Call Of Duty

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  • 1
    When was BO1 (Black Ops 1) Released?
  • 2
    When was BO2 (Black Ops 2) Released?
  • 3
    What game was the zombie map "Kino der Toten" on?

  • 4
    What war was WAW (World at War) based on?
  • 5
    When was the first Call Of Duty released (Call Of Duty Finest Hour)?
  • 6
    When was BO3 (Black Ops 3) Released?

  • 7
    What consoles was Call Of Duty Finest Hour first released on?
  • 8
    What map carries on into BO1-BO2-BO3?
  • 9
    What clan is the best in Call Of Duty Black Ops?
  • 10
    What is the estimated wait time for a NEW Call Of Duty to come out?

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1881 days ago
COD comes out every year wow wrong answer also why is who is the best clan on COD even a question to use??
1888 days ago
The first call if duty was just called call of duty, and it released on October 29th, 2003.
2299 days ago
new cod every year
2550 days ago
Cod games come out every year, not every two years 🐬!
2630 days ago
lol optic is better than Faze and new game comes out every year not every two years right?