Do you know taylor swift songs?///?

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From fearless-1989?

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    What song is this?
    (New to town with a made up name, In the Angel's city chasing four tune and fame and the camera flashes make it look like a dream. You had it figured out since you were in school everybody loves pretty eerbody loves cool, so over night you looked like a 60's queen .Another name goes up in lights like diamonds in the sky!)
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    (He's so tall, and handsome as Hell. He's so bad but he does it so well! I can see it end, as it begins, my last confess it is, Say you remember me standing in the nice dress staring at the sunset babe, Red lips and rosie cheeks say you'll see up in even.........
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    (Bendages don't fix bullet holes, you say sorry just for show if you live like that LOVE RUNS! Oh..It's so sad to think about the good times, you and IIIII ......

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    (Ten months sober I must admit, Just because your then don't mean you don't fit in. Ten months older I must admit......Rain came falling down when I was drowning that's when I could finally breath, and that moment gone was any chase of ya!
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    (*And my daddy used to joke about the two of us, Growing up and falling in love our mama smiled! Took me back to the house when the back out street said you'd beat me down you were bigger than me your mama smiled..
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    (*you never did give a Damn thing honey but I cried cryed for you...And you wouldn't have told no body if I died, Died for you, Died for youuuuuuuuu, Oh what a shame! What an empty tower given to a lonely day, every smile you fake is so confrontation counting all the sounds you and now that I'm sitting thinking it through...

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    He said the way my Blue eyes shined like those Goergia stars of shame that, I swear that's a lie. Just a boy in chevy truck had a tenancy of getting stuck, .............all summer long and then the we woke up to find that summers gone.......
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    Drunk and grown and all about how I can't sing.......You're a liar and pathetic and a lonely lie..
  • 9
    My ex man brought his new girlfriends, she like:/ omg Hey! To the fella over there with a Hell of good hair
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    This feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipster to fall in love with stranger oh.oh. oh .oh. yehhhh We are happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way, its miserable and magical oh yehhh tongihts the night when we forget about the dead lines it time---oh-oh--You look like bad news I've gotta have you! it feels like a perfect for breakfast at midnight to make fun of our exes ah ah ah ah

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