Am I Bisexual? (Girls Only)

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Have you ever wondered if you might be bisexual? It's not unusual to wonder, and it's perfectly OK to have the feelings you do. Take this quiz to get answers!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?
    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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3 days ago
I got bi-curious
21 days ago
No I got bisexual
21 days ago
So i took 1 test and it said I'm bisexual, this test said I am lesbian or straight O-o
24 days ago
I got bi-curious, i hope when im able to i can explore it. I really wanna date a girl, but guys are super hot ;w;
25 days ago
I'm bisexual ,dating my bff, and very happy.Don't be ashamed of who you are.
26 days ago
I got bisexual and I believe it’s true bc I am attractive to boys and girls but rn I’m just trying to keep it casual
37 days ago
i got bisexual soo true ive dated both girl and bo
45 days ago
Idk yet. I just realized that I have a crush on my bestie though. Not good! Help!
51 days ago
16 year old bisexual here! to all those girls and guys out there, its okay to like both. when i was younger, i used to pray to god that i wouldnt even attracted to girls. i was raised in a strict house. now i live with the best girl i could ever meet, Violet. be proud of your sexuality!!

lots of love,
Kari ❤️😍
51 days ago
16 year old buseuxual here! tob
51 days ago
i am bisexual and happy
54 days ago
That was i found """You are mainly interested in one sex, but often become interested in two genders. You are straight or lesbian with bisexual tendencies""" so what am i ???
57 days ago
bi and proud :) now i wonder if my girl crush likes me back
63 days ago
i actually think im pansexual.I dated many girls before.But now I’m dating a boy,the best boy Ever!
65 days ago
When you're bisexual, it's chaotic. You sometimes wonder if you're gay, or if you're straight, and it gets confusing, then you realise you're bisexual. I have a crush on a gay dude, and a straight girl, and it's low key painful. But love yourself, and love who you want!
65 days ago
I got bi curious idk..
74 days ago
I’m happy I got bi but I’m worried about my friends but I have time I’m only 12 but I’ve had a huge crush on my best friend and that’s what made me question my sexuality.
74 days ago
This test said I am bi and I am actually crying while writing this because feels like I have been all the time because whenever I see a girls i think ‘she’s hot’ I even imagine myself doing things with girls. I AM Afraid if what my friends will think and my fam. TO be I am actually i think pan. This is because there was a girl at my school who gets bullied at lot because she is considered ugly yet I spoke to her and invited her to sit with me and my friends and I immediately realised how nice she Was and kind of fantasised things about her things about her .
88 days ago
YALL this brings back memories of when I was questioning my sexuality. I’d always do these kinds of tests because my parents never taught me what any of these stuff meant. But I want everybody to know, that it is okay to be you, and to love who you want to love. You are valid. You don’t need tests to prove your sexuality. Choose feelings over titles. If you are a bi girl, and find girls more attractive thank guys, then that is okay. If you find guys more attractive than gals, you are still a valid bisexual. There is a whole community of people out there just like you, who will love and support you no matter what. I recommend getting an Instagram account and looking for lgbt account on there. They will help you become more comfortable with you sexuality, and might boost your confidence about coming out. If you are still closeted, don’t stress about having to come out. Do it when you are ready and feel safe. It took me five years to finally come out to my friends and family. They accepted me right away and told me they loved me no matter what. But it’s different for everybody. If you feel like you parents or friends won’t accept you, then don’t come out yet. Only do it if you feel safe, and you know the people around you will love you no matter what. Just remember, that love is love, and love always wins.
91 days ago
hi i am bisexual and you guys should be pround to be one to like what Amber said