Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

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Ever wondered if you're bisexual? Take this text to find out!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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reverseherobrin (92178)
32 days ago
I'm bisexual and sooo silly I came out to my SISTER first then my friends then my mum and she's telling my dad
reverseherobrin (92178)
32 days ago
reverseherobrin (92178)
32 days ago
I took this test three more times it still came up bisexual I've told my mum sister and three of my friends there all so supportive and nice but one down side is I have a crush on two of my friends and there straight so meh its life lol I love who I am and if any homophobics dislike me they are not worht my time
*^* (61192)
34 days ago
I have a crush on my bestie... we are both girls.....I'm eleven
VioletLE (47856)
35 days ago
So I'm bisexual, and so are all my friends. We're like the gay group, lol. (We all freaking love gays and flip out when we see a queer couple in public 😂😅) Me and my closest friend are "fake girlfriends", but nobody believes its fake. EVERYONE ships us. I honestly don't know if it really is fake, but I really like her. We can be kinda intimate sometimes, like we hold hands A LOT and cuddle sometimes... Also, whenever I hurt myself (like bump my elbow or something) she gives it a kiss... Its really quite funny 😂. We even saw Love, Simon together and were sobbing into each other and clutching each other because its so beautiful... But neither of us are out to our families but I kinda really want to kiss her? What should I do?
Twitter: hazftshawn (53988)
36 days ago
I'm almost 18 and I've only made out with guys but I feel that I'm bisexual idk, I'm kind of afraid of only wanting to be bi and be lying to myself, I'm confused
Em0TrashBasket (13028)
38 days ago
When your Bisexual and have a crush on your best friend who's a girl
xd (63040)
39 days ago
got what i thought i would get (bisexual) dunno what to do really or like how to come out or how to be sure im lost and like grrr.. i have a crush on one of my close friends so that like great :)
Heh (19203)
39 days ago
I'm bicurious and I kinda thought so
Haylie (78981)
41 days ago
I am 12 and I have been questioning my sexuality. I got "bicurious, but definitely bisexual" and I have never had a crush on a girl I know in like person. Just and few of my internet friends. I believe in god an go to church and my mom. I think she'd be okay with it, but my dad is highly against it. I have never dated a girl\, like I said, but I still like guys more. I'm not sure though. I have been broken and I know i'm young, but the last guys I have dated all cheated on me. Honestly I would like to maybe date a girl. At least once, but I think dating and maybe kissing a girl is as far as I will go. I don't know.
Azaiah (86279)
42 days ago
So, im 12...for the past few weeks or so, ive kind of been wondering about my true sexuality. Its kind of been driving me crazy. Up until a few weeks ago, i had a GIGANTIC crush on is guy at school, but recently, i dont really feel anything anymore. I feel like nowadays, im FORCING myself to like him. My results on this quiz were "bicurious, but definitely bisexual". I also feel like im lying to myself, im also FORCING myself to try to get into girls, but i really think being "bicurious" works fine for me...but if only being bicurious was some sort of official BiC or something, then i could be completely sure of myself, and i wouldnt have to question myself all the time
Idk eat me now (58416)
43 days ago
so in straight w/ lesbian/ bisexual tendents
bi-chan (78796)
46 days ago
i took this cuz today I developed a (as of now) small crush on this girll
Bicurious.laura (36512)
46 days ago
I’m like this girl but she one of my close friends and her other friends are bi I just feel scared to tell her
Ava (87238)
47 days ago
I always knew i was bisexual but when i only liked a girl i thought i was lesbian so i came out to my friends and told them i had a girlfriend and that i was lesbian. They were understanding and they were okay with it. but then this new boy came to our school and we like each other. so i told my friends that i thought i was bi and they said "OMG stop changing. make up your mind already. and the boy said "hey leave her alone if we like each other then its okay. And she cant just make up her mind right now, it takes time." so now i have the best boyfriend i could ask for. (me and the girl broke up because she was moving somewhere far away :/)
Me (34560)
48 days ago
So I am bisexual! Not entirely sure how to feel right now but I m pretty sure I have a crush on my best friend so yeh...
Brooke (68448)
49 days ago
So it says I’m most definitely bi curious. And I’m not sure how to feel about it. I mean I haven’t had a crush in forever. I’m only 14
reverseherobrin (44112)
49 days ago
I'm bisexual exactly what I feel and think I am ;3
Emma Beebe (88482)
50 days ago
I got what I thought I would get.
Bicurious.allie (41720)
52 days ago
So....I’m bicurious. I have only had innocent crushes (not sexual) on guys. The few times I’ve had sexual thoughts, it’s been with girls. Idk how to come out to my family/friends. Idk how my family feels abt LGBTQ ppl.