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How well do you know Evan Gaming!

This quiz is about Evan Gaming. Hope it is not to hard...

  • 1
    Does Evan Gaming make only Minecraft Videos?
  • 2
    Does Evan Gamer Show FaceCam in every video?
  • 3
    What software does Evan Gamer use to record?

  • 4
    Does Evan gamer Like Pokemon?
  • 5
    Has Evan Gamer ever done a Pokemon X and Y video?
    (Does He do a walkthrough?)
  • 6
    What is The librarian villager that Evan Gamer is friends

  • 7
    Is Evan Gamer's favorite YouTuber DanTDM?
  • 8
    Is Evan Gamer Addicted to Subway Surfers?
  • 9
    What is Evan Gamer's favorite Pokemon?
  • 10
    How many views does Evan Gamer have in all?

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