What supernatural creature are you?

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Have you ever wondered what supernatural creature you would be? Are you a Werewolf or a Vampire? Ghost or Banshee?

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    Which of these words jumps out at you the most?

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601 days ago
I got a werewolf! Pretty cool results although I am not quite sure what I was excepting for my result but it does make sense since my spirit animal is a wolf!
771 days ago
This was the worst quiz ever
986 days ago
my pack betrayed me, i will kill them all one day

1134 days ago
N'jia ur lucky ur practically all wolf or fox whatever 1 i dont even know the other 60% of meh 🥺😢😭
1134 days ago
Im 40% percent werewolf but what about the other 60% of meh huh 🥺 like i really wanna find out 😕
1134 days ago
1217 days ago
1296 days ago

I got Vampire. I mean I love Vampires and all but... Seriously??? You are basically saying that I am dead!?

I was hoping to get werewolf or Angel.

I would give this quiz a 2 out of 5. I took so many other quizzes and they all said Werewolf!? So either this quiz got it wrong, and the other 10 quizzes got it right, or this quiz got it right and the last 10 quizzes got it wrong.

Not really impressed
1310 days ago
1310 days ago
I’m a big fan of the twilight hate crew (even though the last 2 MOVIES were ok) and I was really disappointed to get vampire on the last 2 quizzes I did. So here I am, trying something different. If this ends up being 3 in a row then I guess I’m outta here!
1766 days ago
Eeeeekkkkk! I got werewolf!
I mean I am like a werewolf! That are my fave!
1767 days ago
Guess who I am