What Is My Deepest Fear?

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We're all human, and we all have fears (yes, ALL of us!). This quiz looks at four of the major ones - socializing, darkness, being locked up, and being alone. Take my quiz now and find out which of these you fear most.

  • 1
    Which of these groups of adjectives best describes you?
    Which of these groups of adjectives best describes you?
  • 2
    Which of these color groups do you most like wearing?
  • 3
    Which of these would be the worst job for you?

  • 4
    Which of these are you most afraid of?
  • 5
    Which time of day do you like most?
  • 6
    Which seems like the best thing to do before falling asleep? Choose the one you already do the most, or would be most likely to do.

  • 7
    Are you excited to go places alone?
  • 8
    Do you like to venture into the woods?
  • 9
    Which of these kinds of house would you most like to live in?
  • 10
    Which of these is closest to your plans for the future?

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643 days ago
SO bloody accurate. Fear of darkness, weight loss, sleepless nights, inability to articulate words or sentences
644 days ago
644 days ago
this said i had social phobea....... THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!! i make huge amounts of friends really quick and i love the internet and connecting with people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
658 days ago
Social Phobia / (SAD) Social Anxiety Disorder
There is a chance that you; feel the fear of social interaction, act very shy, or in a way that will be humiliating or embarrassing.

I guess? But this probably isn't my greatest fear. (Or is it) Well, there's only so much a simple 10 MCQ test can tell about ya!
658 days ago
665 days ago
665 days ago
Social Phobia/ Social Anxiety: this is actually really true. I have TERRIBLE anxiety and about 90% of it is related to social situations. The thing it got wrong though was that I was shy, I act very outgoing on the outside so most people would have no clue.
666 days ago
No fear? Interesting... It appears I'm doing something right.
688 days ago
YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do NOT have social phobia!!!
718 days ago
Help me my biggest fear is death I’m super scared of dying in my sleep! I already talked to my mom twice but she said I have nothing to worry about and it helps me that night but then the next night I’m scared again!!! HEEEEEELP!
776 days ago
I got sad and i don't get sad often and tend to shake it off with my mind unless it is serious.
790 days ago
I have SAD but that is not what it stands for and I'm very social, wouldn't work in a Zoo if I wasn't
814 days ago
IT SAY I HaVe SAD AND i cant stand being alone i think it glitched and gave me different answers!!
849 days ago
I knew I had a fear of the dark. Just wanted to make sure. Well on the bright side, so did my favourite superheroes Batman (and bats) and Green Arrow (till he was 16).
857 days ago
It says I have achluophobia/fear of darkness when I have Arachnaphobia/fear of spiders. I also like people but hate trying to be that social unless it's friends.
859 days ago
Yep. I do hate the dark. Finally a quiz that got it right.
863 days ago
No fears apparently
893 days ago
I am not scared of the dark
895 days ago
Social Phobia? Not me! I'm the one always willing to help!! I think my true phobia is Nyctophobia, or Fear of the Dark and Unknown. cause i always use a flashlight when just going to the window for a quick peak when my mom's in the BR. And i get out of the dark as fast as i can. So Nyctophobia is my true phobia
900 days ago
Achluophobia / Fear of darkness
There may be a chance that you; have an irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, weight loss, sleepless nights, inability to articulate words or sentences.