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The saddest love story... starring: my life

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1 Chapter - 421 Words - Developed by: I would like to remain anonymous - Updated on: 2015-10-12 - Developed on: - 1.516 taken- Die Geschichte ist fertiggestellt

My life is full of joy, until I meet him. the 1. he makes me so jealous, yet I love him so much...

    So, I met Evan in middle school. He was so cute! He was smart, funny, loveable, adorable, brave, and way too good for me. When you heard what he did in school, you would think he was a high school jock. Getting cheerleaders to do his homework, using girls for attention, and ditching school because of a "headache". Yet, I thought I loved him. He was always flirting with girls in front of me. Like, one day we were hanging out and this girl comes up and he's all like "what's your name?" and "your very pretty, sweetie"
    He always looked at me and smiled, though. I thought he might actually like me. Until, I found out the most heart-wrenching thing EVER! I was sitting on the bus, telling my friend about him. "uh-oh" he suddenly said and then "hey dude, should I tell her?" and the guy he was talking to whimpered and looked away. "oh, well" he said" ***** and **** are dating, ****" I was on the verge of crying. When I went into the next day, sure enough, L**** was sitting with E*** at my locker. "What are you doing?" I said when they noticed me. "nothing." said L**** I nodded my head disapprovingly. "Well can you do "nothing" at your locker E***" L**** looked up. "Wait this is the girl you're dumping me for?" she said. I looked at E**** who smiled back at me. And we lived happily ever afte- no way. We didn't he is still dating L**** and I never saw her at my locker. But he does smile at me. Earlier, I found out from a friend that L**** has selfies of her and E**** together. We are good friends though. Except, L**** is my enemy. Now I'm gonna go cry in my pillow:'d

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Deep blue (11740)
51 days ago
That HONESTLY was not sad at all -_- but then again i have no soul
---- (16900)
246 days ago
aw poor you
man i've had that too
i was heeeeeartbroooooooooken........
Kenshin Himura (47003)
789 days ago
heart broken? dont worry there are many guys in this world who deserves your heart:(
Sarah Gilman (76929)
979 days ago
Good. Lame to. No juicy gossip. jj it fine. and my name is Sarah Gilman. I really am mean in person. jk. im nice