Which Disney Descendants character are you?

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Comments (11)


782 days ago
My score wasn't clear
782 days ago
I'm Mal I love Mal she is one of my favourite characters but they could have put Jane or Audrey or Uma or Lonnie in this quiz but Mal,Evie,Carlos and Jay are the main characters so yeah but I ❤️ Mal SO much
1067 days ago
I'm Mal I love purple and she loves purple and duther if malfanin and Hades
1236 days ago
They said that I'm 100% like Mal and I'm
1346 days ago
For 50% you are: You are Evie! You are a flirtatious fashtionista who is in it for a happily ever after!
44% of 1579 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

This is kinda accurate, but I'm more smart than flirty. I mean, I flirt with a couple of select guys but, like, yeah.
1497 days ago
I am Jay and I am a real life girl ha ha
NOT FUNNY ha and 10% Mal
1578 days ago
WoW amazing i'm mal.......daughther of maleficent *evil laugh*
1894 days ago
I'm Evie!
Evie is soooo BEAUTIFUL!
We love you Evie!
Sofia Carson is my favorite actress!!!
1908 days ago
now I’m mal
1908 days ago
I’m jay
2486 days ago
i reali luv dis quiz