Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

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Ever wondered if you're bisexual? Take this text to find out!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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Harley_the_puppy (66116)
22 hours ago
It said bisexual and I like both genders so I think it’s right and I have 2 friends that are boys and bi
bi gurl (47370)
26 days ago
I liked boys and girls at the same time but just figured out that I liked girls.
Hi (26554)
28 days ago
And i kinda do have a crush on a girl and a guy so am i bi
Hi (26554)
28 days ago
I have taken like 5 quizzes and they all said im bi im confused
Jade-Lydia (73953)
29 days ago
I actually just started liking a girl alot tis last week. Im also engaged to a guy. Me and him both actually like this girl i said im okay with it bc i like her too. Idk if im ready to tell people though. I have been giving my fiance hints that i am. And im 17 in high school
Wavy vibes (07397)
31 days ago
bruh i did like 25 of these tests already and mostly it say im bi
Malloru (91036)
31 days ago
Well. I'm bi. No matter what this quiz says.😂
:/ (80142)
32 days ago
Who wants to go out I’m bi
Summer (18427)
37 days ago
I am Bi, it was right, honestly I like girls more than guys.....guys are gross.
:| (22912)
39 days ago
I don’t think I’m bi ans I think I’m into guys but then I always worry that i am bi ans I just don’t know it but I’m attracted to guys ?yet idek I just feel like I need to know it’s killing me argh
Abby (53266)
43 days ago
I’m pretty sure I’m bi. I’ve had crushes on both guys and girls. I’ve also had fantasies about guys and girls. I remember one of my first crushes was on a girl at summer cam 2 years ago. I never learned her name, but she was so pretty! She was tall and had tan skin and short, light brown hair that she usually wore in pigtails. I think she had either brown or hazel eyes. Although at the time I barely knew anything about the lgbt community and I thought it wasn’t right to have a crush on a girl. But I now I like to embrace my sexuality and I love having crushes on boys and girls! I still haven’t come out to my family or any of my friends, but I do have a friend who’s transgender. Since he’s also lgbt I might tell him! :)
Sydney (12940)
47 days ago
I’m pretty sure I’m bi. I’ve had crushes on ppl of both genders, but I haven’t ever dated or even kissed anyone of either gender, so idek what I am! Ugh it’s so frustrating not knowing for sure I wish there was just a dna test u could take and it would tell u what sexual orientation u are 😭😭🤯
confused bi life (54758)
49 days ago
I’ve never had a crush on a girl but I want a girlfriend and I have dreams about ❤️ with girls idkkk I think I’m bi
Anonymous (89641)
50 days ago
I got bisexual and I know i I was going to get that becuase I dunno I’m just confused!
-M*E•h- Reply (32893)
54 days ago
I know how you feel about the best friend thing. I used to like my best friend but a few weeks ago she ditched me anyway
~M*E•h~ (50682)
57 days ago
I’m bisexual I actually like/love this guy his name is Alexis & I also like this girls named Maliyah & Maliyah is my ‘best friend’ she is also bisexual but she used to like me that way but think she likes someone else now but the thing is is that I never told her I didn’t like her idk what to do😭
Claudia (64375)
59 days ago
I'm straight That awesome because I have a crush on a boy. His name is alan
Ema (97664)
63 days ago
It said I am bicourious
Emma (03693)
63 days ago
Well a girl kissed me but i didnt like it but i fell in love with my bestfriend and she kissed me and i liked it and i do like girls but im scared to come out..
Rosie (15425)
64 days ago
I have done 7 quizzes, 3 say I’m pan and 4 say I’m bi. IDK WHAT I AM!!!😭