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What Type of Career Should You Have?

22.09 % of users had this result: You should go into law enforcement/ work for the government. You are a determined, hard-working person who enjoys solving mysteries. You have friends in high places who help you rise above the rest, but you don’t have many close friends. You are not a trusting person and you often come across as cold and distant to people who don’t know you well. You need to open up to people more and trust them.

29.32 % of users had this result: You should become a teacher/ social worker or any job that involves lots of interactions with lots of people. You enjoy company and you get along well with others. You love to help people and will often put others needs above your own. However, sometimes you are too accommodating, and you allow others to use you. You need to stand up for yourself once in a while and stop allowing people to treat you like a doormat.

17.67 % of users had this result: You should be a scientist/ researcher. You are a very curious person who enjoys discovering new things. You have some close friends, but not many others. You can sometimes be so wrapped up in whatever you are doing that you ignore people and come across as very indifferent. You need to take a breath and smell the roses, and maybe make a new friend or two.

10.18 % of users had this result: You should be a mathematician/ accountant/ technician. Really you should be anything that requires you to do lots and lots of math. You love math, logic and puzzles. You have a moderate number of friends, although you are not super close with any of them. You are well liked by your peers, although you tend to keep yourself more distanced. You need to try and become closer with some of your friends.

20.74 % of users had this result: You should be an artist/athlete. You are passionate about what you do, and you strive for greatness with every step. You spend all of your time practicing you profession (whether it be a sport, a musical instrument or creating pretty pictures) and you are extremely good at what you do. However, you have your own agenda and you leave no time for anything else, and so you don’t really have friends outside of work (or, in some cases, you don’t have any friends at all). You need to take a break from your non-stop life and try to be friendlier with people.