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  • 1
    Do you ever catch your crush looking at you?
  • 2
    Does he ever take a long route or the route closest to you to get to where ever he's going?
  • 3
    What is his body language around you?
  • 4
    How often do you guys talk in person?
  • 5
    When you guys do talk, who starts it mostly?
  • 6
    What do you guys talk about when you do strike up a conversation?
  • 7
    Has he given you anything? If so, what was it?
  • 8
    Does he go out of his way to talk to you?
  • 9
    Has your crush ever complimented you?
  • 10
    Does he laugh at almost every joke you make, even if it isn't good?
  • 11
    If you were to ask him a question, does he immediately answer it?
  • 12
    When you talk about other guys, does his facial expression change? Does he change the subject?
  • 13
    Does he show off, or try to impress you?

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OK so he does act like he likes me however he has a girlfriend and she’s kinda one of those “popular” girls and so I feel like I’m in one of those movies like that but this quiz also said he liked me and my friends tell me he probably likes me and I SIT NEXT TO HIM and this dude who sat across from me said he liked me and someone else walked by and said “wouldn’t surprise me” and he was like “no I’m dating someone “ and so I think I needa quit writing as much :/ and yeah.
13 days ago
My third one is bad he doesn’t like me! :(
13 days ago
The other person I did also likes me!
13 days ago
Yes he likes me!!!!!!
29 days ago
Cholo is so handsome and cute! I like him but i don't know if he likes me too, i'm not beautiful nor cute but i hope so. How i wish
36 days ago
i Have a crush on 2 guys
37 days ago
I wish Anthony liked me back...
64 days ago
He does not like me he is with someone else:) I know who...SAdly
81 days ago
Well this is bad my best friend like me 🙁
84 days ago
Mine doesn’t like me 😭😭
91 days ago
ok he likes me like crazy he atually asked me to draw him a oc one time so i said ok but when he said it he was blushing. i guess ima hold hands wth him cause we do hold hands! mostly but when we do he bluses real bad well wish me luck!!
97 days ago
i just recently started liking him ever since hes always liked me and now im nervous to talk to him
101 days ago
hi he likes me omg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
101 days ago
He likes me and I should work my way up to asking him out it said
101 days ago
Ali is this you from school
107 days ago
I am in 7th grade, Colombia. My crush is kinda one of my best friends We used to whatsapp each other often when we were at 5th grade, (I had always liked him), we stopped texting because he text other girls (and he kinda ignored me), those girls were also some of my bestfriends, (none of them knew about it, because i thought they had a crush on him), well one year passed (6th grade) And I finally told someone (she was kinda my really bestfnd, and also his), thinking she would help me, but she didn't. She answered with an "OK". At the beginning of this year I was with my friend at recess, my crushed approached to tell her a secret, (btw I was super jealous), she told him "may I tell Martina (thats me) ?". I was like "happy". Then she told me "did you knew that Luis and Julia are kinda dating?" and I was like "WHAT" and this guy told "YEAHHH", he showed me his phone with a convo with this girl. He had her as Julia ♥️❤️👸🏼. I didn't know what to do because this girl is way too popular and was my friend's friend. After like a month my friend asked me "Do you still like Luis?" and I was like "nope I like Pedro NOW" (It was a lie" and she started cheering like if it was a good thing. Luis and Julia still like each other, my friend showed me a convo were Luis texted her (my friend) I really love Julia I still wanna date her. My friend now encourages the relationship and she tells me all the time about it.
BTW Julia is at other school, but in my city her school and my school are really related, so everyone knows everyone.
What may I Do?????
107 days ago
yay he likes meee
109 days ago
YA! He likes me
109 days ago
So I am in love with him and I wanted to see if he felt the same so I started talking about this other boy and I said to my crush “that im positive this other boy likes me he wants me to do cheer and he always talks to me (he’s popular)” and my crush got this kind of sad look on his face and I felt so bad I just wanted to hug him so this test said he definitely liked me so I guess that counts so imma hug him tomorrow and see how it goes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
128 days ago
I'll take this advice thank you