Are you flexible?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Natalie - Developed on: - 9.161 taken - 8 people like it

Are you flexible? Do you even have bones? Or you can't even touch your toes? Take this quiz and find out how flexible you are!

  • 1
    Let's start...Do you stretch?
  • 2
    Do you take classes? (gymnastics, dance, cheer)
  • 3
    Can you do the splits? (2 side splits, 1 middle)
  • 4
    How about oversplits?
  • 5
  • 6
    Are you skinny, chubby, fat...?
  • 7
    Can you touch your toes?
  • 8
    How flexible do you think you are on scale 0-10?
  • 9
    You see a girl doing a contortion (perfect). You are like....:
  • 10
    Pick one:

Comments (20)


Sienna (41297)
I think this quiz is ok
Maa Maa (27701)
63 days ago
I think the quiz is right. Well it was right about me.
Laura (84368)
76 days ago
I just learned a chest stand! I’m very flexible, and I’m self taught! I want to be as flexible as Sofie Dossi!
Chloe (58757)
80 days ago
I guess I’m flexible A LOT
Windy (21780)
93 days ago
I am very flexible! Which makes me more flexible than every
Layan (83526)
113 days ago
I want to learn how to do the splits.
Emily (74848)
120 days ago
I’m very flexible I am a rhythmic gymnast and people say I am as flexible as Sofie Dossi, but I am trying to be as flexible as Anna Mcnulty and I am really close.
Daniya Hawes (79640)
121 days ago
i'm really flexible too
Daniya Hawes (79640)
121 days ago
i know i'm flexible even the quiz says that
love (33922)
130 days ago
super purple
Nina (15930)
132 days ago
I’m really flexible
Criselyn (51070)
136 days ago
People always say i’ Another Sofie dossi
Like am I really that flexible?
Azra Cole (42364)
148 days ago
I can put my leg over my head and I can do a back bend and I can put arm over my legs and go up.
Alisha McQueen (73172)
157 days ago
They said they I'm really flexible
Daneigh (75245)
165 days ago
I'm a little bit flexible I can do a backbend and the splits only one I'm 8
Years old oh and also I'm constipated
I went to the doctor and I was with my uncle and they said I'm in to much pain so I went to the hospital and I
Drunk a lot of water to pee in a measuring cup to do something Wit it
I had to drink miralax and it was so nasty
Mini me (76907)
172 days ago
I'm not really flexible but I can be. That is true!
Sophia (03623)
182 days ago
Me my sister got your a contortionist😃🎅
I am not going to tell you my name (68320)
193 days ago
I'm flexible but I can improve.Okay?
maggie gymnast dancer countourtionist (54954)
282 days ago
contourcion easy not very good but inam one most flexi people in the world

gymnastics so easy came natural

dance not really fun but super easy I met Jojo Siwa Soffi Dossi Annie and Haley Leblanc
Sophia Colton (03623)
440 days ago
Your so nice ¡!!!!!