When should you start wearing makeup?

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Hello! This quiz is to help you understand when you should start wearing makeup!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    When did your sister or mom start wearing makeup?
  • 3
    What kinda makeup do you want to wear?

  • 4
    How much did your mom or sister wear at your age? If your the same age as when they started wearing makeup.
  • 5
    Do you feel ready to wear makeup?
  • 6
    Have your friends started wearing makeup?

  • 7
    How much do they (your friends) wear?
  • 8
    Are you gonna follow them or be an example to them?
  • 9
    Do you have acne?
  • 10
    Finally, Have you watched makeup videos and will you cover your acne/pimples with makeup...do you even know how?

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679 days ago
Lex ask one of your friends to go out shopping just where you live and go to a Superdrug or boots and buy some mascara. Also it’s bad to share eye products with anyone even worse than lip products. If she asks what you have brought tell her and she will probably think it’s fine. That’s what I’m going to do anyway.
693 days ago
I am 12 and my mom has said she doesn't care if we wear makeup, but the only makeup I have is eyeshadow and mascara. Wich is fine,but the mascara is old and I have to share it with my sister. Plus I feel weird wearing it without asking her. But the problem is I get super uncomfortable talking about periods, and bras and, well, makeup. How should I ask her if I text her?
762 days ago
People think that just because I don't like full face makeup, they think I don't EVER want to wear makeup! I'm 10 but I think in a couple years I'll be ready.
770 days ago
I'm twelve, and everyone in my grade uses makeup, but I'm pretty shy to ask my mom for some, because talking about periods, makeup and stuff feels just awkward. And they say they do their best, but she thinks that no one my age uses it, and they r just pretty overprotective. I remember when I asked my mom for a bra, and it was solo awkward, because every single girls had one, except me! so I had to create a weird excuse. And my father doesn't want me to grow up at all, and it's just overall so overwhelming.
821 days ago
my 14 year old sister doesn’t wear makeup but she is probably one of the most stunning people you will ever see and she doesn’t have pimples and she never gets bags under her eyes. my other sister is also extremely pretty but when she was my age she had quite bad acne, so my mum let her wear makeup. i don’t have really bad acne but i do have some and i always have bags under my eyes- i look like the walking dead. my mum doesn’t seem to realize that i’m 13. she doesn’t think anyone my age shaves so i can’t, she doesn’t think anyone wears makeup or has phones or anything. i have a phone but she thinks i’m like the only one in my year. i try to tell her i’m not but she doesn’t really listen. we’re in isolation now but once we’re out of it i’m going to ask to use makeup because i really do not feel confident of how i look, i get makeup should highlight your good features not hide you bad ones but i have nice eyes....
anyway, if it’s possible could someone help me think of what to say, please. my mum isn’t strict but i always feel stupid for asking things cause she usually says no.
(as a side note, literally everyone in my year wears makeup (girls) except me and one other girl (who gets bullied))
834 days ago
it says i am ready i am 11 yo
841 days ago
why is there wrong answers and right answers?
1020 days ago
This might sound really silly but I ran out of a $40 concealer! I don’t know how to ask my mum for more because I need it! Someone please help me
1067 days ago
I only have my dad and he is stubborn but I do it anyway I guess I’m stubborn too lol. The question about the mom or sister I started crying at. I don’t have a mom (anymore) and my sister and I hate each other so much (she’s 27)
1324 days ago
omg so good
1325 days ago
I'm 17 and I would like to try it but I can't do it to save my life. ;-;
1459 days ago
Yes!!! I am ready to wear makeup. And I am 13yrs old so I think I am ready.
1493 days ago
When your ready to wear makeup and your just 12!!! YAS
1524 days ago
I’m ready to where Makeup
1585 days ago
((blue)I’m 14 but it said I should only wear lipgloss
1682 days ago
I'm pretty ready to wear makeup