How Gay Are You (Scenario Quiz)

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Are you full on gay, a little bit, bi, or straight?

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    Before we get to the good stuff, ask yourself -- what do YOU think you are? Be honest.

Comments (76)


A Girl 😘 (82656)
41 days ago
Oops I didn't know this was just for guys AS but it said I am gay......I am bi
Young fellow (86925)
62 days ago
I mean the username dude
Young fellow (86925)
62 days ago
dude I feel your pain
Matthew06 (45242)
67 days ago
It saud I'm ,Bi sexual so I dont know
chris (32776)
85 days ago
60 % gay so hard I think im more 90 % tho
Stephen (17649)
100 days ago
I was hard through out this entire quiz
Koko (63700)
113 days ago
''you're a little bit gay''

no no you dont understand, im fully gay
Chicken (69094)
114 days ago
While I was taking this my head was screaming, "PEDOPHILE!!!!"
Pen is mine😅 (91473)
122 days ago
Bin I'm I mean bi bi 'n' 12
Dixona (27411)
128 days ago
Killer moth that girls only like men is pure sexist stereotype
Private (69941)
132 days ago
But I don't like this quiz the whole man sleepings without pants and rubbing it on you with ought your consent it is rapey
Killer moth (87187)
141 days ago
For 50 % you are: You're a little bit gay, maybe in the brink between gay and bisexual. You enjoy men more than women but could take one over another any time.
15 % of 44506 Quiz participants had this profile! um ok but I’m a girl so I like men

Oh was I not supposed to take the quiz if I was a girl?
Ev (46185)
142 days ago
OML I just realized this is GAY not les I'M GIRL XD still it said I'm not gay, meaning I could be les YAH IM LES
Alex (18492)
142 days ago
This is 2 spooky 4 me xC
Hugh Mugus (88161)
145 days ago
Okay. This is rape..
Hugh Mugus (88161)
145 days ago
This is a bit rapey...
Chick (99791)
148 days ago
Ima girl................I like results were accurate! I do like boys
someone (93154)
151 days ago
This lowkey got me turn on and had me to jerk off and kinda wish this happen to me
dude (93154)
151 days ago
I'm 50% gay and I'm only 12 years old but now I don't know what to do or should I tell people about this
LGBTQ (84133)
161 days ago
I got 50% bi... not sure why i only got 50%. I know that I am bi. Also joe and CD, if god dislikes gays so much, why did he create them? Fellow gays choose your own life the Lord can't choose it for you. Its okay to be gay in my opinion. Just my opinion I guess you could beleive anything you want but please just keep it to yourself.