Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

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Ever wondered if you're bisexual? Take this text to find out!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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Ema (97664)
11 hours ago
It said I am bicourious
Emma (03693)
12 hours ago
Well a girl kissed me but i didnt like it but i fell in love with my bestfriend and she kissed me and i liked it and i do like girls but im scared to come out..
Rosie (15425)
I have done 7 quizzes, 3 say I’m pan and 4 say I’m bi. IDK WHAT I AM!!!😭
Marissa (98403)
I got I'm no but I have never missed or had💗with a girl but I want to
Tony (32644)
3 days ago
I love girl's special when they love to ride the big 💗s
Niya (90543)
5 days ago
Someone wanna talk I can help???
Someone (69764)
5 days ago
There are no just normal "no" answers wth? But idk if I'm bi, or lesbian cause I mean..UGH idfk
Your fellow LGBT Weirdo 💛 :) (23124)
6 days ago
I took at least 3 tests today and got 100% Bi on all of them ve hadba feeling i was bi but i am too scared to admit it also rn im crying. I havent had any crushes on girls yet but i just know. I want to have a girlfriend that i can protect and care for and have and hold as my own. I know it soundscheesy but yeah.. Im pretty sure my parents will accept me but how to come out
some girl (46734)
9 days ago
i got bicurious and at this point i'm just taking quizzes to make sure i didn't get my sexuality wrong after coming out rip
Allyah (53831)
16 days ago
((purple)I'm 14 almost 15 and im bisexual, my d know but my mom doesn't I want to tell her but I'm scared to, any advice? Only my dad and 3/4 of my friends know I'm scared to tell anyone else.
bi (55658)
17 days ago
I got bisexual... i don't know if i am or not. i've had a crush on both girls and boys but i feel more attracted by boys. i would date and hook up boys and for girls i would definetively hook up with them but i don't know if i would date them. i'm so confusedlgbtq+
BB (16173)
18 days ago
Hi I had flirted with a girl it was a joke but i had to stop because I could feel almost a blush but I also had a crush on a guy to and I am 12 years olf
I’m bi 🤫😳 (99899)
18 days ago
I’m 12 and I got bi. I was pretty sure I was bisexual because I’ve dated a boy and I “loved” him. Months after we broke up I started having attraction to 2 of my best friend’s that are girls. I still have some feelings for both of them. I told my ex boyfriend some months ago that I thought I was bi and he supported me, later I told my friend and she supported me. My friend told my ex best friend that I was bi and I never told my ex friend because she’s very religious and I thought she would hate me but she supported me. I don’t think I can come out to anyone else and it hurts not telling my parents because they are kinda homophobic and they tell me how disgusting it is to be part of the lgbtq+ community not knowing I’m part of it. I wish I could tell the whole world I’m bi but I can’t and I feel like like I’m trapped not telling anyone. ℓgвтq+ ❤️ 🏳️‍🌈
Sophie (40602)
22 days ago
Im 12 and i got bi. In most of the quizzes ive taken i got lesbian or bi and i think im bi but i have stronger crushes on girls. My parents say its just a phase
hai (69261)
26 days ago
Im primarily straight, but I sometimes feel slightly sexually attracted to girls. I wouldn't date or hook up with one though.
Hali🌿🌈 (61784)
26 days ago
I’m bi and 14. I’ve found myself being attracted to girls more, but I think I still like guys. I actually told my two best friends the other day, and I’m happy I did.
Aaliyah (65729)
27 days ago
I am 11 and I know I am bi and I'm proud! I liked this girl in 2nd grade. Thanks!Bye
uwu (10117)
27 days ago
i’m pretty sure i’m bi. i want to experiment though. i’ve never had feelings for a girl, and i don’t even know if i had ‘feelings’ for boys. i haven’t dated or kissed a boy, let alone a girl. i’m not sure what to do.
sCCRD (15639)
28 days ago
I'm 11,
I'm pretty sure I'm bi, but I'm not sure.
Random💙 (94960)
28 days ago
I'm 12 I'm pretty sure I'm bi I just dont fully know yet and im taking a ton of quizzes to make sure and I'm always getting bi it doesnt bother me I actually really like the thought I haven't had a girl crush yet but girls are becoming pretty cute now