Your Magical Life at Hogwarts

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    Let’s talk about your family first, shall we? Are they magical?
    Let’s talk about your family first, shall we? Are they magical?

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131 days ago
I think question eleven choice four is Hilarious! heres the choice: I enjoy Potions, but Snape scares the *sh word* out of me" LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I snorted with laughter so hard, I nearly PEED my pants!!
131 days ago
The Sorting Hat sorts you into Slytherin.
You have pure blood but you don’t brag about it. Your family is very important to you and you love spending time with your parents and your siblings.
At Hogwarts, you’re afraid of not making friends at first but you get along with people from any house and you’re a true friend. You stand up for people and you’re always there for your friends.
Your favourite subject is Transfiguration and you admire Professor McGonagall who gets your humour and the occasional prank you pull with the Weasley twins or Peeves.
Your Yule Ball date is Draco Malfoy / Luna Lovegood who you end up marrying. You’re not sure about children yet but you want to open a store in Diagon Alley where everybody is welcome.
136 days ago
Soz about the spelling im only 8
136 days ago
You will get sorted into Griffindor. Your Favourite thing is Quidich and Yuo join the hogwarts House Team during Your seconed Year. You Become Best friend with The Golden Trio especially Harry and Ron because of your love for quidetich. Your Love for the sport often gets you distacted from School But Hermione often Tutors you. Your Yule Ball Date is Harry Potter but you dont find your True Love until you join the English Quidich Team. You two raise a kid that becomes a better Seeker Than Viktor Krum! Thankyou for these results i love them
Pls make a new one of this
139 days ago
I am in Gryffindor, go to the Yule Ball with Harry and end up being a professional quidditch player where I meet my match! I love these results thanks for this awesome quiz!
143 days ago
emotionally damaged slytherin gang
202 days ago
I love slithering and snape like he should be like Harrys dad if James hadn’t got in the way
202 days ago
213 days ago
Aye slytherin and I‘ll go out with draco.
279 days ago
Yay!gryfindor! Me and Harry, awsome!
549 days ago
The Sorting Hat sorts you into Slytherin.
Loyalty, respect and honesty are very important to you which is why you choose your friends carefully and surround yourself with people who know exactly what they want because you yourself are not so sure. You hate drama and you’re very ambitious.
You want to make your family proud and your blood status is something that matters to you.
Your time at Hogwarts ends up teaching you what’s right and what’s wrong. Your favourite subject is DATDA which is why the whole teacher situation is one of your favourite things to 😻 about.
Your Yule Ball date is Viktor Krum / Fleur Delacour but you don’t meet your soul mate until you start working for the ministry to lead them onto the right path again after the war. Later, your become the Minister of Magic
637 days ago
Horribly inaccurate and too many questions
645 days ago
WoW, I'm a Gryffindor. BUT in pottermore I'm a ravenclaw. This website is grate!!! Harry can be rally dumb but going to the ball with him is Okay
799 days ago
Well, I am Gryffindor and i do befriend the trio, but I would not play quidditch or go to the ball with harry. Great quiz, but the results need work
882 days ago
what is my other percents!!!!????
925 days ago
Eeeeh... This is ok but I wish I could choose something about Death Eaters...
926 days ago
Got 27% Ravenclaw Hufflepuff and Slytherin
938 days ago
The Slytherin part was right.
966 days ago
I go out with Harry! Oh yeah!
1012 days ago
Poooooop. I GOT HARRY POTTER!!!!!😠😡😲