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    It was the frist day of being in middle school, so I was really shy and scared because I don't see my best friends with me for support, so I was by myself. The middle school I was going to was really big and really easy to get lost. I tryed asking help from the 8 graders but they kept pushing and shoving me out the way with there big and tallness it was kinda hard. Soon the bell rings! Great! that's the last thing I needed right now! I bet I was going around in circles...until I ran into a boy in the hallway. ''Oh! I'm so sor-'' I pause to study his face. He did the same. ''Alissa''? he said with a shocking look on his face then came a smile on his face. ''Jarod''? I Said smiling as well. Rember me- his voice fades away because in the middle of the hallway from a groups of boys taken him away. He said that he would talk to me again later and soon he was gone. I thought to my self in the empty hallway thinking finally I meet someone I know and headed to my class that I found.

    A year later he told me he liked me I told him I did but not that way. After that things just went different and hes way meaner to me now. Now the next year I started to like him and I told he said no then got a girlfriend the very next day. why? I told him I don't like her and we started yelling at each other. now we don't talk at all in the 8 grade just keep looking at each other and felling bad for each other. I miss him

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