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How RandomNarwhal Came to Be

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It's all it says. Sorry, it's not true.

    Once upon a time, a loooooong time ago, a herd of narwhals came to a resting point in their journey. They had swam for many miles, and so they decided to rest. All of the baby narwhals lay resting in a more sunlit area of the endless ocean. All but one. This young narwhal was different. And his name was Randy.

    Like I had said before, Randy was different. He knew it, and so did everyone else. Randy had an imagination of his own, a wild and crazy one. No one knew it, but Randy was the first random narwhal, and soon his own population would follow.

    Randy was special. But he was made fun of for it. Ridiculed. Disgraced to narwhal kind. So, he left.

    Randy found more of his kind. He helped populate the random narwhal species. He was adored all over the world.

    As Randy passed away, narwhals all over live in Randy's name. To celebrate him, I took the name of RandomNarwhal.
    P.S. This story is fake! Sorry!

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