Am I Bisexual? (Girls Only)

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Have you ever wondered if you might be bisexual? It's not unusual to wonder, and it's perfectly OK to have the feelings you do. Take this quiz to get answers!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?
    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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6 days ago
I’m happy I got bi but I’m worried about my friends but I have time I’m only 12 but I’ve had a huge crush on my best friend and that’s what made me question my sexuality.
7 days ago
This test said I am bi and I am actually crying while writing this because feels like I have been all the time because whenever I see a girls i think ‘she’s hot’ I even imagine myself doing things with girls. I AM Afraid if what my friends will think and my fam. TO be I am actually i think pan. This is because there was a girl at my school who gets bullied at lot because she is considered ugly yet I spoke to her and invited her to sit with me and my friends and I immediately realised how nice she Was and kind of fantasised things about her things about her .
20 days ago
YALL this brings back memories of when I was questioning my sexuality. I’d always do these kinds of tests because my parents never taught me what any of these stuff meant. But I want everybody to know, that it is okay to be you, and to love who you want to love. You are valid. You don’t need tests to prove your sexuality. Choose feelings over titles. If you are a bi girl, and find girls more attractive thank guys, then that is okay. If you find guys more attractive than gals, you are still a valid bisexual. There is a whole community of people out there just like you, who will love and support you no matter what. I recommend getting an Instagram account and looking for lgbt account on there. They will help you become more comfortable with you sexuality, and might boost your confidence about coming out. If you are still closeted, don’t stress about having to come out. Do it when you are ready and feel safe. It took me five years to finally come out to my friends and family. They accepted me right away and told me they loved me no matter what. But it’s different for everybody. If you feel like you parents or friends won’t accept you, then don’t come out yet. Only do it if you feel safe, and you know the people around you will love you no matter what. Just remember, that love is love, and love always wins.
24 days ago
hi i am bisexual and you guys should be pround to be one to like what Amber said
38 days ago
I am bsexual and i am roud to be one and all you guys should be to
40 days ago
i like girls and boys i am proud to be bi but there is this girl name jayme she is bi too and she kisses me and i like it it feels good and me and her are dating but i like boys too.
44 days ago
Ok so I really like girls (way more than guys) but I'm not straight or lesbian because I had many crushes on guys in earlier years I want to date a lot of girls but all the girls in my school are straight and one even has a bf and I've only come out to my two bffs and my am I bi?I'm pretty sure I'm bi..I think I might come out to my parents like next month or something :)
48 days ago
Hi help me I’m think I’m bi but I just look up definitions of romanticly attracted and sexual attraction and now I’m so confused it says that I’m homosexual and heterosexual. But I’m bi omg help me
49 days ago
I'm really questioning my sexuality right now. I've told a few people I'm bisexual when they asked, a few that I'm straight. Idk but I'm definitely bicurious. I've only dated one guy and zero girls. I guess I liked the guy at the time, but it was a middle school relationship and was kind of forced. I've never had a crush on any girls, but I have fantasized about being with one many times. My parents support the LGBT+ community from afar, but I don't think they'd react well to a member of their own family being bi. I am struggling to figure out my sexuality, so, um, any tips?
50 days ago
I think im bi this is why I do this test well I don't know if its wrong but I think I am so thank you 🏳️‍🌈
50 days ago
Hi, I once dated a girl but only for a week. But then I dated a guy.then he broke up with me. Then I had a crush on two girls Aubrey and Padme. I know one of them is bisexual. But, I don't know what to do!!!!!!! What should I do?
58 days ago
61 days ago
hey so I'm pretty sure no one cares but...
her names izzy and i just joined her friend group at the beginning of this year (I'm a freshman) and she's bi. I'm still figuring stuff out too but now I know I'm bi she's the second girl I've ever liked (I've only liked three boys so yeah). She's super funny and sweet and she's really pretty too. It's awesome cause i know she got me for secret santa and i got her as well (were doing it in 4 days though ~_~ i don't want to wait ugh) Also I'm extremely confused cause she's pretty touchy like me (ex. we hug everyone a lot) and she's super close with one of my other friends (who i thinks straight) BUT a couple weeks ago we went to a movie with everyone and we both started crying and were sitting super close and hugging. she barely knew me then so we both agreed later that we were super awkward. Yesterday we spent 14 straight hours together and it was actually the best day of my entire frickin LIFE! We volunteered in the morning and we kept laughing and joking (one of our other friends was there) then we went ice skating and when our other friend went to the bathroom we held hands while we skated and then she came back and we all held hands and were laughing but an hour later the other girl left and it was just me and izzy and we kept holding hands the entire time and we were talking a lot about our families and trips and childhood dreams and stuff. then we did a bunch of spins and *olympic* skating routines and we shared a caramel macaroon... Then we went to a movie with two other close friends and they didn't want us to sit together cause we talked last time but we looked at each other and sat next to each other anyway. they all know she's bi. we were sharing candy and whispering and she asked if i would try her tea to see if it was too hot so i did and then we kept switching teas and bumping hands. then we thought one of the main characters died even though he hadn't and we hugged each other while holding hands. then she put her head on my arm still holding my hand and i put my head on hers and we stayed like that for the entire movie... and we went to the bathroom and were standing super close and then we were laughing because we both stepped in sour patch and we wanted to stay for the second movie but our friends wanted to go cause everyone had seen the second one except for me. izzy and i wanted to stay but we all just went to my house and we sat on my bed and played games. But UGH I THINK SHE LIKES ME BUT IM TOO SCARED TO TELL HER IM BI AND I LiKe hER ToO...

also izzy if somehow you find this yeah i like you! you are amazing and I'm so glad we're friends! yay bye iz :)

aNd YeS weRE thE tyPE of PeOplE to orDEr TeA at A mOviE!!! because tea is amazing ;)

thank you very much for reading my rant love y'all so much!
62 days ago
yes I'm bi I kinda new it befor but it's good to have some clarity
63 days ago
I remember in kindergarten when i begged my best friend(who was a girl)to kiss me on the lips.I actually did this to many girls who I was close to that wasn’t related to me and now that I’m looking back dang I should’ve know I was bisexual years ago
66 days ago
so im bi uuuuurrrr yeah BI
67 days ago
Well a girl tricked me into kissing her in kindergarten. I the time I was a little confused. She said she wanted to play mom and das and do real kissing. Now that I look back I realize that she is as gay as it gets.
74 days ago
So I’ve dated plenty of guys and I liked the feeling I’ve had with them. It’s been a while since I’ve dated and lately I’ve been finding girls very attractive. I have for a while but I thought I was just bicurious or something. But lately since it’s been stronger I don’t know. I think I have a crush on this girl but I don’t know if it’s serious. I’ve been thinking I’m bisexual because I’m still very attracted to guys still. I think if I were to admit it to someone close to me and be able to say it out loud to them I would except it but it’s hard for me to do it. My family already thinks I am but I’ve just never confirmed it. It’s not that I’m afraid that they will judge me I’m just afraid of admitting to it.
75 days ago
So im bi and live in MN anyone live close and i need some tips about being bi so hum 612-812-8107
79 days ago
turns out I'm bisexualAny tips?IDK how to tell my family