Am I Bisexual? (Girls Only)

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Have you ever wondered if you might be bisexual? Don't be ashamed if you have. It's SO not unusual to wonder about your sexual orientation, and it's perfectly OK to have whatever feelings you have. Take this quiz to get the answers you want and need now!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?
    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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4 days ago
Same I’m bi and love it I took this because I have i girl that has a crush on me and I didn’t know what to say now I’m gonna tell her I love her toooooooooooo
4 days ago
Proud to be bisexual!!!!!😁😁😁
7 days ago
Bisexual and proud YASSSSSS💜💙😁😁💗😁😃😁😆👍👍👍👍🧁🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
8 days ago
13 days ago
bisexual all the way!!!!!
15 days ago
Thanks so much for helping me understand what I am! 💎
16 days ago
I got bi and I am! I knew it but I like doing these.. but I feel way more like attracted to girls than boys (imma grl btw) ITs like an 80% grls to 20% guys..
18 days ago
So it says my answer is I'm bi-curious but then says I'm definitely bisexual , which one am i ?! This makes me more confused
19 days ago
i think im more into guys but i guess im not shore
19 days ago
it says im straight or les with bisexual tendencies!
so i guess im bi?
23 days ago
I am bi-curious. hmm? I guess i am..
24 days ago
I’m not sure what to do like I am more into guys then I am into girls but I’ve thought about going out with my bestfriend for ages but she’s in to guys
26 days ago
I’m definetly bi curious
31 days ago
I'm not sure if I am attracted to girls yet, but I'm definitely curious. All my friends say I have bi energy and I literally fit every stereotype too, but in the end I'm still super doubtful. I'm only 14 though so maybe I'll figure it out in a couple years.
32 days ago
Maria, Facts though I'm physically and sexually to girls too and also feel more attracted to guys to but I have prefences of girls more
33 days ago
Liz, i feel the exact same way. I hardly ever have crushes on girls but i'm physically and sexually attracted to girls. However, i feel more attracted to guys but i'm still not straight. I think you should just do whatever feels comfortable with you i.e. if a girl asks you out, go out with her and if you feel uncomfortable, don't do it. That's what i'm doing. Just go with the flow.
34 days ago
BRO IM SO CONFUSED CAN SOMEONE HELPPPP like I’m physically into girls but I’ve never actually been or had a serious crush on them like guys but u feel like I maybe could date and kiss them IDK WHAT TO DO
34 days ago
i am bi curious but all my friends already knew that
36 days ago
i got bi-curious, i’m curious, i come from a christian’s community and i’m afraid my parents will be super mad at me because they r strictly against lgbtq+ so i’m super freaked out.
38 days ago
I got bisexual! I knew it! But my friends..
I've never crush on anyone boys or girl
But i feel love when i see jisoo