Are you mean when you think you aren't?

Developed by: Sarah

Do you think you are being funny or joking around when really you are hurting someone's feelings?

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    Your friend says, oh my gosh, my art picture looks so ugly. You say jokingly, you're ugly. You laugh, and so does your friend. Would you do this?
  • 2
    Your friend is really excited that she finally made something. She wants to show you and asks you if you want to see it. You say, no, i'll see it later. Would you do this?
  • 3
    Your friend is really, really upset that she did not get a date for prom. She claims that it was a really big deal and you have to have a date for prom. You say, It's not a big deal. It's just prom. Let's just go together and hang out. Would you do this?
  • 4
    Your friend is a really good soccer player, and on varsity. You are on JV. Your friend comes up to you and is really upset because she did not score a goal and she must be really bad. You say, you're on varsity! You are good, but I'm not. You make your friend feel awkward and she changes the subject. Would you do this?
  • 5
    You think you are fat. You are 4 ft. 9 and you weigh 90 lbs. Your friend also thinks she is fat, and she is 5 ft.7 and weighs 120 lbs. You are talking about weights and you make your friend feel like she really is fat because you weigh way less than her, because she is taller. She doesn't think this way, and she leaves the conversation feeling hurt. Would you do this?
  • 6
    Your friend's boyfriend just broke up with her. They had been together for 2 years. She is heartbroken and keeps bringing it up and getting emotional. You get sick of it and say, You'll get over it, okay! Would you do this?
  • 7
    Your friend has really frizzy hair. Her sister has straight hair that is really pretty. You walk up to them both and notice how different their hair is from each other. You say jokingly (to her sister), Now how long did it take you to straighten your hair? Your friend's sister doesn't need to straighten her hair because it is already straight, and she says this. Then you say to your friend: and what did you do, stick your finger in a socket? You laugh and so does your friend, but you realize your friend is quieter than normal for the rest of the day. Would you do this?
  • 8
    You are on the school basketball team with a new friend you just met. There is this one girl on your team who is bossy. She says; let's run back to the gym from the outside courts the long way. You are not a very good runner. Your friend is fast however, but just wants to take it easy on the way back because she is tired from the workout. You say on the way back, This is a way longer run than we needed. And they can do it because they are faster than us. Your friend seems hurt because she is fast, just not at that time. Would you do this?
  • 9
    You are trying out for the talent show at your school. You are waiting in line to audition when your friend comes up to you. You ask, what are you doing here? Your friend was actually going to try out but her confidence levels went down because she assumed that you didn't think she had any talent. Would you do this?
  • 10
    Your friend has been acting sad lately. Your school is going to have an assembly to manage stress, and you innocently ask her, are you going to go? You assume this is okay because you might just be asking to see if she is going so you would have someone to go with, but your friend thinks you mean that she has stress problems and thinks this is why you want her to go. Would you do this?

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