How Les Are You? (Scenario Quiz)

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*This quiz is for lesbians ONLY! If you're not, then take another quiz, because this is not for you!*

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    You're best friend's parents are away for a week. She calls you and asks if you want to come over. What's your response? (Your friend is lesbian)

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A 13 year old (77748)
3 days ago
Ehhh (43203)
12 days ago
I mean, I don't want an orgy. I want a single girl, not six of them.
Really? (01338)
18 days ago
God, I mean this is stupid! I know I'm lesbian but I am not going to start making love with everyone! Obviously made by a straight person who thinks lesbian means you are a whore.
Private (69941)
105 days ago
Yeah it says I'm a little lesbian because I didn't want to do a threesome! Bad quiz if you ask me I know I'm lesbian!
????? (76641)
106 days ago
im nice (46994)
123 days ago
it was sooooooooooooooo much fun but i was looking for the one with the pool girls i saw it like a year ago mabey
Lylah (36933)
128 days ago
I think it's hilariously funny how the person who made this just thinks we are a bunch of whores. I mean yes I got turned on but only when it was 2 girls. Just because I ignored my friend and didn't invite the neighbors that means I'm not lesbian? Literally makes no since. But I wish I did really have a lesbian friend like that.
Some Random Girl (08590)
137 days ago
"One girl at a time" Sounds pretty objective, but yeah.
Some Random Girl (08590)
137 days ago
Ummmm... a threesome just sounds gross to me. And geez, stay inside for goodness sake. I'm pretty gay, but I'm also pretty sensible... One girl at a time, and put on some clothes if you're going outside.
Ari (31903)
150 days ago
To tessa: sameeeee I don't want to have đź’— with a bunch of people.
P.O.'d lez (40252)
200 days ago
This says I’m not a lesbian just cause I wouldn’t have💗with everyone and anyone
Mad (37201)
249 days ago
This quiz is unrealistic and makes lesbians look bad and sound like whores. Of course we would not haveđź’—with more than one person!
Your Name (37201)
249 days ago
This quiz is unrealistic and makes lesbians look bad and sound like whores. Of course we would not haveđź’—with more than one person!
Riley (40222)
316 days ago
Whoever made this quiz should be either taught that lesbians are NOT any worse than regular humans (and they're not complete whores) or tested for mental retardation and helped somehow
Raptor (25709)
355 days ago
Ok, so this has nothing to do with being lesbian. I said the non-sexual things because I'm asexual. I'm lesbian, but I'm asexual as well.
Louise (93455)
479 days ago
This test is the most unrealistic thing EVER! It says Im 'not lesbian' just because I wouldnt haveđź’—with like, five people!
hi (90734)
593 days ago
this was VERY inaccurate....
it was more like a how psycho are you test
Coco (34654)
643 days ago
I believe there is a difference be tween being a lesbian and being a freak.
lesbians don't jus do it with whoever is available and willing :/...well...I don't !
Someone (17009)
643 days ago
Told me I'm not a lesbian because I wouldn't haveđź’—outside or with more than one person.
Georgeous (77777)
660 days ago
I am not a les same as you COURTNEY, I think this quiz was done by someone who just wanted to write aboutđź’—and make les's look bad.