i have a strong preference for girls. do you think i am bi with a preference for girls or lesbian. i dont usually find boys attractive but i do on a very rare occasion.
Gamer girl (82427)
472 days ago
I wanna tell my parents that I'm lesbian but I'm a little scared because they are so serious and scary so wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
Gamer girl (82427)
472 days ago
I'm 60% lesbian but 30% bisexual and I wanna be bisexual and lesbian so what do I do ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
Nightcore lover (21485)
609 days ago
I got lesbian and I'm scared to tell my family and how they would react I told my brother and he freaked out and I'm scared but I love being myself
Inoimbi (43405)
624 days ago
Happy child, I totally understand your situation and I am so sorry for that matter. :-(
Judo (77777)
635 days ago
I'm straight, and I'm really proud of it too. Katherine
happychild_456 (96354)
700 days ago
Im bisexual and im proud!! The only thing im scared of now is how my dad will react when i tell him:(
Katherine (48653)
784 days ago
I'm straight and I am really proud of myself